Keto Coffee

Keto Coffee

Keto Coffee

If you are new to the Keto diet, you’ve probably become quite accustomed to searching for low carb foods and low carb drinks that still taste good. For many, the Keto diet seems to end just as abruptly as it started, with massive amounts of sweet and savory carbs. When I stopped the Keto, I personally went into a Pizza coma, twice. However, for the group that has stuck with a true Keto diet lifestyle, Keto diet coffee is an easy way to add high fat to your diet. 

This method of adding butter to coffee (Keto coffee) is a Keto friendly and delicious way to start your mornings. Keto coffee can be achieved by adding a few tablespoons of butter or cream to your morning cup of coffee, giving you a boost of energy from both the caffeine and the state of Ketosis your body is maintaining. 

Butter in Coffee (Bulletproof coffee)

Does butter in coffee, or “bulletproof coffee”, taste good? It sounds like a strange way to enjoy coffee for most people you ask, especially if your morning typically consists of sipping a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks. Surprisingly, Keto diet coffee with butter added to it is quite delicious. After all, doesn’t adding fat to foods and drinks usually make them taste better?

Not only does adding a few tablespoons of butter make your coffee taste better, it is an easy way to increase your calories from fat (macros) during the day without spiking your daily recommended amount of carbs. It is best to find a coffee that pairs well with butter, we typically recommend a honey processed or all natural coffee like our Maineiac Blend.

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Cream in Coffee

Not everyone enjoys the taste of black coffee or butter coffee, which leads me to the Keto friendly diet of adding cream to your coffee. For those of you that enjoy sipping a latte and are unhappy with the lack of Keto friendly milk options out there at the Grocery Stores, heavy cream is a great milk alternative. Although cream still has a few carbs, it is a great source of fat. If you are looking for a good Keto coffee to pair with the cream, we recommend something rich and bold like our Breakfast Blend.

MCT Oil with Coffee

For those of you that like to enjoy the rich and smooth taste of coffee, taking in all of the subtle flavor nuances, perhaps adding MCT Oil to your coffee is the best Keto diet coffee practice you can stick with. Not only are these MCT Oils odorless and tasteless, they provide high amounts of fat and are one of the quickest sources of energy that your body can metabolize. Now, imagine pairing that with caffeine? It’s no wonder why bulletproof coffee has become the norm.

Peanut Butter Coffee

I knew my Keto diet readers would enjoy this one! Chances are, nuts have become a staple in your Keto diet, so what about drinking them? Adding peanut butter to coffee is something I started doing back in College when I needed the caffeine to stay awake but didn’t have the time to go to the cafeteria. It turns out that it is actually a great way to increase your fat content and an easy way to give coffee more flavor.

Peanut butter coffee can be a little difficult to get the peanut butter to fully dissolve in the hot coffee, so you may want to blend up the peanut butter with a shot of espresso, ice and water for a delicious coffee Keto milkshake. Just keep an eye on your carbs, peanut butter typically has a few grams of added sugar.

Black Coffee (Black Ink)

Perhaps you just are the type that just needs to drink their coffee black. No worries, we completely understand and actually wrote up a good article on why people drink coffee black and how to make better tasting coffee. If you find yourself belonging to this group of coffee drinkers, there is still a way to enjoy Keto coffee. Simply take a shot of cream or butter and chase it down with your hot coffee or cold brew, simple! If you are going to take this approach, we recommend doing it with Black Ink!

Calories in Coffee

If you were not aware already, coffee has next to no calories. In one cup (8 fl oz) of black coffee, there is approximately 1 calorie. There are less calories in coffee than it takes to drink the coffee. Even though coffee has many health benefits, it is not a great source of fat. That is why many Keto dieters tend to add a few tablespoons of sugar or cream to their morning coffee. 

Is Keto Coffee Good For You?

From what we have read from studies, there are plenty of great reasons to give keto coffee a try. Some of these include; increased energy, hightened metabolism, better focus, improved memory, more satiated throughout the day. These are just a few health benefits of drinking Black Ink Keto Coffee!

Is Keto Coffee Bad For You?

Like any diet, you should always consult with a doctor first. If you are pregnant, diabetic or suffer from heart related health problems, it is generally recommended not to try the Keto diet. Also, just because coffee is made of water, that doesn't mean you do not need to drink water. In fact, you need lots of water while doing the keto diet!

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