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Most of us go to a coffee shop when we want a great latte or cappuccino simply because the barista will almost always perfect the outcome. Espresso requires a certain precision in brewing, along with delicate balances of everything else. So, just having a home espresso machine from our reviews is not always enough. 

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What if you could brew an excellent cup of espresso at home, among other types of espresso based specialty drinks? We've gone through many super automatic espresso machines and discovered the best available on the market. Whether you are looking to open a business, or would like one of these for home, we have chosen the top contenders for you!

  • Easy Maintenance
  • Automatic Tamp
  • Highly Programable
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  • Truly Automated
  • Commercial Volume
  • Touch Display
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  • Budget Friendly
  • One-touch Brewing and Frothing
  • Low Energy Mode
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  • Programmable Profiles
  • Included Milk Container
  • Water Hardness Test Strips
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  • Budget Friendly Commercial Option
  • Two Separate Grinders
  • Automatic Washing
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  • Create Your Own Recipes
  • One Touch LCD Screen
  • Dual Chambers
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  • Compact Design
  • Noise Reduction Feature
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What Is A Super Automatic Espresso Machine?

A super automatic espresso machine is supposed to take the hassle out of learning how to make a good espresso at home. If you have a regular espresso machine, you still have to carefully measure and properly pack your shot into the portafilter by yourself. You might also need to heat your water to a specific temperature on your own, depending on what machine you have. 

Furthermore, if you want more than one cup of espresso, you're going to be at it for a while because you need to clean the portafilter out after every use. So unlike your typical coffee maker, where you can brew multiple cups at once, you have to brew each cup one at a time with many espresso machines. It's not a particularly labor-intensive process, but it takes enough time to be inconvenient for most. 

Super Automatic vs Automatic Espresso Machine

In the early days of espresso, a barista manually pressed a lever to pull the shot. These machines aren't too common anymore, though (but they are still in use in some places). Today, most espresso machines use an automatic pump to pull the shot, and all you have to do is press a button.

There are semi-automatic and automatic machines, but the only real difference between these two is that, on a semi-automatic machine, you still have to stop the flow of water yourself. On an automatic machine, water stops flowing on its own. 

However, you have no control over the timing of your shot with either of these. Now, what's the difference between these and a super automatic espresso machine?

A super automatic espresso machine takes over virtually the entire process. They grind your beans, set up and tamp your portafilter, pull your shot, and if they have the capability, steam or froth your milk for you.

In short, they do everything, while semi-automatic and automatic machines are a lot more hands-on and require a lot more learning to get a good espresso. 

Different Kinds of Espresso Machines

Did you know that there are 15 different varieties of espresso machines on the market? Those varieties are:

  • Water reservoir
  • Direct connect water
  • Volumetric pressure
  • Single boiler
  • Double boiler
  • Heat exchanger
  • Lever
  • Steam-driven
  • Pump-driven
  • Semi-automatic 
  • Automatic 
  • Super-automatic
  • Ultra automatic
  • Pod machines (e.g. Nespresso)
  • Stovetop espresso brewers

You might find that manufacturers can use different combinations of these to achieve their desired quality and effect.  

Why You Should Buy One

automatic espresso shot

Super automatic espresso machines eliminate a lot of work and the learning curve that comes with it by simply automating the process. They're an excellent alternative if you prefer having espresso in the morning rather than regular coffee. These machines produce superior espresso without taking up a ton of time.

With many of these espresso makers, all you have to do is press a button, put a mug under the nozzle, and wait a few minutes. That's it. 

Even better, though, is that you can dilute your brew to resemble coffee or attach a milk-frother and make cappuccinos and lattes that are as good as the espressos you can make. 

These machines do work as fast as a Nespresso. However, Nespresso machines use pods that just can't reproduce the ultra-rich flavor and texture of authentic espresso. You still have to grind the beans, and despite all their flavors, the aroma and taste they produce is a pale imitation of a good espresso.

If you want a genuinely spectacular home-brewed espresso just as quickly as what you get from a Nespresso, then one of these machines may well be worth it for you. 

Best Super Automatic Espresso Machine

These are the seven best super-automatic espresso machines on the market for 2021.

1. Jura E8 Automatic Coffee Machine

Jura E8

For people who want quality and variety, the Jura E8 Automatic Coffee Machine provides precisely that. You don't just get espresso with this. You get 13 other types of coffee, including latte macchiato, flat white, ristretto, cappuccino, and hot water for tea. 

Jura uses a patented Pulse Extraction Process to optimize extraction time for the perfect cup of espresso or whatever else you're brewing. Its one-touch button system allows you to brew your coffee without complicated or time-consuming processes or even so much as moving your cup. 

You also get the following features with the Jura E8:

  • Multi-level aroma grinder
  • Milk system and interchangeable milk spout
  • Aroma preservation cover
  • 15-bar, high-performance pump
  • Programmable, individually adjustable water amounts, and coffee strengths
  • Programmable temperatures for water and brewing
  • Height-adjustable spouts

This is quite possibly one of the most versatile super-automatic espresso machines on the market, and you can get your cup of espresso, cappuccino, or whatever else within 60 seconds. If you're a coffee connoisseur who's picky about what they drink and want it quickly, you might consider checking the Jura E8 out. 


  • Freshly ground rather than put in a pod
  • Automatically tamps down grounds to the perfect amount
  • Gives you water specially heated for brewing green tea in addition to espresso
  • Foam frother included
  • Easy maintenance


  • May require specialized cleaning tablets
  • Cup tray is too narrow for some cups


2. Prontobar Touch 2 Step, $11,799


Prontobar Touch

Up next, we have the Prontobar Touch (2 Step) super automatic espresso machine from Nuova Simonelli. This semi automatic espresso machine produces top-notch espresso experience for any coffee lover. The machine comes with an easy-to-use technology that makes its operation as easy as necessary. It features two coffee grinders that sit on top of the coffee machine and a decaf chute to provide a one-stop ‘shop’ for any coffee lover.

