Aeropress Coffee Maker: Aeropress Instructions and Aeropress Recipes

Aeropress Coffee Maker

Aeropress Coffee Maker

When you start your day with a smooth and robust cup of coffee, your whole day might be better if the cup is perfected. Getting that perfect cup of Joe may feel like searching for the Holy Grail, especially with so many coffee machine reviews to go through! So, how do you know which brewing method will deliver that delicious and soul-soothing cup of coffee? 

We'd like to answer that question with an introduction to the AeroPress coffee maker. In this guide, we will cover the different types of Aeropress coffee makers, the history behind them, our review of how the coffee tastes and how to prepare Aeropress coffee. If you enjoy coffee, then stick around!

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AeroPress History

Invented by Alan Adler, a retired Stanford University engineering professor and inventor, in 2004, AeroPress made its debut at a coffee industry trade show the next year.  Since then, serious coffee lovers around the world have fallen in love with the AeroPress coffee maker and the brews it makes.

Inexpensive and easy to use, quick to clean, and an elegantly simple way to make coffee, the AeroPress makes a coffee that is free from bitterness and acidity. Adler’s company, Aerobie, sold its sport toy segment in 2017 and renamed itself AeroPress after the by-then famed coffee maker. In 2019, the company expanded its selection with the travel coffee press.

What is an AeroPress

what is an aeropress

Looking to make a perfect cup of coffee without a hint of bitterness, Adler designed this device specifically for you. Using his engineering expertise, he improved on the design of the French press. His immersion-style coffee maker doesn’t require the minutes of brewing time the French Press does.

Instead, the AeroPress submerges the coffee grounds in hot water for only a few seconds. In half the time of some coffee makers, this machine will brew a perfect, smooth cup of coffee. Less time in the water translates to less bitterness and acidity, so shorter brewing times in the AeroPress result in smooth coffee that’s free from the unwanted acidity. 

To get the most flavor from the coffee beans in that short amount of time, the AeroPress requires a powdery espresso grind instead of the coarser grind a French press needs. This also makes it possible to brew with lower temperature water if needed. When the coffee is poured from the chamber, it is microfiltered and the grounds are held in place with the plunger.

If you want to learn more about the French press and how it compares to the Aeropress, be sure to check out our Aeropress vs French press review where we dissect and compare the two. 

How to Use AeroPress 

Some coffee makers and coffee making methods are complicated. Espresso makers and pour over coffee makers take skill, and that may be more than you’re capable of first thing in the morning before you’ve had that all important first cup of coffee. 

The AeroPress and the Go are simple to use, even when you’ve first rolled out of bed. 

  1. Take roughly 15 grams of your favorite coffee beans and grind them finely.
  2. Wet the AeroPress’ detachable plastic cap, which will warm the whole device and help the paper filter to adhere to the cap. Put the paper filter in place. 
  3. Assemble your AeroPress, making sure the assembly is dry since moisture may prevent a proper seal. 
  4. Bring water to a boil in an electric kettle. We recommend a temperature range between 200 - 205 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. Place the AeroPress on your scale with the flared end on top. Add ground coffee beans, taking care not to spill.
  6. Add about twice the amount of hot water to the coffee. Make sure coffee is saturated and let it sit for about 30 seconds. This is equivalent to the coffee bloom.
  7. Use the remainder of your hot water to fill the chamber. After a minute, stir coffee grounds and put the Aeropress plunger into place. 
  8. After sealing your AeroPress, you can brew your coffee by pressing down which will extract the magical elixir into your cup!

Aeropress Inverted Method

inverted aeropress method

People who brew coffee using the inverted method turn their AeroPress upside down when preparing their coffee. Those who use the inverted method say it prevents any premature coffee drip and helps them control longer brew times if they want a stronger cup of coffee. 

AeroPress Inc recommends using the standard method, stopping drip through during a longer brew time by inserting the seal on the end of the plunger about half an inch into the chamber. The seal stops drip-through using pressure, just as putting your finger over the end of the straw will prevent drips on the other end. 

AeroPress does warn that inverting the coffee maker does increase the risk of spilling hot water. .

The manufacturer recommends shorter brewing times, but AeroPress acknowledges that each coffee drinker has unique preferences and should make coffee the way they like it best. If you do plan to try the inversion method, quickly flip the entire sealed AeroPress upside down over your brewing vessel and begin to apply pressure to force the hot water through the grounds and microfilter. 

With either the standard method or inversion, your coffee is ready once you hear a hissing sound, indicating that all the hot water has been pressed through and that your coffee is ready to enjoy. 

AeroPress Grind

aeropress grind

In coffee, the coarser the grind, the longer the brewing time. Since the AeroPress coffee maker and Go brew coffee in seconds, they require coffee ground finer than sea salt, putting it closer to an espresso grind. We typically would call this medium-fine. This maximizes the coffee flavor while minimizing brewing time and bitterness. 

