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Seven Best Ways To Reuse Coffee Grounds

We all love coffee. In American, we drink roughly 400 million cups a day. Therefore, it is no surprise then that we leave behind hundreds of thousands of pounds of coffee grounds, DAILY. So what can you do with all of that waste? Here are seven ways you can, and should be, reusing your leftover coffee grounds! 1. Compost Adding this to your compost will help speed up the decomposing process. It also helps mask the odor of the compost. 2. Deodorizer To piggyback off composting, coffee grounds make great deodorizers. Simply fill a breathable object (cheese cloth, pantyhose, socks, etc.) with dried coffee grounds and place it inside of your dumpster, trash can, fridge, shoes, or even your kids sports bag. 3. Bug...

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You Should Know How Coffee Helped Win A War

We all know coffee is important, it’s how most of you start your mornings. Without this magical elixir, most of us would be unable to get through a single day. But just how important is coffee?  Most of you learned about the Civil War while growing up. Spoiler alert for those of you that did not pay attention in History class, and those that have refused to accept defeat, the Union (North) won. While there were many factors that went into the outcome of the Civil War, there is one anomaly that stands out beyond all others…coffee. Although excessive alcohol use was prevalent on both sides, the North actually valued its coffee just as much as the South valued Whiskey. So much so...

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