Nespresso Vertuo vs Original: Which one should you buy today?

nespresso vertuo vs original

Everyone has their own brewing method, and each method has its ups and downs. Whether you're a fan of classic filter coffee from a standard coffee machine or you're a single serve coffee, coffee pods type of person, each one has its appeal and drawbacks.

When it comes down to it, every coffee drinker is looking for coffee makers that offer supreme quality without needing to break the bank. Thanks to pod brewing coffee machines, this is totally possible, and especially so with Nespresso machines.

Nespresso Vertuo vs Original

Many coffee aficionados are finished with original coffee makers and are on the lookout for the best Nespresso machine on the market. Today we will be settling the debate on the superior Nespresso vertuo vs orginal.

Whichever one you choose, you can be sure you won't need to venture further than the comfort of your own home for that morning double espresso.

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Nespresso History

Original Nespresso machines are known for bringing a whole new industry standard when it comes to coffee capsules. The Swiss-based coffee brand is a branch of Nestle, and is recognized for its authentic espresso-based drinks. The company has partnered with other high-end coffee companies such as Breville to bring Nespresso capsules to a level of quality you could expect from an espresso machine in any high-end coffee shop.

Quality and Sustainable Espresso

Additionally, Nespresso brand capsules are making waves not only in quality but in sustainability. While the average coffee pod has been criticized as being harmful to the environment, Nespresso original pods and their recyclable material came as a beacon of change in the industry. This has allowed the brand to partner with many green-certified organizations such as the Rainforest Alliance, Fair Labor Association, and Fair Trade International.

So, when it comes to the original line of Nespresso pods, you do not only get a more authentic espresso experience, but one coffee lovers and espresso lovers can feel good about, too.

Vertuoline Capsules Vs Nespresso Original Coffee Capsules

When shopping for them, the primary way to tell apart the difference between the original line of Nespresso branded pods is by their shape. Vertuo coffee pods have a wider dome shape than the original capsules, generally smaller and cup-shaped.

While the Nespresso original machine only offered one size of espresso pods, the Nespresso veruoline compatible capsules come in a broader range of size options since the machine has greater capsule capacity.

Another difference you will notice with the Nespresso Vertuo line is that they have many different flavor offerings than you would typically find for the Nespresso original machines. Along with the wide selection of standard flavor offerings, both lines also tend to come out with limited edition ground coffee selections in both coffee pod types, so be on the lookout for that as well.

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Taste The Difference

Another critical difference is the flavor and overall body you get from the different coffee makers. The classic Nespresso espresso machine is known for its strong bodied solid, authentic espresso taste, comparable to the best original espresso machines out there. But, when it comes to the Nespresso vertuo machine, its ability to extract coffee with more crema than the original makes it more decadent and more smooth for lovers of longer brewed coffees.

Also, when it comes to tastes, the different Nespresso machines tend to have other catalogs of options available. With a classic Nespresso original line, many pods give the experience of a traditional espresso coffee bean, bold straight to the finish.

Nespresso vertuoline compatible capsules come with more an experimental, broader spectrum of choices, which is part of what makes this line a unique Nespresso coffee maker.

Original Line Capsules

vertuo vs original

Breaking it down, the original line Nespresso capsules come in six primary varieties: Intenso, Espresso, Lungo, Decaffieinato, Master Origin, and Crafted for Milk. Each category varies based on intensity, flavor, and body. Also, the capsules are available in different brewing capacities, from ristretto to espresso and Lungo.

Right now, we'll break down how they all differ so that you can be sure to make the right choice for your specific coffee tastes.


There are several different varieties here, including Kaazar, Arpeggio, and Roma. Each one is known for its intense, bold, and long-lasting taste. If you enjoy a dark roast drip coffee with a real punch to it, any blend from the intenso category will leave you satisfied.

We love Kaazar specifically for its intense, roasted notes with a syrupy finish.


While the espresso category is slightly milder, they still ramp up a pretty good level of intensity. In this category, we have some fantastic varieties including, Cosi, Volluto, and Livanto. Each of these pairs exceptionally well with a bit of additional milk frothing but are equally good on their own.