AeroPress Water Temperature

AeroPress recommends that water for its coffee makers be heated to 200 degrees to get the best results. This can be done easily if you have an electric kettle that can be set to exactly 200 degrees. If you don’t have an electric kettle, boil water either by stovetop or microwave, doing your best to estimate.

AeroPress Ratio 

For a perfect cup of coffee, you will need about 7 ounces of boiling water or 200 grams, and 15 grams or just over half an ounce of coffee, finely ground. This will produce the richest coffee flavor without the bitterness other coffee-making methods can have. 

Inverted AeroPress

Inverting the AeroPress coffee maker for the first time may have you nervous about possible spills. Once you have put the plunger inside the AeroPress’ main chamber, it forms a seal, preventing spills and forcing coffee flavor into your brew.  Once the cap is tightly screwed on, you are safe to invert the appliance without fear of wasting a drop or brew coffee the standard way recommended by AeroPress. 

Some users say they have greater control of longer brewing times using the inversion method, while others prefer the standard method that’s recommended by the manufacturer. Right side up or inverted, the AeroPress will produce an excellent cup of coffee. 

Best AeroPress Coffee Maker 

By this point, we may have you convinced that the AeroPress makes a rich brew free from bitterness quickly and easily. But now comes the question of which AeroPress model to choose. To answer that question, you need to consider the number of people you’ll prepare coffee for, the amount of coffee you enjoy, and whether you need a travel coffee maker. 

AeroPress Go

Aeropress Go

The new kid on the block, the AeroPress Go offers big coffee flavor from a smaller, more portable package. Not only is the Go smaller than the original version, but all its parts fit together in a plastic cup for easy travel. The cup can double as a vessel for your brew. 

Heading to visit family? Or maybe you’re traveling on business? In any situation, you’ll enjoy a superior cup of coffee. The Go makes taking your coffee maker with you easy. Since it is made of non-BPA plastic, the Go can take the bumps of traveling in stride. 

The Go model is about a third of the size of its big brother, holding up to 220 grams of water, which is about 15 percent less than the original model. Its stirring stick folds to pack away neatly. The small size doesn’t skimp on flavor either. If you’re traveling light, the Go is about 30 percent lighter than the original version, weighing in at only 160 grams.

aeropress camping

The only difference brewing between the AeroPress original and the Go is in capacity. You’ll get the same delicious flavor from either maker and use them in the same way.  Having the excellent coffee, you usually enjoy when you’re away from home makes traveling much more comfortable. With its small size and lightweight, the Go makes it easy to bring that taste of home with you wherever you go.  

Since the Go isn’t electric, there’s no issue in using it overseas, where there may be differences in electric current. As long as you have hot water or tap if you’re making cold brew, you can use it anywhere! 

The Go might be perfect for a single person at home or on the road, or it could make an appreciated graduation gift for an incoming college student headed toward a dormitory or shared apartment. 

AeroPress Coffee Maker

aeropress coffee machine

It’s not that the original AeroPress isn’t portable. It is much easier to travel with it than it would be to take a drip coffee maker or a Chemex system with you. French presses can easily break, and espresso machines are heavy and bulky. 

Traveling with the original model of the AeroPress isn’t difficult. It’s just easier with the Go, which, as the name suggests, is ready to go.  The big difference between the original model and the Go is that you can brew more coffee per batch with the original option. This makes it better for home use, as you can brew a perfect espresso for sharing.

The Original AeroPress is the one that started the trend, and it’s continuing with good reason. The coffee that these machines produce is rich without bitterness, has low acidity, is easy to brew, and inexpensive to make. 

With such a transportable system, these include a press, a funnel, a coffee scoop, a stirrer, 700 paper microfilters, a filter holder, and a zippered nylon tote bag for traveling or storage. You provide the vessel for your brew, be it a cup and saucer, a generously sized mug, or a thermal travel mug. 

AeroPress Recipes

Once you’ve mastered using your AeroPress coffee, you can become your own barista, making specialty coffee drinks at home for far less than you would spend at a coffee shop. To make the best lattes and cappuccinos, not to mention a basic Americano, you’ll first need to learn to make espresso in your AeroPress. 

AeroPress Espresso

Aeropress Espresso

Espresso without a hint of bitterness is delicious on its own, and it can also be the basis for a multitude of specialty coffee drinks. Learning how to brew a perfect espresso in your AeroPress maker is one of the first recipes you’ll want to master. To brew espresso in your AeroPress, you'll either need two filters or a special attachment made for espresso.

If you are using the special espresso adapter, all you need to do is simply screw it onto your device and follow the brewing procedures. However, if you are using filters, you'll need to learn how to make the double filter espresso puck!

