AeroPress Go Review: Why You Should Upgrade to a Travel Coffee Press

aeropress go review

If you’re familiar with the different coffee brands, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of AeroPress, the portable coffee maker, but what about its recent upgrade, the AeroPress Go? Today we present to you our AeroPress Go review.

AeroPress' latest invention, the AeroPress Go has generated a lot of hype as a portable coffee press, but does it live up to the fame? Keep reading our guide for an in-depth look at how the AeroPress Go operates, how it compares to the original, and whether it’s worth the money. 

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Aeropress Go Review

aeropress go

Now that we’ve covered the upgrades you get with the AeroPress Go, let’s talk about whether this lightweight coffee press is really worth the money. 

Features - 4/5

It may come as a surprise since it’s so small, but the AeroPress Go still comes with quite a few custom brewing features, especially if you’re not afraid to experiment. Besides the carrying cup that it comes with, there are four main accessories that come with the AeroPress Go: a spoon that you can use for dosing out coffee grounds, a foldable swizzle stick, a silicone lid for the cup, and a micro-filter that prevents grit or debris from ending up in your cup of joe. 

For a portable coffee press, the elongated spoon is more accurate than you might expect, and the micro-filter fits nicely inside of the carrying cup. The swizzle stick is another nice feature if you like to mix milk or sugar with your coffee, but it’s not essential. 

Generally, the AeroPress Go packs quite a few features for its size, and they’re all designed to fit completely inside the carrying case too. 

Design/Build Quality - 3.5/5

If you’re already familiar with the design of the original AeroPress then the AeroPress Go probably won’t look much different. While it’s only a third of the size of the original, it features the same design with only a few cosmetic differences. The new AeroPress Go foregoes the hexagonal shape of the old AeroPress, and now has a narrow, circular top with an elliptical bottom. 

While this new design might make it easier to use the AeroPress Go, it does make it a little harder to fit the Go on cups that have wider openings. 

As far as the Go’s overall design and build quality, this is a coffee press that’s built for performance, not aesthetics. The AeroPress Go might not be as sleek or modern as some coffee presses, but the design is incredibly functional and durable. 

Ease of Use - 4.5/5

While the AeroPress Go does have quite a few features for a coffee press of its size, it’s still user-friendly enough for beginners to understand. The plunger design on the AeroPress Go means that you only need to stir for ten seconds before you can start the extraction part of the process. 

The biggest learning curve is understanding how to brew with the AeroPress, but even if you’re a complete newbie, the included instructions are easy to follow and it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to get the hang of it. 

Another user-friendly aspect of the AeroPress Go is just how easy it is to clean. After you’ve brewed your java and drank it, all you need to do is dump the used coffee grounds into the trash, and it’s even easier because the grounds compact into a puck-like shape that shouldn’t leave a mess. 

Rinsing the chamber of the AeroPress Go is also fairly straightforward, but if you want to do a deeper clean, the cup’s opening isn’t so narrow that it’s hard to scrub down. 

Performance - 4.5/5

The design of the AeroPress Go may seem simple, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t perform well. The AeroPress Go offers three main ways to brew your coffee: you can brew a concentrated espresso shot, dilute the espresso shot for an Americano, or even make your coffee in a cold brew style. As mentioned previously, the extraction time on an AeroPress Go is a lot shorter than a traditional espresso machine. 

While regular espresso machines may need a minute of extraction, the AeroPress Go only needs ten seconds and it can still produce up to three shots of espresso. 

However, if you’re looking for something a little different, the AeroPress Go does offer another option, you can use the press inverted. The inverted method is a popular one among AeroPress users as it can produce a more flavorful cup of coffee. 

Value for Money - 5/5

When it comes to value, the AeroPress Go gives you a lot of bang for your buck. Compared to the original AeroPress, the Go version is still affordable, and it does come with a carrying mug that makes traveling a lot more convenient. 

The AeroPress Go is also built for durability, but even if something does break, replacing parts isn’t a huge hassle. Most of the AeroPress Go’s features, like the plunger seal or the filter cap, can be purchased on their own so you don’t have to replace the entire press. 

The only ongoing expense with the AeroPress Go, besides the coffee you’ll need for it, are the filters. However, AeroPress does a good job of setting you up because 350 micro-filters come included.

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What's Changed?

aeropress go parts

Before we get into nitty-gritty details, here’s a rundown of how the AeroPress Go compares to its much older sibling, the AeroPress. 

Perhaps the biggest change between the two is the size. While some brewers might find the original AeroPress to be a little bulky, especially for taking it on the go, the new AeroPress Go is less than half the size, and it even comes with a small plastic cup and lid that you can use to store the press while you’re out and about. 

Some of the accessories in the AeroPress Go also fold up, like the stirrer, so that you can store them more easily too. 

Speaking of accessories, the AeroPress Go comes with a few new ones: 

  • An elongated spoon for dosing 
  • A filter holder
  • A swizzle stick that’s capable of folding 

Of course, a smaller press also means that you may not be able to store as much coffee either. While the original AeroPress had a capacity of 260 grams of water, the AeroPress Go can only hold 220 grams, which equals just under eight ounces. 

