Best Pour Over Coffee Maker: How To Make Better Coffee At Home

best pour over coffee maker

Java junkies of the world unite! Nothing can beat the power and ecstasy of that first sip of freshly brewed coffee on a cold winter’s morning, especially if you are using the best pour over coffee maker.

Of course, many of us love to visit coffee bars and cafes all over the world, it can be quite fun to watch a coffee pour over done in front of you, but sometimes there is nothing better than brewing your own coffee at home. This is becoming significantly more popular in recent times, and the market for at home coffee products is certainly on the rise.

Best Pour Over Coffee Maker

Even though these products may not be as simple as some of the appliances of our best drip coffee maker guide, they produce a perfect cup of Joe. We’re going to take a look at some of the best pour over coffee maker options on the market, so you can start your delicious java journey in style!

Here is the list of our top 5 best pour over coffee makers available right now. Each of these unique and exciting models is specifically designed to help you enjoy your coffee making journey from home. If you are impatient and would like to know which one we think is the best, the Chemex is easily the number one choice for better tasting coffee.

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  • User-friendly
  • Gorgeous looking
  • Made from tempered borosilicate glass
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  • Stainless steel filter
  • Very easy to use
  • Ideal for making a large batch
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  • Smart and sophisticated 20oz carafe
  • Micro-mesh stainless steel funnel strainer
  • Number markings on the glass
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  • High heat resistant decanter
  • Easily removable filter
  • Offers perfection and affordability in one
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  • Reusable filter with double-layered titanium gold
  • Available in 2 different sizes
  • Quality hand-crafted glass
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1. Chemex Pour-over Glass Coffeemaker Classic


The Hand Blown Series is the higher end, heavier duty glass versions. If you want the light weight, thin glass versions, go with the Classic.

Elegant and striking, the Chemex is much more than just a pour over coffee maker. It’s a coffee chalice, a trophy, a goblet! It’s a vessel in which you brew that most aromatic and divine of gourmet treasures, fresh coffee. User-friendly, and gorgeous looking, the Chemex allows for an enjoyable brewing process; one that eliminates bitterness.

This iconic hourglass-shaped carafe is made from tempered borosilicate glass, making it the perfect choice for avoiding impurities and imperfections. Whether brewing hot or iced coffee, this is one of the best pour over coffee carafes on the market.

The wooden collar is more than just an aesthetically pleasing addition that protects your hands from the hot glass, it also works as a ‘full line’ indicator so the carafe never gets too full. The great thing about the Chemex is that, at its core, it’s built on an extremely simple concept.

People want good coffee, and they don’t want to have to reinvent the wheel to get it. Brewing coffee is a journey, and journeys should be experienced and enjoyed as fully as possible. The great thing with this product is that you will produce some of the best quality java you have ever tasted, that is, once you nail the prep process.

This is certainly one of the leading models on the market, and it can transform your entire coffee experience overnight! Don't let people try to fuel you by recommending a Hario v60, or any of the other products we are going to recommend. If you want the best brew, the Chemex is unbeatable.

2. Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker


Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker

Sophistication is the name of the game with Bodum, and this is most definitely a pour over coffee maker for the modern household. Brewing coffee is something that should be a delight, but there is nothing worse than that revolting sediment at the bottom that can ruin any good cup of Joe.

Well, never fear, your prayers have been answered, with Bodum’s stunning stainless steel filter. This removes the need for papers, whilst also preserving the oils and rich quality of the coffee so that you still get a strong, aromatic, and flavorsome vessel full of coffee.

This is very easy to use, and you’ll be brewing a delicious cup of unforgettable coffee in no time with the effortless brewing method on offer here. In just 3-4 minutes the brew will be ready to serve, and you can prepare the rest of your breakfast in the meanwhile!

Bodum has been focused on producing the most cutting edge products since 1944, and brings coffee solutions to your doorstep with there stunning coffee makers. A cork or silicone band around the neck offers an aesthetically pleasing feature, while also providing comfort to keep your hands cool as you pour cups of hot coffee.

Ideal for making a large batch that provides multiple cups of coffee, which makes entertaining friends or family even simpler. What’s more, it’s easy to clean as well! Still want more information? Be sure to check out our Bodum pour over coffee maker review.

3. Bean Envy Pour Over Coffee Maker


Bean Envy Pour Over Coffee Maker

Perfection and superior quality are among the words you might associate with the Bean Envy coffee maker. This is a smart and sophisticated 20oz carafe that ideally partners with the Bean Envy gooseneck kettle.

The micro-mesh stainless steel funnel strainer gives you perfection when it comes to getting the purest and tastiest coffee, free of sediment and impurities, but coffee that also keeps its flavor. The ergonomic handle improves ease of use and allows for far better pouring power, while the metal filter eradicates the need for paper filters. 

A unique feature of this particular coffee maker is the number markings on the glass, which shows you volume and helps you keep track of how much coffee you’re making and how strong it is. Getting the perfect coffee to water ratio can be so tricky, and this allows that to become a truly transformative experience.

