JURA E8 Review: What the Reviews Have to Say About the E8 Model

jura e8 review

We’re all on the hunt for that perfect cup of coffee. Whether we take our espresso straight or want a rich and satisfying latte, it’s easy to count on a JURA E8 espresso machine, hence our review! In fact, the E8 model won the top spot on our Jura Coffee Maker guide.

This high-end company prides itself on quality, but does the latest iteration of the E model hold up? Below, we’ll assess the parameters that make a coffee maker essential: design, performance, ease of use, features, and value for the price.

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Our JURA Overview

JURA is a Swiss company that specializes in state-of-the-art automatic coffee machines. JURA-brand coffee machines are the perfect option for discerning espresso consumers with more customizable pours than nearly any other machine. Not to mention they're easy to use espresso machines.

JURA machines go beyond creating a basic cup of coffee. The brand also prides itself in its sustainable initiatives and is working against the single-use, throwaway mentality. Each machine also comes with an energy-saving mode that can reduce energy usage by up to 40%. 

The design of each machine is also a key component of JURA branding, JURA designers have won numerous awards, including the Red Dot Design Award, the iF Product Design Award, the GOOD Design Award, the Design Plus Award, and the Plus X Award. 

Each super-automatic espresso machine is designed to be visually appealing for years to come. Devices can be serviced, and parts reconditioned at any JURA service location, eliminating the need to buy another coffee machine for a long time.  

JURA E8 Review

JURA E8 Machine

The JURA E8 is one of the most high-end automatic coffee machines that JURA has to offer. While it is certainly an investment piece, JURA machines are great for us coffee connoisseurs who love a milk-based drink. The built-in milk system is a huge bonus and has several settings.

These machines are primarily intended for commercial use. You should check out the JURA E8 brewing technology if you are interested in setting up a coffee shop. 

JURAs are professional but reasonably intuitive in use, making them accessible to less-experienced employees. Everything is automated, we just put in our beans and start brewing amazing coffee!

Design and Build Quality - 4/5 ⭐

Design is one of the most important aspects of each JURA machine, and the JURA E8 is no exception. JURA is one of the only companies in the world to focus specifically on automatic coffee machines, so we know we’re in good hands with any purchase. 

This Swiss company has positioned itself as a specialist in the market and continue to prove themselves worthy with their award-winning designs. 

It has six buttons to manage the machine instead of a touch screen and an LCD digital display to present all of the machine’s options. The two front spouts are for espresso and an additional spout on the side for dispensing milk.

The water reservoir is another great design feature, it holds up to sixteen drinks’ worth of water. The spent grounds also don’t need to be emptied until then. Convenient! 

JURA E8s come in two color varieties, and you can choose from either piano black or chrome siding. Even though it isn’t the most compact machine, clocking in at 20 pounds, but it is short and narrow enough to fit most countertops.


✅ The JURA team has won many awards for their work, including the Red Dot Design Award, the iF Product Design Award, the GOOD Design Award, the Design Plus Award, and the Plus X Award

✅ The coffee spout is tall enough to fill a standard mug, giving us more options than just espresso shots

✅ Physical buttons for order commands prevent the machine from being covered in fingerprints and help it maintain a professional look  

✅ The water tank holds 64 ounces of water, which means we don’t have to refill it nearly as often 


🔻 The coffee spout is four inches high, making it incompatible with larger travel mugs

🔻 There is no option to froth milk and brew coffee at the same time since both share the same boiler

🔻 The built-in grinder (called the Aroma G3 grinder) only has six grind options, somewhat limiting options

Performance - 5/5 ⭐

JURA automatic espresso machines are widely recognized for their optimal performance. Since it is one of the only organizations to focus exclusively on automatic espresso machines, it has had the opportunity to create some innovative technologies that up the performance factor even more. 

Our drink options for the E8 automatic espresso maker include amazing coffee as well as all the standard milk-based coffee drinks: espresso, ristretto, cappuccino, latte, and flat white. These can all be brewed fairly quickly. 

It’s important to note that the milk system and coffee brewer share a boiler, so that does add a bit of extra time to the preparation.

All of these variations are highly customizable at the touch of a button. The JURA E8 automatic machines give us super easy options to change brew temperature and coffee strength, as well as shot and milk volume. Whatever we love best from the coffee shop, we can now produce in our own homes with one touch!