In order to achieve this puck, place one filter in the end cap like normal, and one on the other side of the grounds within the chamber. Before brewing, you'll need to tamp the grounds down, within the chamber, by pressing the filter down. This essentually sandwiches the coffee between the two filters and allows for you to begin the brewing process.

Pro Tip: In order to tamp the coffee down and squish the filters together, we recommend looking in your spice cabinet for a bottle that'll perfectly fit inside of the chamber.

  1. Once the filters and/or attachment are in place, add 15-20 grams of your favorite coffee to the chamber. We recommend grinding your coffee finer than you normally would for the Aeropress as you'll want to pull every last bit of flavor from these grounds.
  2. Boil your water to 200-205 degrees Farenheit and add double or triple the amount water to the chamber. Since you won't be able to supply the amount of pressure needed for most shots of espresso, you'll need more water than you typically would for a shot of espresso. Still, a 2 to 1 or 3 to 1 ratio is quite strong.
  3. Press like your life depended on it. Once the water is poured into the chamber, you'll want to put as much force as possible into the press. If it is easy to press, then you'll want it finer. If you can't press it at all, then try to make it a bit coarser. Just like a shot of espresso, this press should take about 20 seconds of intense pressing!

You can then use this espresso as a shot to cappuccinos, frappes, lattes, and, watered-down, as an Americano. Serve in demitasse cups with dessert after dinner, or it could be the start of Irish coffees for a cold night. It’s also a delicious addition to desserts such as a dark chocolate cake or tiramisu. 

AeroPress Cold Brew

aeropress cold brew

Making cold brew in a French press can result in yummy iced coffee drinks, but it can take hours of waiting, and sometimes French press coffee is bitter. With the AeroPress, you are about two minutes away from a refreshing iced coffee, and you won’t have the long brewing time that’s often associated with bitterness. 

To make cold brew in your AeroPress, add one scoop of finely ground coffee and fill your chamber with tap water to the “1” mark. Stir for one minute and press. And then add tap water or ice water to make 8 ounces of cold brew. Lastly, add your favorite dairy or plant-based milk to make a delicious iced latte.  

AeroPress Latte

aeropress latte

The difference between lattes and cappuccinos are in the milk-to-coffee ratio, and the mouth feel of the milk. Whether you like a little milk and opt for a cappuccino or more for a latte, an AeroPress can help you whip up either one for a treat to rival your favorite coffee shop. 

To make a latte with your AeroPress, start by brewing your favorite coffee, either in the inverted or standard method. Let the coffee sit in the chamber while you prepare the milk. Froth your milk if desired and pour into your favorite mug. 

Press AeroPress coffee into the mug, on top of the milk. If you use a glass mug, you will be able to see beautiful layers of cream and coffee form. Add a sprinkle of cinnamon, a flavored syrup, or even some whipped cream on top for a touch of decadence. 

AeroPress Iced Coffee

Aeropress Iced Coffee

How do you enjoy coffee on a hot day? You have a refreshing iced coffee instead. Pour up one of these in a travel cup with a straw, and you can sip while running errands or going for a morning walk. Skip the drive-through! 

To make iced coffee with your AeroPress, fill a favorite glass with ice. Add your favorite coffee to the AeroPress chamber and pour in 20 grams of water. Let sit for 30 seconds, and then add the remainder of the water. Let the brew sit for 30 more seconds. Plunge coffee into the glass. 

Here’s where you can get creative! Add dairy or plant-based kinds of milk, chocolate syrup, caramel, cinnamon, extracts, whipped cream or whatever you enjoy. To get an iced coffee that doesn’t get weaker as the ice melts, make a batch of cold brew in your AeroPress, and freeze it in an ice cube tray. This way, as the ice in your iced coffee melts, you get more coffee flavor! 

Frappes and Protein Shakes

aeropress recipes

Want a frozen coffee drink for an afternoon pick-me-up or a frosty protein shake after a morning workout? Add AeroPress cold brew to your blender with ice (or coffee ice cubes) plus milk, flavored syrups, or protein powder, and pulse until you get an icy drink that’s the consistency you want. You could even turn that frappe into an adult dessert for after dinner by adding your favorite liqueur. 

AeroPress Parts

aeropress parts

One of the best features of the AeroPress coffee maker is that it has few working parts, so it will last a long time, even with daily use. AeroPress supplies such as filters and replacement parts are readily available at selected retailers and online, which makes it one of the best options. Other coffee makers do not have parts that are readily replaceable, especially not as affordable. When something wears out or breaks, you often have to replace the entire coffee maker. 

AeroPress Filters 

Paper filters for your AeroPress are easily available online or at your favorite retailer or specialty shop. You can also purchase reusable metal microfilters for your AeroPress that will lower your environmental impact and, over time, your cost per cup. If you aren't sure which Aeropress filters to use, simply stick with the manufacturer recommended ons.