Cosi is our go-to pick here for its delicious toasted and nutty flavor notes, as well as its sweet, subtle hints. This variety of the original capsules makes for a uniquely mild espresso experience.


When it comes to the lungo category, these are all ideal if your machine has a built in milk frothers. With certain roasts like Linzio Lungo, Vivalto Lungo and Fortissio Lungo, each one can be distinguished for their balanced bodies and smooth finish. We personally love the Envivo Lungo for its rich caramel, and smooth taste.


If you're trying to cut out the caffeine, the original Nespresso machines may be the perfect coffee machine for you. With various blends to choose from, the decaffeinated original Nespresso capsules cater to all different tastes. We love the arpeggio decaffeinato for its intensity and creaminess, making it a perfect dessert companion to make sweeter, espresso based drinks.

Master Origin

One of the hottest selling points for the original Nespresso coffee machines is their selection of master origin coffee pods. These span from regions including India, Indonesia, Colombia ,and Ethiopia. Our personal go-to is the Ethiopian; since the flavor notes are so rare, it offers one of the most unique espresso experiences around for its fruitiness. Indonesian origin coffee capsules are also a close second for their woody, tobacco leaf notes.

Whether you're into a classic Nespresso original or want to experiment with the master origin coffee capsules, the original Nespresso coffee machine offers a whole range of versatility with the coffees they have available.

Crafted for Milk

Great yourself a pitcher of cold milk, a steam pitcher for this selection. These flavored coffee capsules are perfect for machines that have built in milk frothers. Ciocattino, (or chocolate), Vanilla (Vanilla), and Caramelito (Caramel) are just some of the unique flavored varieties available.

If you're really looking to spice things up, we recommend Corto, which is literally a spicy coffee that packs a real punch. This is one that pairs well if you have an aeroccino milk frother handy.

Nespresso Vertuloline Capsules

nespresso original vs vertuo

When it comes to settling the score between Nespresso vertuo vs original, we need to understand what makes the vertuloine Nespresso capsules unique and how they've advanced beyond any single-serve coffee makers seen before.

Nespresso Vertuo coffee pods are all made with a barcode that specifies everything from brewing time, temperature, water flow, and infusion time once it is put into the machine. That's right, Nespresso vertuoline is so advanced that the capsules themselves are scientifically engineered for perfection.

Also, a major thing that sets apart Nespresso vertuoline vs original is the range of brew sizes available. vertoline brews are made ready in espresso, double espresso, Gran Lungo and even longer coffees, making this a perfect cross between an espresso machine and a coffee machine.

Each different pod size contains a variety of roasts to choose from, which we will explore here.

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Single Espresso and Double Espresso

The single espresso vertuoline capsules offered to cater to a wide range of intensity, including diavolitto, for an extreme level of intensity and voltesso for something milder and sweeter. Our go to is the Altissimo for its creaminess while also keeping a pleasant and amped-up level of intensity.

The double espressos come in two choices, Scuro and Chiaro. These are both relatively strong blends, but we prefer the Chiaro for its unique flavor notes.

Gran Lungo AKA 'Americano'

This is where the natural beauty of Nespresso vertuoline machines starts to take hold. if you're someone who likes a large coffee shop drink, Nespresso virtual machines have you covered. Unlike any other espresso machine, the coffee pods for Nespresso vertuo can be perfectly tailored to make you a world class Americano.

There are a few varieties here, including Fortado, arondio and alforazio. We love Fortado for its classic intense, full bodied espresso qualities.


And of course, as promised, we have the Nespresso vertuo coffee pods. This demonstrates the full range of the machine, making it comparable to the best coffee makers while also having all the best qualities of a solid espresso machine.

Here is a wide range of flavors and origins, including Mexico, stormio, and Giorgio. We love stormio Giorgio for its exotic floral notes and a sweet spot for the delicious, hazelnut flavored, creamy bodied hazelino.

Crafted For Milk

If you've got any way to get some milk frothing, these capsules are a must. Bianco Leggero is an incredible, tasty choice for a sweet biscuit flavor and a delectable texture.