JURA E8 machines come equipped with an automatic milk dispenser, which is not as customizable as the rest of the order. The dispenser is stationary rather than in a wand-style, but it doesn’t require any additional effort to add the milk.

The Aroma G3 is JURA’s latest offering for its burr grinder, and it runs twice as fast as previous models. It has different levels of grinding for different tastes, a Pulse Extraction Process that extracts optimal aroma from beans, and a bypass chute for those of us who use pre-ground coffee.


✅ Lots of automated options make a variety of drinks with very little effort

✅ There is a bypass chute included in the grinder for pre-ground coffee


🔻The stationary milk dispenser eliminates some elements of customization for drinks and milk foam

Ease of Use and Cleaning - 4/5 ⭐

One of the most convenient parts of owning an automated coffee machine is that we can let it do most of the cleaning itself! The JURA E8 is guaranteed hygienic and has a few processes to certify that it remains so.

JURA machines make it as simple as possible to keep our machines clean and in working order. With the proper care, these machines can last tens of years — so we make sure to clean them well! 

JURA is keeping our water tanks clean and fresh with the Intelligent Water System. This system automatically filters the water in the tank, eliminating the need for descaling. For those of us who prefer not to use the entire filtration system, the machine can also schedule automatic descaling according to the hardness of the water we use.

Our E8s also run automatic rinsing and cleaning programs daily. It is important to make sure the pipes for milk and coffee don’t get clogged with buildup, and JURA takes care of that with a rinse cycle right after the machine turns on and right before it turns off. It also runs a cycle after it makes any drink involving milk to remove any fat or protein still lingering in the pipes.

Every JURA machine has detachable milk containers to ensure that any milk remains fresh and safe for use. These containers come in a variety of sizes and can simply be detached from the machine and put in the refrigerator. 

JURA created the milk containers with easy-to-clean materials, they also keep the milk at an optimal temperature to ensure a perfectly light foam for each cup of coffee. There is also a cleaning caddy and JURA brand solution that should be used after each time the milk container is.

Since this is a super-automated coffee machine, it is as simple to use as it is to clean: just press a button. After initial setup, the JURA can grind the beans, determine the amount of water and grounds needed for a perfectly balanced cup, froth the milk, and serve our drinks with a couple of simple commands. There’s even an app that we can use to link our phones, tablets, or smartwatches.


✅ The JURA E8 will do basic daily maintenance for you and prompt you to do more in-depth cleanings as the sensors alert it.

✅ JURA has a very supportive customer service base that can help with most questions. There are even physical service locations for your use in case of a serious issue.


🔻The cleaning products needed are all JURA brand and sold separately for an additional cost. These machines will require cleaning tablets, milk container cleaning solution, an optional filter system, and more to keep them in top shape. This means you need to consider extra servicing and cleaning equipment in addition to the initial price tag.

Features - 4.5/5 ⭐

When we are looking for a machine that gives a completely customizable pour with plenty of additional features, we go straight for the JURA E8. This machine is JURA’s all-time bestseller, and for good reason. 

From the start, the JURA E8 works to ensure a perfect cup of coffee. It has CLEARYL filter cartridges right in the water tank to absorb harmful elements like chlorine, copper, aluminum, and lead, leaving only helpful additives like fluoride.

The whole coffee beans are ground into a powder, and there are six different options to choose from. Once the coffee is ground and before it is brewed, it goes through the Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System or IPBAS. The method moistens the grounds with water and allows the pores to expand, so the aroma builds. The E8 then judges the exact amount of water needed for a perfectly balanced flavor.

The next step is the Pulse Extraction Process, also called PEP. The machine judges the exact amount of extraction needed by quickly pulsing water through the grounds. Perfectly foamed milk completes the drink process with JURA’s patented fine foam technology.  

This is a truly automated coffee machine. Everything from the froth to the water filter can be managed via technology. The Intelligent Water System, for instance, links to the coffee maker via radio frequency identification technology. Once linked, the E8 can automatically apply the most appropriate settings for a delicious cup of espresso. 

There’s even an app to make all of this even simpler. The JURA Operating Experience, or JOE for short, allows us to put in a coffee order from any smart device.


