where does coffee come from

Where Does Coffee Come From

Where Does Coffee Come From

We all love coffee, it's how most of us start our mornings and get through the day. But where does coffee come from and when? Well, America's favorite beverage actually comes from before the current era, "many years ago in a [country] far, far away". 

If you want to know where coffee comes from, the simple answer is that it comes from coffee cherry trees. These trees are grown by farmers all around the world, and when the time comes to be harvested, the coffee cherry is removed from the tree, washed or naturally processed, and then dried. Then, you are left with the seed or pit within the coffee cherry, these are what we call coffee beans! 

We all know what happens next, these beans then get shipped all around the world, roasted by thousands of coffee roasters trying to compete for some of the total market share (Starbucks doesn't like to share), and then purchased by you. What you do next is up to you, but we recommend the pour over with a chemex.

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The Dancing Goats

Okay, great. We know that coffee beans come from coffee cherries, but when were they discovered, and how?

According to the stories that have been passed on over the years, between 700 and 800 A.D., an Ethiopian goat herder (rumor has it that his name was "Kaldi") discovered coffee when his goats grew restless and wouldn’t go to sleep. In fact, it was reported that his goats were acting quite strange and dancing throughout the night. I don't know about you, but I sometimes dance after my first cup of coffee too.

Anyways, back to the story...

Kaldi noticed that his goats had consumed cherries from a tree that he did not recognize. Being a suspicious goat herder, like most I would assume from back then, Kaldi decided to take these cherries to a monk, to share his findings. 

While it is unclear how it happened, it is said that Kaldi and the monk discovered the amazing coffee aroma we know today when these cherries were thrown into a fire. Whether they cast these cherries into the flames to test what would happen, or if they did it out of fear from the witchcraft they seemed to posses, coffee was born!

Although this story cannot be proven, it has been confirmed that coffee beans did in fact originate from Ethiopia and spread to the rest of the world from there. I like to believe that it was Kaldi that first discovered them, I would also love to show Kaldi what has come of coffee today. I bet he would love the Maineiac Blend, just saying.

The Evolution of Coffee

For those of you interested in what happened next, these cherries then traveled across the water to Yemen, in a place called Mocha (yes, that is where the term comes from). This is where the coffee extraction process first began to bloom (yes, pun intended), when a man decided to roast and then boil the beans which resulted in the first known cup of coffee! 

At some point, these beans spread to Europe which eventually sparked a social revolution. Coffee houses (cafes) began to appear all over Europe, acting as a social hub where people would meet up and share the latest news. Some people even claim that this network of cafes was the first internet.

When our ancestors came to North America, they naturally brought coffee beans with them and continued to evolve the coffee industry we know today!

I don't know where I would be today without coffee, so thank you Kaldi.

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