GRINDSTONE (formerly Breakfast Blend)

GRINDSTONE (formerly Breakfast Blend)


Forge Your Own Path

Start your day with the unwavering focus of true grit and determination. Let each bold sip fuel your drive to conquer challenges and bring your dreams to life, embodying the spirit of hard work and discipline that forges greatness. Always grinding.


Flavor Profile 

Creamy | Chocolate | Honey Nut

Roast Level 

Dark Roast


Welcome to our exclusive and invigorating dark breakfast blend coffee, specially crafted to cater to the startup, entrepreneur, and dreamer community. This is not just an ordinary coffee - it's a motivational fuel to kickstart your day with confidence, energy, and focus.

Our expert roasters have chosen the top-quality Arabica beans from the finest coffee plantations around the world and blended them to perfection with a dark roast that offers a bold and distinctive taste. With every sip, you'll discover an intense aroma of roasted nuts, a hint of sweet chocolate, and a velvety smoothness that will tantalize your taste buds.

This blend is specially designed to provide you with the right dose of caffeine and antioxidants that will supercharge your brain, enhance your productivity, and help you achieve your goals with ease. It's perfect for those early morning meetings or late-night brainstorming sessions when you need that extra kick.

But that's not all, our coffee is more than just a beverage. It's a symbol of your aspirations, your hard work, and your passion for success. It's a daily reminder that you're part of a community of creators, innovators, and dreamers who are striving to make a difference in the world.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a bold step and add our dark breakfast blend coffee to your daily routine. Elevate your mornings, awaken your senses, and conquer the day, one sip at a time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
David Dowidat
Desert Coyote

Great flavor and strong taste. Good start in the morning.

Amazing coffee!

A friend recommended Blank Ink after I’d been on the hot for great Maine made coffee. Was a big supporter of Black Rifle Coffee and now happy to find a Maine company that’s veteran owned and operated!

Will be sticking with Blank Ink!


I like it a lot. Doesn’t taste cheap or burnt. Will be buying again.

Tim Bennett
Good coffee - Needs to be stronger

I'm working my way through the dark, bold flavors and the Breakfast Blend has been the best so far but I'm looking for something a bit stronger. I do like the smoothness of this blend.

Wonderful coffee

Great coffee, darker and bit more deeper coffee experience than a traditional breakfast blend. Very smooth and full bodied, and truly a coffee to look forward to in the morning!