Coffee snobs and novices alike can fall in love with brewing coffee at home with the use of this wonderfully iconic Bean Envy java maker. You can tell from the packaging and robust nature of the product that this is top quality, and you can enjoy a fun and unique home brewing experience as a result.

4. COSORI Pour Over Coffee Maker


COSORI Pour Over Coffee Maker

If you’re looking for an iconic and unforgettable pour over coffee maker, then one of the best options on the market is the CONSORI. Its high heat resistant decanter and easily removable filter make it one of the most accessible brands on the market.

In fact, we would highly recommend this for anyone new to pour over coffee brewing at home, who is looking for the perfect coffee maker to ease them into the experience. This is a model that allows you to fully customize the brewing process, and experiment until you are able to get exactly the perfect strength and consistency of coffee to suit your tastes.

You can place this bad boy on the stove, on a low heat, in order to keep the coffee warm for even longer. As a pour over appliance, this is absolutely ideal for brewing smaller batches of coffee, the CONSORI offers perfection and affordability in one.

A more affordable alternative to the Chemex model, this is certainly an easy to use and fashionable looking coffee maker. The only real drawback is that the metal filter is reasonably small, and this means that it is far better and more effective for brewing small batches of up to 3 cups. For larger batches, shoppers may prefer to look elsewhere.   

5. Gvode Pour Over Coffee Maker

Gvode Pour Over Coffee Maker

How would you love to brew pour over coffee like a pro? Well, now you can with this Gvode pour over java maker, one of the smartest looking offerings on the market. The reusable filter with double-layered titanium gold offers you the chance to enjoy the benefits of home coffee brewing, and lets you make coffee that is stronger, tastier, and even more unforgettable.

Available in 2 different sizes, 400ml and 800ml, no matter what your home brewing needs, Gvode has you covered. Being able to brew small batches or large batches provides versatility, and this is certainly something to consider.

The sturdy design, with quality hand-crafted glass, makes this the perfect addition to any kitchen counter. Easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and more practical than many other coffee makers on the market, this is the perfect choice for coffee lovers everywhere. The sturdy, ergonomic handle allows you to carry and pour with no difficulty and is great for supporting the weight of a large batch.

There are few feelings more satisfying than tasting your first-ever batch of delicious home-brewed pour over coffee, and realizing it’s good! And this is a journey Gvode would love to share with coffee drinkers all over the world. Which is what makes this the perfect choice for anyone who considers themselves even the most modest java junky!

One of the best things about the Gvode is that, unlike other models, it doesn’t take up too much space, and this makes it perfect for individuals to use at home or in the office. 

What is Pour Over Coffee

What is Pour Over Coffee

Pour over coffee is also known as brewed coffee or filtered coffee, and is the process of making coffee by pouring hot water onto ground coffee beans and letting them brew. Now, the thing to remember about pour over coffee is that there are many different methods of being able to prepare and make it. These include the use of a percolator, a filter, or a French press.

Pour over coffee is one of the most common and popular forms of making and enjoying a cup of Joe, and is commonplace in households all over the world.  The way a pour overs works is that the water seeps through the grounds, absorbing all the oils and chemical components of the coffee, and then it passes through a filter before all the goodness is collected in a carafe.

Paper filters are commonly used, but they also tend to trap a lot of the good elements of the coffee, leaving you with a weaker tasting drink. This is why many people use coffee makers with metal filters, which allow the important and flavorsome oils in the coffee to seep through and collect in the carafe with the liquid. This makes for much tastier and more delicious coffee in the long run.

Pour over coffee enjoys an audience among coffee lovers, and home brewing has become more common in recent times, especially as there is now far more choice in terms of coffee makers or machines that can be used to achieve this. 

How To Make Pour Over Coffee

How To Make Pour Over Coffee

Making pour over coffee is something that has become a bit of an art form these days, and you need to think about the best ways of coming up with ideas that can help you perfect this. Brewing your own coffee at home is not a one-size-fits-all sort of process, and nor is it something a person should expect to ace on their first attempt. 

However, if you are using fresh ground coffee from a burr grinder, and pairing it with a coffee maker like the Chemex, you'll never go back to a drip machine.

  1. To get started you must first prepare the vessel; this can be done by heating it up using small amounts of freshly boiled water, then pouring it out before getting ready for the next stage. Then, get a filter ready, either a paper one or you can use the metal one included with your coffee maker, and then scoop in the appropriate amount of coffee.
  2. Now, the best approach is to wet the grounds first with just a small amount of water to unlock built up carbon. This process is called the "bloom", which is exactly what most coffee does, especially darker or porous grinds. During this stage, you'll experience the most delicious smells, but you aren't done yet.
  3. Then, you pour the water over the grounds and leave it for a few minutes to do its thing. Some people swirl the water around, which is also called the Kalita Wave technique, but we don't recommend this approach. If you pour correctly, you won't need to move your Chemex, Hario V60 or whatever you choose to use.

