MAVERICK (formerly Decaf Blend)

MAVERICK (formerly Decaf Blend)


Challenge the Status Quo

This bag of bold innovation is for the night owls and the creators shaping the future while the world sleeps. Crafted for those who dare to defy, this decaf empowers your boldest ideas without the buzz. Let every cup inspire you to create, innovate, and trailblaze your own path.


Flavor Profile

Creamy | Dark Chocolate | Smooth 

Roast Level 

Medium Dark Roast (very low acidity)


Introducing our premium decaf coffee, perfect for those who fuel their grind with their passion and energy, but want to limit their caffeine intake. Our decaf coffee is made using the Swiss Water Process, a natural and chemical-free method that removes the caffeine from the coffee beans while preserving the rich and full-bodied flavor.

The Swiss Water Process involves soaking the beans in hot water, which extracts the caffeine while preserving the natural oils and flavors in the coffee. This process ensures that our decaf coffee is not only caffeine-free, but also retains the bold and smooth flavors that our customers love.

Our decaf coffee is the perfect companion for dreamers, entrepreneurs, and risk takers who want to enjoy the rich taste of coffee without the caffeine jitters. It allows you to stay focused and energized throughout the day, without worrying about the repercussions of caffeine.

We fuel the grind of dreamers, and our decaf coffee is no exception. It embodies the spirit of determination, hard work, and innovation that our target market stands for. So, why not take your grind to the next level with our premium decaf coffee? You'll benefit from a delicious and flavorful coffee, all while staying focused on your goals and dreams. Order now and let us fuel your grind!

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Priscilla Campbell-Wyman

MAVERICK (formerly Decaf Blend)


I'm among the many since the covid pandemic whose sense of taste has weakened. I'm looking for a strong decaf brew that I can taste. Your Maniac blend satisfied. Your decaf did not.

Dexter Johnson
Coffee vs. caffeine

Decaf blend is very good. I have always been a “hi-test” but now am convinced you don’t have to give up coffee taste by giving up caffeine. There is a distinct flavor shift however from my favorite Sumatra single source.

R. Montgomery
Best coffee ever

Smooth, not bitter, low acid. Great service and delivery times. Web site is super easy to use and I have ordered several times. Never disappointed. Thanks to my brother who told me about this company!

Best decaf ever

Smooth and flavorful decaf