Keurig K Supreme Plus Review: The Keurig Supreme vs Supreme Plus Explained

Keurig K Supreme Plus Review

If all you need to get your day started is a single jolt of great joe, we introduce to you the Keurig K Supreme Plus. The K Supreme is the manufacturer's latest single-serve brewer. It delivers great taste, compact design, a large reservoir, and a coffee setting for anything you need. That's why we took the time to bring you our own Keurig K Supreme review.

The single-serve coffee maker is an upgrade with the ability to control temps, brewing strength, and use multi-stream tech which is why we placed it so highly on our Keurig reviews guide. But that's only the beginning for the K Supreme Plus. What follows is our thorough review of the Keurig K Supreme and why coffee lovers will want one.

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Keurig K Supreme Plus Review

Keurig K Supreme Plus

The universal reusable coffee filter, Multistream Technology, a robust stainless steel design, and its digital display are only a few reasons why this is a top brewer. Overall, we rate the Supreme Plus very highly


  • Multistream Technology
  • Repositionable water tank
  • Space-saving, sleek design
  • Minimum wait time
  • Quiet operation
  • Makes iced coffee
  • Adjustable strength and temperature control
  • Exceptional coffee extraction
  • K Cup compatible
  • Can make up to 12 cups before you need to refill the water tank


  • No instruction for installing the water filter
  • The reusable filter isn't user-friendly
  • Pods tend to be wasteful
  • Adjustable water tank isn’t available in Plus version

Design/Build Quality: 4.5/5

The Keurig K-Mini and K-Slim play a big part in the K Supreme design. The new version is only 12 inches high, eight inches wide, and 13 inches deep. Even with the lever open, the Supreme Plus only extends 17 inches tall.

Features: 5/5

There's no denying this Keurig device stands out for many reasons.

  • Multi-stream Technology
  • 55 Customizations
  • Multiple brew sizes
  • 66 oz dual-position reservoir
  • Back-to-back Brewing
  • Travel mug functionality
  • Maintenance alerts
  • Easy control panel

Performance: 5/5

Customizing a fine cup of espresso will be easy with the K Supreme. There are hundreds of K cup pods in a variety of tastes, ensuring you always brew a solid coffee experience. Easily get the intense or light taste that you prefer. Within minutes, you'll brew iced coffee, tea, cocoa, and more.

The machine's travel mug-friendly can give you a six to 12-ounce cup, and has a sturdy tank for easy refill.

Ease of Use: 4.5/5

The Keurig has temperature settings, multi streams of water, dual-position, the latest brewing technology, and more. Yet, it still has a minimum number of buttons. Everything's located in a small area at the top of the K Supreme Plus. 

Everything's labeled so even the most inexperienced coffee drinker will make easy work of Iced Coffee, Strong Coffee, or cup sizes. A pair of indicator lamps on the control panel simplify coffee making. One flashes as a reminder the water reservoir needs descaling. The other light illuminates as the water tank is draining. 

Value for Money: 4.5/5

There's an innovative design and the capacity for producing unique coffee personalities. It's a diverse coffee maker and grinder with impression options for brewing. The Keurig manages to have both a large water tank and still manage to have a reasonable footprint. Yes, it's a little pricey but worth every penny as it will give years of coffee pleasure.

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Who's the Keurig Coffee Maker For?

Keurig K Supreme Plus Reviews

The Keurig K Supreme technology is for the aficionado who can't get started until they have a well-brewed cup and want that cup fast. The experienced brewer will have a great time making discoveries with the K Supreme. The busy newcomer will open up a world of no-fuss, quick, and fast brewing.

With three temperature settings, you never have to worry about measuring your brew. The Supreme Plus has the manufacturer's largest removable water reservoir, capable of producing between nine to 12 oz cups. That can last a few days up to a week. There's also a water filter giving you the option of filling straight from the tap.

Settings let you brew single serve K cup pod coffee as little as four ounces. With the Keurig K Supreme Plus, you brew only what you intend to enjoy. The coffee machine outputs a chilled cup on hot and humid days with "Over Ice".