One technique that you can use if you want to try to keep the coffee hotter for longer is to place your brew in a pot, on the stove, on a low temperature! You need to experiment with pouring techniques, with preparation strategies, and with different temperatures. A lot of it is trial and error, and this is definitely something to try out so you can get exactly the right sort of consistency for your desired taste buds

Reusable Pour Over Coffee Filters

Barista Warrior - Compatible for Hario V60 & Chemex

Reusable pour over coffee filters

Coffee filters play a massive part in the brewing experience when you are trying to enjoy the most delicious coffee you possibly can. Now, there are a couple of options to consider when it comes to finding the right filters to really get the highest quality java in your cup.

Paper filters are common, but they are often seen as inferior due to the fact that they tend to remove a lot of the oils and essences that make coffee taste so delicious. This is what tends to make coffee lovers veer away from paper filters when looking to find the best pour over coffee filters. Indeed, reusable filters are the way forward (unless you suffer from acid reflux), and there are plenty of these available to buy.

Now, you might need to buy a specific reusable filter to suit the particular coffee maker you have chosen to buy, while others are more general. You have to try to find the best reusable filters to suit your needs, and there are plenty of choices.

Two of the most popular options include Westmark permanent stainless steel filter, and E-PRANCE honeycomb design coffee filter. These are some of the best options for filtering out the impurities in the coffee, as well as allowing the lovely oils to filter through in order to give you the tastiest and most delicious brew you can possibly make.

Getting the best sort of reusable filter that allows you to improve your pour over brewing process is something that you need to try to focus on as much as possible. One of these paired with a Hario v60 will probably be your cheapest option if you are on a budget and looking to save some money.

Single Cup Pour Over Filter

Cafellissimo Pour Over Coffee Dripper

Single Cup Pour Over Filter

When you’re brewing a batch of pour over coffee, sometimes you’ll want to make a large batch, but often you may just want to make a single cup. And even if it’s just the one cup, you still want the quality of the coffee to be as perfect as it possibly can. And this is why you need to buy this stunning Cafellissimo pour over coffee dripper.

A manual, reusable filter perfect for one or two cups of truly divine coffee. This is perfect for those who are looking for a cup or two of the good stuff before they head off on their daily commute. In fact, you could even take it to work with you so you get that java injection throughout the day, and it powers your day at work.

Affordable, practical, and doing everything a great filter should do, this is one of the best filters to get if you are looking for the ultimate pour over coffee single cup filters. Designed by 3 baristas back in 2016 who sought to offer the perfectly infused cup of coffee, this is a filter created with perfection in mind. Lightweight and compact, making it travel friendly, this is a filter you can take away with you, so you never have to compromise on the quality of your coffee.

For those not quite ready to invest in a coffee maker just yet, this is the ideal option to still allow you to get the perfect cup of coffee to suit your tastes and needs right now.

Is Pour Over Coffee Better?

Is Pour Over Coffee Better

When it comes down to it, the taste of a cup of coffee is subjective. Some people prefer light roast while other prefer a darker roast. The same can be said about brew styles, especially a pour over coffee maker. That being said, in our opinion, a pour over coffee is better, really! It can also be worse, so practice is key.

The reason we find the pour over to produce a better cup of coffee is that you have complete control over the extraction. Although there are some excellent coffee makers out there, you really don't have much control over the brewing process aside from how much you use and the grind size. As for the pour over coffee maker, you are essentially the coffee machine, not the fancy piece of glass in front of you.

With pour over coffee makers, you not only control the amount of coffee used, and the grind size, but you also control the temperature of the water, placement of the water, speed of the extraction, and even the amount of force to an extent. With this level of control, you are left with a beautiful and satisfying cup of coffee.

Conclusion: Best Pour Over Coffee Makers?

Pour Over Coffee Makers

Coffee is an integral part of all of our mornings, and, indeed, our lives in general. Whether it’s queuing at Starbucks for a half-fat pumpkin spiced latte, or heading to your kitchen for another mug of the delicious nectar, coffee is one of the tastiest and most delightful drinks in our lives.

Pour over coffee is one of the most popular and appealing ways of being able to enjoy the perfect taste of coffee in your mouth. There are so many ideas when it comes to enjoying the ultimate filtered cup of Joe, and this means you need to choose one of the best pour over coffee makers on the market. Trust us when we say that using a pour over coffee maker will absolutely produce a better tasting coffee.

There are some excellent options out there for you to choose from, and they offer a great contribution to your at home java brewing adventure. If you want something that will look nice on your countertop, go with the Chemex, otherwise, go with a cheaper Hario v60. Once you experience a hot brew from one of these pour over coffee makers, you'll never go back to a drip coffee maker. We believe making coffee is an experience that should be savored, and these are some of the key things that can help with this. 

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