Coffee Affiliate Program: Earn Referral Cash with the Best Affiliate Program

coffee affiliate program

At Black Ink, we understand what it means to be an affiliate. Not only that, but we place a lot of value on our trusted affiliates, which is why we want to help you succeed. From competitive commissions and bonuses, to promotion deals and coupons, we want our coffee affiliates to feel as though they are part of a family, not a business.

Since the goal with our affiliate marketing program is to increase our sales, our commissions are based exclusively on successful transactions. Although we use Shareasale as our hub for affiliate commissions, we are open to other alternative methods to track sales, as well. If you are curious to know more about our coffee affiliate program, keep reading!


Coffee Affiliate Program

best coffee affiliate program

Finding the best coffee affiliate programs can be a challenge. First, you need to find a brand that is worth promoting. For most, this means that you should actually like the product and be compensated fairly for promoting it. Additionally, you need to find a coffee business that has high conversions and that can keep up with supply and demand, as well as provide you with the tools needed to get the job done.

Starting with a competitive commission of 15% per sale, we use a popular affiliate platform called Shareasale to manage payouts and to act as a hub for any creative content that is needed. While we plan to be on more platforms in the future, Sharesale is what we currently use and recommend over something like Amazon Affiliates, for the sole purpose of higher payouts for you.

Getting Started

The first step to become an affiliate for Black Ink, is to click this link and register yourself on the Shareasale network which is one of the largest affiliate hubs in the game.

Once you have completed the onboarding process and have applied to our program, you'll get accepted or denied within a few days after we have had time to review your account.

To be honest, there are hundreds of coffee affiliate programs, not just ours. However, we do something a bit different compared to our competitors. Curious to know what that is? It's simple, we take you in as a family member that we take care of and help grow. We don't treat you as just a number.

If this coffee affiliate program sounds like one you'd like to promote, we have included some rules down below that will determine whether or not we accept your request. If you have any questions or if anything is unclear, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Our Affiliate Networks

For now, our coffee beans can be purchased through two different programs. One of which is Amazon Associates, and the other, which we recommend, is Shareasale. In the future we plan to launch more coffee affiliate programs on other platforms and hopefully create our own, but for now, Shareasale is our bread and butter.


Shareasale is an extremely popular affiliate marketing network based out of Chicage. While they were recently acquired by Awin, another massive affiliate marketing network, their platform continues to grow each year. It is the ideal place for both a coffee affiliate (you) and a coffee affiliate merchant (Black Ink).

While you will have access to all of the tools and data feeds that we provide, you'll also have access to joining hundreds of other programs, not just the ones within the coffee industry. If you have any questions with the platform, their support team is amazing to work with and extremely prompt opposed to the next on our list.

Amazon Associates

While we are members of the Amazon Associates Program, and actually sell coffee on Amazon that you can promote, we do not recommend it. For the category of "Grocery", every bag of coffee that you sell will only receive a lousy 1% commission opposed to 15% from our website.

One thing to note about Amazon is that it is the entire cart value, so you may receive commissions on selling our coffee as well as random purchases within 24 hours that the customer makes while your session cookie is still active.

Although this feature is great, between the low commission and short session cookies, Amazon Associates is not as it once was. In fact, many are jumping ship to other places, especially if they can work directly with the brands for the greatest return on investment.


Our Coffee Affiliate Rules 

gourmet coffee affiliate program

Paid Advertisement and PPC

We have no issues with you running Ads to target potential buyers. The only types of Ads that we ask that you do not run, are any that target branded keywords. Some examples of this would include; black ink coffee, black ink coffee company, For our complete list, be sure to check out the PPC rules within our Shareasale account.

Promotions, Discount and Coupon Sites

If you run an honest website and the sole purpose is to pass on discounts to your viewers, we handle these on a case by case basis. While we want you to pass on the savings to your viewers, giving them that slight push to make a purchasing decision, many dishonest websites provide fake codes to their viewers in the hopes that they click and buy still.

If you do not have a website and plan to promote through more social or physcial means, we expect you to uphold this honesty as well. If you feel that a discount is needed to get your viewers to buy, reach out to us and let our team know,

Traffic Sources

While our typical affiliate uses their special link for their website, there are many other avenues to pursue. Whether you are an influencer on major social platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, YouTube, etc., or simply have a massive email list, you are able to take part as a coffee affiliate for Black Ink. 


What is Affiliate Marketing

coffee affiliate programs

If you are part of the "New Rich" or consider yourself a digital nomad, chances are, you already know what affiliate marketing is all about. For those of you that do not, let me do my best to give you a rundown. 

To put it plainly, affiliate marketing is a form of advertisement where you are compensated by someone else for successful sales, leads and/or traffic you generate. In order to track these types of conversions, it is usually obtained through the use of a session cookie that can track where the click came from.

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It?

Curious whether affiliate marketing is for you? Affiliate marketing generates billions of dollars a year and it is how so many small and large companies thrive. At Black Ink, we generate over a million dollars in sales for other companies in the coffee niche, just from our own marketing efforts.

While it can be a time consuming effort to grow your following, once you know how to obtain profitable traffic, affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable and rewarding businesses to run. 

While there are ways to grow your affiliate marketing businesses by spending more money, affiliate marketing is such a low risk/high reward opportunity because you don't have to spend anything to get started. For those looking to work from your laptop on the beach, affiliate marketing is your answer!

Verdict: Best Gourmet Coffee Affiliate Program

While there are many coffee affiliate programs out there, we are confident that our competitive commissions, high conversion rates and eagerness to help you, puts our program above the rest. 

In fact, many of our affiliates that have left Lifeboost Coffee, Hawaii Coffee Company, Volcanica Coffee, Koa Coffee and Trade Coffee have noted that ours is the best coffee affiliate program they have tested.

If you are unsure whether or not you think our program would be a good fit, just ask yourself these two questions. Do I like making money from the comfort of my own home? Do I like excellent tasting coffee and want to help others find some great coffee too? If you answered at least one of these with a "yes", then sign up now!

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Parker Russell is a coffee professional and the founder of Black Ink Coffee. As an expert in the field of coffee roasting, cupping (professional Q-Grader) and brewing, Parker has established Black Ink as brand that fuels the grind of dreamers.