AeroPress Plunger 

The AeroPress coffee maker plunger is key to pressing a perfect cup of coffee. If yours goes missing, it can easily be replaced. However, if the seal goes bad on your AeroPress plunger from wear and tear, you need a new seal, not an entirely new plunger. Seals and plungers are available through AeroPress or on retail websites such as Amazon.

Travel Coffee Press

Aeropress Travel

Like the parts for the original AeroPress coffee maker, parts for the travel coffee press can be purchased online inexpensively. Since the Go is designed for travel, losing a part here or there when on the go is a danger if you pack in a hurry.  

After frequent use, the seal on the Go plunger may need to be replaced. A few clicks online, and you will be able to find the replacement parts you need, including seals, plungers, caps, and filters. None of the parts are expensive, so replacing a part is more affordable than replacing the entire set. 

AeroPress Coffee Reviews

aeropress coffee review

Owners of the AeroPress Original and the new Go aren’t shy about sharing their feelings online with retailers and on social media. There are even Facebook groups such as AeroPress Addicts and AeroPressers that are dedicated to the coffeemakers. 

One frequent praise for the Aeropress is the quality of its coffee. Its low acidity and lack of bitterness might even change how you take your coffee. A coffee without bitterness doesn’t require cream and sugar to be palatable. You might find yourself drinking your coffee black after a while. 

Others like it for the ease of use, especially when compared with more complicated methods such as pour-over contraptions and espresso makers. AeroPress coffee makers are easy to clean, too. This is not the case with drip coffee makers, which can be messy, and with espresso machines, with their many parts and nooks and crannies that will need cleaning.

aeropress review

Frequent travelers report that the travel coffee maker lets them take their coffee enjoyment on the road or on flights. It’s small enough to tuck in an overnight bag, and those who enjoy roughing it say it’s a welcome addition at the campsite in the morning or anytime.  

AeroPress microfilters keep your coffee cups grit-free, reviewers say. That’s not true of French presses, which can let some coffee grounds through, and few things will put off a coffee lover more than grit in the bottom of their cup. 

Reviewers do issue a warning about the AeroPress though. They claim that buying one might spoil you, and you might never want to drink any other kind of coffee again. These machines should include a warning that they will turn you into a coffee snob! 

AeroPress Acidity 

If drinking coffee usually upsets your stomach, the AeroPress might make coffee a welcome part of your daily rituals. Aeropress coffee has just a fifth of the acidity of drip-brewed coffee, according to the manufacturer, and about a ninth of the acidity of coffee prepared with a French press.  

Less acidity means AeroPress coffee isn’t only more delicious, but it won’t leave you with an upset stomach or trigger acid reflux. With these beautiful devices, you can have your coffee and enjoy it too. 

AeroPress Caffeine 

Of course, the delicious flavor of coffee isn’t the only reason people enjoy drinking it every morning. Caffeine can give a boost to help you start your day with plenty of energy. According to AeroPress, independent research has shown that AeroPress coffee has the same caffeine content as coffee of comparable strength brewed with other methods.  

However, since coffee brewed with an AeroPress coffee maker doesn’t have the bitterness that coffee made with other methods has, owners may enjoy drinking stronger coffee with longer brewing times, which would result in more caffeine per cup. 


best aeropress

You might remember your grandparents drinking coffee from a percolator or your parents brewing their daily coffee with a drip coffee pot.  Both methods are simple to use but can result in an acidic, bitter pot of coffee. No wonder they would keep the creamer and sugar bowl nearby. 

A trip to your local coffee shop might bring you better quality coffee made by complicated espresso machines and pour-over filtration methods that require more than a bit of skill to perfect at home. You could buy your daily cup there, but that’s an expensive option. There have even been financial advisers who say that those $5 lattes now will keep you from saving and investing toward your retirement. One $5 coffee each workday per month adds up to $100 a month, or $1,200 a year! 

Instead, purchase an AeroPress coffee maker or a Go, or both! You’ll not only have an affordable cup of coffee, but you’ll have a better-quality coffee experience. The ease of using an AeroPress will result in a perfect cup of coffee to start your day, even if you’re a bit sleepy when brewing it.

The simplicity of the design uses engineering principles to make a rich cup of coffee that’s neither bitter nor acidic. The AeroPress itself has few moving parts and is made from non-BPA plastic, making it durable as well as easy to clean. Emptying the grounds into the trash and rinsing the plunger and cylinder are all that’s needed for it to be ready for its next use. 

Try one and you might be sold on its merits with the first cup. Enjoy that perfect cup in the morning, either as is or with cream, sugar, or flavorings, and your day has an excellent chance of starting as smooth as your AeroPress coffee.

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