Also, don't forget the Alto XL selection. These include Intenso XL and Dolce XL, which are larger coffees than the others. We enjoy them both, but Intenso is the definite winner for its full bodied robustness.

Nespresso Vertuo vs Original Machine

Now, when we get down to the nitty-gritty, the machines are made differently, which gives each their strengths and weaknesses. Let's look at some of the specifics to see how the vertuo vs original machines stack up.

Brewing Method

Most single serve coffee machines use similar stepwise methods to brew, but the original Nespresso is unique for its pressure based technology. This can reach a total of 19 bars of pressure in the extraction process, which is quite a feat. On the other hand, the vertuoline system uses a centrifugal system making them pretty different from the get-go.

One upside to the Nespresso vertuoline is the barcode reader, which specifies each pod's unique brewing components. Recognizing everything from temperature to proper water ratio ensures a perfect brew with the Nespresso vertuoline capsules. This is one reason why vertuoline brews may have a slight advantage in the long run.

Mmm, frothy

If you are someone who appreciates a good latte, you'll be happy to know that many Nespresso original machines contain built in milk frothing capabilities. Unfortunately, the vertuo lines have yet to get the same technology. However, Nespresso does sell separate milk frothers, which can also be purchased in bundles with the machines.

Either way, a little milk frothing is never bad to have, whether you get a machine with a built in frother, or you get it separately.

Best Models

There is a wide range of different models in the Nespresso original line and the Vertuo Line to choose from. Here, we pick just a few of our favorites for each.

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Nespresso Pixie

With a sleek aluminum design, this looks not only good on your countertop but also has amazing brewing capabilities that deliver the most authentic espresso experience right in your own home. This model contains a comprehensive user friendly interface, making it nice and easy for you to make your own world class java.

On top of all that, the Pixie is known for being one of the most eco-friendly machines, which is a huge plus in our books.

Nespresso Creatista

This model is complete with a steam wand, and different froth settings, making it perfect for anyone who loves a nice and creamy latte. On top of that, different brew settings and temperatures are making this machine quite versatile and adapting to your own barista style.

Nespresso Vertuo

User-friendly, efficient, and delicious, this machine could be the last you ever buy. Simple as dropping the pod in and letting the barcode do all the work, you can rest assured that the technology on this powerhouse of a coffee maker will never fail to deliver top class espresso. Also, the water reservoir is nice and large, which makes this machine convenient for people who like to entertain.

It's all about the taste.

As we mentioned, the classic Nespresso machines use pressure technology, while the virtual machines use centrifugal technology when brewing. Inevitably, this leads to large differences in the taste and texture of the beverages you're making.

Since the virtual machines use a lower temperature for their brewing process, this produces a milder drink. If you enjoy a hotter coffee, this machine may not be ideal for you. Because the original machines use hotter temperatures, more oil is extracted in the brew, making the espresso bolder as a result.

On the other hand, the Vertuo's lower temperature has a benefit that can be explained in one word: Crema

Smooth and 'Crema'

If you don't already know, crema is the foamy, bubbly, lightish substance that forms on top of an espresso shot. This tends to be a craze in the coffee community at large, with many considering the presence of crema as an indicator of a superior espresso.

While the original Nespresso machines are known to produce a classic type of crema in high quality espresso, vertuo machines are known for their higher qualities of crema thanks to the high speeds used in their extraction process.

So, if you enjoy a nice and rich, foamy coffee, the vertuo could be what you've been looking for all this time.

Weighing it in

The two lines have their differences, and each is good for their own reasons when it comes down to it.

If you're an authentic espresso lover, there is no doubt that the original line is the best for classic espresso and espresso based drinks. With more capsules and various machines to choose from, this is most definitely a surefire win for you.

But, the Vertuo Line is for people who like to shake things up a little bit, offering much more versatility than the classic machines. Nice long drinks, as well as espressos, premium quality, and all at the push of the button, the vertuo coffee makers can really do it all.

Either way, if you're buying Nespresso coffee machines, you can be sure that you are getting the best capsule brewing systems on the market.

Let us know which machine you have and which capsules you enjoy brewing the most!

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