Considerations Before Buying

Keurig K Supreme

Thanks to its user-friendliness, busy people love K cup coffee makers. The Keurig K Supreme doesn't produce a taste similar to traditional brewers. But purists who don't want to manage a conventional coffee maker will appreciate the K Supreme with features like multi-stream tech.

If your eyes are on a K cup coffee maker, here are factors to consider.

  • Your preference in taste
  • Water tank capacity
  • Where you'll put the device
  • Easy-clean, removable parts
  • Strength control
  • Features Keurig's ice button
  • Compatibility with the K Cup and Universal K Cup pod
  • Water filter compatibility
  • The user interface
  • Noise
  • Serving options

Features of the Keurig K Supreme

Keurig K Supreme Review

    Reservoir Positioning

    Moving the reservoir to the side or back changes depth or width. In the rear, the reservoir makes the Keurig device two inches narrower and deeper. If on the side, this updated version of the K Supreme becomes two inches wider and shorter. Placement is important to your brewing.

    Brew Handling

    The previous version of the K Supreme received customer complaints about shaky K cup holders. The manufacturer got it right with the Supreme Plus, creating a sturdy brew handle.

    Multi-stream Tech

    If you owned any of the older models, you already know about Keurig's talent for streamlining operations. What puts the new K Supreme coffee maker over the top is its Multi-Stream Technology.

    The technology uses multiple streams of water to create single-serve K cup brews. Opening the brewer top, you'll find five sharp needles circling the head. (In older models, there's only one in the center.)

    Thanks to smartly distributed needles, your brew's hit at five distinct points. That maximizes your coffee grinds contact with water. In turn, the Keurig K Supreme Plus extracts a richer flavor.

    Water Reservoir

    The Keurig machine has an impressive dual-position, multi-stream reservoir. The K Supreme Plus tank holds a total of 66 ounces of water for your 12 oz cups. The fixed handle on the device ensures less wiping and no fingerprints on the tank surface. 

    Even with a water filter, the capacity will remain consistent. We found a handle and charcoal filter that only offsets water by less than two ounces. You can reposition the reservoir with its adjustable stand, making it an easy fit in a corner. As the water reservoir is removable, take it to the tap, fill it, and return it with no problem.


    The Keurig Supreme Plus promises a quick single-serve K cup of joe as it requires no warm-up. The new Keurig brews in under two minutes. Once you have that first cup of Keurig K Supreme coffee from the single-serve coffee maker, you can brew a new one immediately. 

    Brew Sizes

    With ranges of six to 12 oz, the machine can brew at four servings. The accuracy of the K Supreme is impressive. The coffee producer, when set to produce a 10 oz cup, brews that exact amount. Brew sizes will not require monitoring.

    With the latest brewing technology, you can accommodate a 7.2-inch oz cup size. That means you can brew directly from the Keurig K Supreme Plus to a travel mug. Do this by removing the drip tray.

    You'll never waste a drop of ground coffee with the K Supreme Plus.

    Cup Compatibility

    Like other Keurig programmable favorites, the K Supreme coffee maker accepts all forms of coffee flavors, types, and all brands of K cup pods. 

    With this functionality, non-coffee drinkers will appreciate the technology. The Keurig not only offers an exemplary coffee experience. It can manage apple cider, hot cocoa, chai latte, and herbal tea. If it's a hot drink, the Keurig machine will flush out K cup pods, scrubbing contents and producing exceptional flavor and aroma.

    The dual position technology even works with reusable coffee filters. Develop your mix of ground coffees and pour them into the K cup universal reusable.

    Reusable K Cup

    The Keurig K Supreme has a reusable K cup. It's compatible with the Multi Stream Technology. We removed the pod holder from the machine. The gray arm also needs removing. Otherwise, you can't fit the reusable K cup pod.

    The reusable K cup pods aren't necessarily easy to use. If you're eco-conscious, you might fight the use of a non-plastic solution. For some, using the feature is not going to be worth it. Though the coffee maker parts are dishwasher safe, there are a lot of parts to disassemble, clean, and reassemble.

    The eco-conscious will like that the Keurig pods are recyclable. Cut open the top film on the K Supreme. Clean out the coffee grounds, rinse, and put the cup with your recycling.

