coffee mill

Coffee Mill

Coffee Mill

We all know coffee is important, it’s how most of you start your mornings. Without this magical elixir, most of us would be unable to get through a single day. But just how important is coffee? Well, if you are familiar with the Coffee Mill, you'll understand just how import coffee was back in the day.

Civil War Coffee

Most of you learned about the Civil War while growing up. Spoiler alert for those of you that did not pay attention in History class, and those that have refused to accept defeat, the Union (North) won. While there were many factors that went into the outcome of the Civil War, there is one anomaly that stands out beyond all others, coffee. So, what is Civil War coffee?

Although excessive alcohol use was prevalent on both sides, the North actually valued its coffee just as much as the South valued Whiskey. So much so that a coffee grinder was placed into the butt stock of their carbines. Civil War coffee became a traded commodity, gave soldiers increased morale and provided the fuel to keep the battle going.

Coffee Mill

As previously mentioned, these innovative weapons that contained a grinder on the butt stock were known as the “Coffee Mill” Sharps Rifles. They were so important that one man in each cavalry company were to carry one of these into battle, ensuring that his men would have freshly ground coffee. 

If I had to compare this to anything, I would saw that it is equivalent to a Roman Legion carrying the golden eagle into battle. Yes, coffee was that holy to some. If you ask me, fresh coffee is why the North won the battle. Not really, but it is certainly an interesting piece of history that we wanted to share. 

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