Overall, the biggest differences between the AeroPress and the AeroPress Go has to do with the size. You probably won’t notice much difference in the way your coffee tastes, but with the lighter, more mobile AeroPress Go, you should have an easier time transporting it. 

Pros and Cons of the Go

Like any product, the AeroPress Go isn’t without its pros and cons, if you’re looking for a breakdown of what’s to love (and what isn’t) about this coffee press, here’s what you should know.


  • The press is less than half the size of the original, and can conveniently fit inside most bags or backpacks 
  • You can make a cup of coffee or an espresso shot within a minute 
  • Includes a carrying mug and every part of the press packs inside the mug neatly 
  • Comes with 350 micro-filters already included with the press
  • You get three different ways to brew your coffee, not including the popular inverted method for AeroPress products
  • Durable design and build 
  • The press is extremely easy to clean and the used grounds don’t get everywhere
  • If anything breaks, parts are easy to replace and can be purchased separately 


  • The design of the AeroPress Go can make it tricky to fit the Go on wider cups 
  • The design isn’t as sleek or aesthetically pleasing as some coffee presses might be 
  • The small size means the Go only has a capacity that’s slightly under a full cup 

Who Should Buy the AeroPress Go?

aeropress go coffee maker


The AeroPress Go may not be the right pick for everyone, but it can be a perfect fit for a lot of coffee drinkers. 

  • You need coffee on-the-go: You may want to invest in the AeroPress Go if you’re looking for a coffee press that’s highly portable or that you can use on-the-go. As small as it is, the AeroPress Go fits nicely in most bags, purses, or backpacks  – and the carrying mug ensures that the Go’s accessories don’t spill out or get lost while you travel. 
  • You want something more affordable than an espresso machine: If you’re a big espresso or Americano drinker that wants something a little more affordable, the AeroPress Go can be a happy medium between the two. While it’s not as fancy as most actual espresso machines are, the AeroPress Go can still produce a concentrated shot  – and in a lot less time.
  • You’re looking for a single-serve coffee press: If you’re the only person in your household that drinks coffee, you may not need to invest in a full-sized coffee press or maker. The AeroPress Go is set up for single-use, so it’s a popular choice for coffee drinkers that don’t need to worry about serving a crowd. 

Ultimately, the AeroPress Go is a great option for anyone that needs their espresso on a more portable basis and doesn’t mind giving up a few of the fancy features you’d get with regular espresso machines. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy the AeroPress Go?

Of course, the AeroPress Go may not be the right fit for everyone, especially if you fall into one of these categories: 

  • Aesthetics are a big deal to you: The AeroPress may offer a great value and plenty of performance, but it doesn’t put a lot of focus on appearance. If you’re looking for a coffee press that’s going to sparkle on your countertop or look great for guests, you may be better off investing in a full-size espresso machine or coffee maker. 
  • You’re brewing coffee for multiple people or drinking multiple cups: One of the most common complaints that AeroPress Go users complain about is the size of the press’ chamber. It’s important to remember that the Go can only brew up to eight ounces at a time, which can make it inconvenient if you’re trying to brew coffee for multiple people (or just like your cups on the larger side). 

AeroPress Go FAQs

aeropress go instructions

Still have questions about the AeroPress Go or how it works? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that people have. 

How much control will I have over brewing my coffee? 

Some coffee drinkers like to control different aspects of their brew so that they can produce certain flavors, but not all coffee makers or presses give you equal control. For the AeroPress Go, you may have some limitations, but you’ll still have a lot of the same control you’d have with traditional coffee makers, you can still tinker with water temperature, steep time, grind size, and even the pressure used for extraction. 

How do I clean the AeroPress Go? 

Full-sized coffee makers or espresso machines can come with time-consuming cleanups, but fortunately, the AeroPress doesn’t fall into that category. The cleaning process for the AeroPress Go is fairly straightforward. 

When you use the grounds, the plunger seal automatically turns them into a compact puck that you can just throw away when you’re done with them. For cleaning the actual chamber on the AeroPress, you only need to wipe it down with a little bit of hot water and a sponge. 

If you need to, you can also use hot water to easily clean other parts of the AeroPress Go  – like the carrying mug, the swizzle stick, or the dosing spoon. 

How much coffee can I brew with the AeroPress Go at one time? 

The AeroPress Go has a capacity of 220 grams of water or just under eight ounces. You can expect to brew up to three shots of espresso with the AeroPress Go or just a single cup of coffee. 

Should I purchase the AeroPress Go if I already have the AeroPress?

If you already have the original AeroPress, it can be a hard call when it comes to deciding if you want to pick up the AeroPress Go as well. 

While the AeroPress Go is an upgrade, these presses are very similar, so it’s usually not necessary to invest in the Go if you already own the original AeroPress. However, if you’re trying to decide between the two, you’ll need to think about what you’re looking for. If portability is your main priority, the AeroPress Go may be the right choice, but if a smaller chamber is a deal breaker, you may want to stick with the original AeroPress. 

AeroPress Go: The Verdict

While the AeroPress Go may lack some of the features you’d get with a full-size coffee press or maker, it performs extremely well as a portable one. If you’re looking for a press that’s easy to travel with and still simple to use when it’s time to brew your coffee, the AeroPress Go is a high-quality, affordable option for a lot of java drinkers. 

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