Veteran Owned Business

Black Ink Coffee Company is a fair trade, single origin, small batch coffee roastery located in Maine, US. Our story actually began as just a name I had drawn into the sand while I was deployed. 

As I spent most of my free time thinking about what it was that I wanted to do when I returned home, the foundation for a dream began to develop. A dream I knew I had to pursue when I returned home.

One of the reasons I decided to pursue this is because I was inspired by the people in the industry. You probably wouldn’t know this, but coffee companies send free coffee to US soldiers all of the time. For me, that little taste of home made all of the difference. That’s when I decided that I wanted to someday return the favor.


Our Mission

Coffee Bags

To offer premium fair trade coffee to our customers through a direct partnership with farmers. Being fair trade means we are offering our customers a healthier cup of coffee while also paying the farmers what they deserve. We aim to create an open line of communication with these farmers, giving us a personal relationship with our supplier, and an overall better product for our customers!

Additionally, Black Ink Coffee Company encourages a sustainable lifestyle which is why we offer biodegradable products, ensuring the smallest carbon footprint possible. That is why all coffee bags, pods and steeping pouches are 100% eco-friendly.



Proud Veteran Owned Business Member!