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Lifestyle Brand

Lifestyle Brand

When we decided to start Black Ink, we knew that we needed to find a coffee niche that we were passionate about. Other than roasting the best coffee in the world, we wanted to be more than just a coffee company. Starting a brand that actually meant something, that could make a difference in the lives of our customers, was even more important than just roasting good coffee. So, we decided we wanted to be a lifestyle brand.

After looking inwards, it became clear what our brand image would focus on and who we wanted to represent. Black Ink Coffee Company is a coffee lifestyle brand that encourages people to follow their passions and dreams. Whether you are an entrepreneur, an aspiring author, or an athlete training day and night, we want our coffee to be the fuel that gets you there.

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Who Owns Black Ink

We have had a lot of people ask the question of who owns Black Ink. This is typically followed by them asking where the company first started.  After all, every company usually has a cool story about their beginning, right?

black ink

So, who owns Black Ink? Black Ink is owned by Parker Russell of Maine. The business started while Parker was deployed with the military. At the time, Black Ink was just a name he had drawn into the sand, one that he would pursue upon returning home.

Why Black Ink

We went with the name Black Ink because it was simple, yet powerful. Bashful, yet bold! We wanted a lifestyle brand name that embodied our core values of inking your story in life and doing what you love. What better name to represent the idea of starting a new chapter in your book than Black Ink. The phrase can also be used as a way to think back on your life decisions and realize that nothing is permanent, even if it is written in black ink.

Lifestyle Brand for Coffee

If I could do it all over again...

It is all too often that we hear people saying they wish they had done something else in life. When people tell us what they would do if they were younger or if they could do it all over again, we hand them a cup of coffee. Black Ink coffee is not only our way of telling someone that it is never too to go after whatever it is that makes you whole and happy in life, it is also the first step at getting you there.

Whether coffee is that morning catalyst, or a late night elixir that keeps you going, let Black Ink coffee keep you motivated to conquer your mission of fulfilling your dreams. When you buy a bag of our coffee, every time you open it up you'll be reminded to follow your dreams because of a simple word etched along the top, "Begin". 

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