    Iced Coffee

    Take your experience to the next level with the iced coffee feature. With a simple cup of coffee setting, the machine will extract around six ounces of ground coffee from a pod.

    The only drawback is you can't switch between servings when extracting chilled coffee. That's because you make your chilled coffee with ice cubes. Fill the glass halfway with cubes and have the device produce no more than six ounces to avoid spilling. 

    Also, cubes will melt down during the brew. You want a denser brewing to avoid that watered-down taste. Ice brewing takes slightly longer than hot brewing for the same reason.


    The quiet operation comes standard with most of the previous Keurig technology. The K Supreme is whisper quiet. It boasts Quiet Brew Technology making it far less audible than other coffee makers. 

    Strong Brewing

    The K Supreme puts together a robust cup compared to something like the K classic. It boasts a flavorful cup and offers the option of a more saturated brew. Keurig does this by reducing water flow speed. A slowed process results in longer water and coffee contact. That's more extraction for your taste.


    The Keurig K Supreme is a low-maintenance option. Wipe down the shell with a soft, damp cloth. Wash removable parts with soap and water. You want to descale the K Supreme Plus reservoir at least once every two to six months.


    This coffee maker just needs the water filter installed and a typical watering cycle. Unfortunately, the Keurig machines come with no instructions for using the filter. But we learned it's a relatively easy process.

    • Submerge the filter capsule in water for five minutes.
    • Rinse the filter out.
    • Snap it back into the water container base.

    You want to replace the filter either every eight weeks or every 60 tank refills. For descaling, these coffee makers will notify you. This is usually after around 250 uses.

    To brew a cup:

    • Select a cup size, like 12 oz
    • Pop in your K cup pod
    • Adjust temperature control
    • Select a strength

    (Note: You can save your selections for later use.)

    • Press the K at the center to begin your brew
    • Your digital display will update you on the brewing cycle


    The K Supreme Plus coffee maker lets you enjoy coffee with tunes. Collaborating with the University of Oxford, Keurig designed five Spotify playlists. These listening experiences match various K pods to highlight your Keurig K Supreme coffee.

    The K Supreme Plus playlists align with the coffee maker's flavors, the unique herbal and earthy notes Keurig's known for. 

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    Keurig K Supreme vs Supreme Plus

    Keurig K Supreme vs Supreme Plus

    The major difference between the Keurig K Supreme and the Supreme Plus is that the newer Supreme Plus model boasts more brew sizes, offers temperature control, programmable favorite presets and a digital display. In our opinion, it is well worth the increase in price.

    How Does the Keurig K Supreme Plus Match Up?

    From the K Elite to the K Classic, Keurig machines have consistently upped their game. The Supreme Plus and the K Elite both have a large removable tank. The Keurig Classic is a single no-frills service but has a smaller 48 oz reservoir. The company's Keurig Minis also brew cups between six and 12 oz, but you have to refill the tank each time.

    All in all, the Keurig K Supreme and Supreme Plus match up quite nicely compared to the rest. While there may be minor issues we have taken up with this appliance, overall it is an exceptional device.

    Our Verdict on the K Supreme Plus

    This single-serve coffee maker provides the best innovations in brewing we've seen in a while. Our K Supreme review uncovered an exceptionally rich cup of coffee. It's not ideal for the purist but excellent for the average Joe lover looking for a quick cup. It truly provides a great coffee experience. 

    This coffee maker offers a solid range of customizations to streamline brewing. While we have nitpicks here and there (poor instructions, the reusable K cup), we got a solid cup of java. We'd say the ease of use, the generous reservoir, and the final product is all that matters. The Keurig K Supreme Plus is also the first brewer to feature Multi-Stream Technology, an innovative way to evenly saturate your coffee grounds with multiple streams of water.

    There's the option for three strengths and three temperatures for a hotter, stronger cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and even a cup of iced coffee. All freshly brewed in no time. You also have programmable favorites, letting three users save their brewing preferences. 

    The K Supreme is a travel mug's friend. It has a sleek stainless steel wrap and an easy-to-read digital display screen. The Keurig machines mesh high-end great taste and an upgrade of tech like Multi-Stream Technology that enhances tastes and increases flexibility. To sum up, we at Black Ink recommend this Keurig for all coffee lovers.

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