✅ This is truly a super-automated coffee machine. Everything can be taken care of automatically by the machine, from water filter to milk frothing

✅ Try using the JURA Operating Experience app to order a drink from your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch!


🔻 Some accessories, like milk coolers, must be purchased separately, and this can limit customization options

Value For Money - 4/5 ⭐

Does the overall value of this machine outweigh the cost? It’s important to remember that all automatic coffee makers and espresso machines like this are somewhat high-end, and the cost is relative here. JURA is one of the coffee machine world’s top brands, and the price does reflect that.

That being said, weigh your options carefully before investing in a professional, automatic espresso machine like the JURA E8. This kind of machine certainly proves its value, but make sure you want to utilize all the options that the E8 provides! JURA also makes a lower-tech machine called the S8 that could be a better choice for some.

This is a good-looking machine made with quality materials and limited plastic, so the E8 certainly looks as high-end as the price suggests. 

One of our main issues with this version of JURA’s espresso makers is the boiler. There is only one boiler for both the milk frother and the coffee brewer, creating additional wait time as you create your drink. 

Overall, this is a good mid-range automatic coffee maker that can satisfy most of us who aren’t fully happy with a semi-automatic brewer. 

While it doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles that some of JURA’s most expensive options do, there are plenty of customizable options that should make up for it. 


✅ The JURA E8 is an investment in quality, you won’t need to buy another espresso machine for many years

✅ JURA machines can be serviced at any participating JURA distribution location. Just because one part of your automatic espresso machine breaks doesn’t mean you need a whole new model!

✅ This is a mid-range option from JURA. We love being able to use some of the more advanced features without fully shelling out our dollars for the most expensive designs


🔻 This machine is not budget-friendly, making it an inaccessible choice for those of us looking for a cheaper option

🔻 Not a good choice for anyone who doesn’t need or want a milk frother, the Thermoblock boiler and manual frother with Fine-Foam Technology is a big part of the ticket price

Why We Love the JURA E8 Espresso Machine

JURA E8 Reviews

We are multiple lattes a day kind of people, and eventually, it becomes more economical to just make the coffee at home. What we spend on at-home equipment saves us money in coffee shop orders and gas for commuting, not to mention the time spent driving and waiting for the preparation. 

If you plow through cappuccinos like we do or no barista can get your order just right, definitely think about investing in a JURA E8 automatic coffee machine! It has enough customization options to satisfy any coffee lover, and you’ll ensure that each drink is exactly what you wanted. 

JURA machines also cut down on waste by eliminating the endless stream of to-go coffee cups as well as the amount of gas that potential customers would use to drive to a coffee shop for their morning usual. This company prides itself on taking care of the environment, which is an admirable stance to take in the disposable world of coffee.

One of the biggest things they emphasize is that an investment like this not only saves us money in the long run, we are helping out the planet by cutting down on waste. This is the last coffee machine we’ll need for a while and instead of throwing it out in a few years, we can take it in for servicing to reduce wasted parts.

Why We Would Not Recommend the JURA E8

JURA E8 Espresso Machine

We do not recommend this machine for anyone looking for basic cups of coffee. The JURA E8 makes an amazing drink, but we would not say the price or effort is worth it for those of us who just need to replace our latest drip machine. 

The JURA E8 espresso maker also might not be worth your investment if you aren’t interested in preparing milk-based coffee drinks like lattes and cappuccinos. The milk frother is amazing and can be customized for the perfect froth or steam, but it’s also a big part of the cost. 

If those kinds of drinks aren’t to your taste, there are other JURA options without a milk frother that would be a better choice. There are also JURA options with a separate boiler for the milk frother so that you can prepare a beautiful topping for your coffee while you wait for it to brew.


jura e8

The JURA e8 is a super automatic coffee machine for those of us who are looking for a perfect espresso-based drink and are ready to invest in quality. Many of us have had our machines for a decade, and they don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. With the proper care and cleaning routine, you can make this your last coffee machine as well.

Though the initial price tag may be hard to swallow, it is quantified by the years of use we get out of these machines and how easy to use it is! We think that overall, the JURA E8 is worth the money and will give us decades of service... and really good coffee beverages.

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