When it comes to technology, the Prontobar Touch (2 Step) by Nuova Simonelli is also one of the best espresso machines. It features a touch screen display. The touch screen display of this super automatic espresso machine makes it very easy to operate while maintaining a polished look and a sleek design. Plus, this espresso machine it is also equipped with different menu options that your barista can easily operate to create the desired outcome.

Concerning operation, the Prontobar Touch (2 Step) super automatic espresso machine from Nuova Simonelli is similar to the Prontobar America (2 Step), as it is also a 2-step coffee machine. 

Main features

  • Super automatic espresso coffee machine
  • Touch display feature
  • 2-step coffee feature
  • Two coffee grinders
  • user friendly


3. Gaggia Anima Prestige Automatic Coffee Machine


Gaggia Anima

Gaggia says, "Bring the cafe home," when presenting its Anima Prestige Automatic Coffee Machine. Despite the last part of its name, this is a top-of-the-line super-automatic espresso machine perfect for brewing that perfect cup of espresso right in your kitchen.

It's smaller than both the Jura E8 and the Saeco Xelsis, but bigger isn't always better. It's tall and thin, giving you space for both your regular coffee mug and your travel thermos. Simultaneously, the Gaggia Anima helps save space in your kitchen while still producing the espresso, latte, cappuccino, longo, or even regular old coffee if that's what you want.

You also get a 60-ounce removable water reservoir for easy access and cleaning and an 8.8-ounce bean hopper. You get some other great features, too:

  • Optiarroma brewing system gives you the ability to choose anywhere between 6.5 and 11.5 grams of coffee to grind for the perfect strength brew
  • Five different settings for fineness
  • Wand for adding air to your milk for creating cappuccino froth
  • Automatic alert when the unit needs cleaning
  • Bypass doser allows for perfect pre-ground brewing

Anyone looking for a less-expensive but high-quality super-automatic espresso machine that's suitable for smaller kitchen spaces should give the Gaggia Anima a try.


  • One-touch brewing and frothing
  • Bright LED display
  • Removable brew group for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Low-energy standby mode
  • Learning system makes it easier to brew your favorite beverages every time


  • Only brews one cup at a time
  • Takes time to learn how to steam milk with the steam wand


4. Saeco Xelsis Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

Saeco Xelsis

The Saeco Xelsis Super-Automatic Espresso Machine has the company's largest sealed-bean container yet. At 450 mg, you get the advantage of putting a lot of beans in the machine without losing aroma and freshness.

Like the Jura E8, you get 15 different kinds of coffee, including trend coffees, espressos, cappuccinos, and regular coffee, all enhanced with the freshness only a sealed-bean container could produce. 

However, Saeco's extraction process extracts not only the coffee flavor, but also other flavors like chocolate, spicy, and even sweet, nutty, and floral flavors. 

Other features include:

  • Removable brewing unit for visual cleanliness inspection
  • Interactive touch-screen display for customization
  • Ability to store up to six different profiles for personal taste preferences
  • LattePerfetto system for fine milk froth
  • Water hardness test strips
  • Milk container
  • Brew group greaser

This is an excellent super-automatic espresso machine that could suit every coffee drinker in your house. And better yet, nobody will have to reset the machine for themselves since it stores everyone's personal profiles.


  • Can clean up to 5,000 times before needing descaling
  • Cleaning system also removes 99.99 percent of all milk residue
  • Ceramic grinders ensure 20,000 cups of coffee beverages before wearing out
  • Double temperature blocks dedicated to both brewing and steaming
  • Front-access water tank


  • Very expensive, even for a super-automatic espresso machine
  • Takes up a lot of counter space


5. Prontobar America 2 Step, $9,499 

Prontobar America

from semi automatic to fully automatic, we begin with the Prontobar America (2 Step) from Nuova Simonelli is a semi automatic espresso machine. Easily one of the best commercial espresso machines, it is built to impress both customers and baristas alike.

This espresso machine comes with an easy to use technology that allows the barista to continuously create the perfect cup of coffee throughout the day. It comes with two grinders that rest on top of the coffee machine. It also features an LCD display, which makes it possible to operate your coffee machine with none of the hustle that other commercial espresso machines come with.

Because convenience is important to Nuova Simonelli, the Prontobar America (2 Step) commercial espresso machine has been designed to be incredibly compact. That makes it possible to use on counters with very limited space. 

As its name suggests, this is 2-step and one of the best espresso machines. It makes use of an in-built auto steam and milk steaming to create flat whites, cappuccinos, or high-quality lattes. It also features a metal-thermo delivery group, which offers impressive temperature control for your hot water. Plus, if you hate noise, this automatic commercial grade device comes with a quite-operation pump.

Main features

  • LCD display
  • Different coffee drink buttons
  • Automatic washing programming
  • Automatic on and off time setting
  • Features two grinders
  • hot water temperature control and steam wands


6. DeLonghi Eletta Digital Super-Automatic Machine

DeLonghi Eletta Digital

If you're looking for something that will give you everything from the perfect espresso to an Italian macchiato, check out DeLonghi's Eletta Digital Super-Automatic Machine. In addition to the richest, most aromatic, most delicious espresso, it also produces exceptionally thick and long-lasting foam for your other beverages.

You can design your whole beverage experience with a single touch due to the integrated milk container. Don't worry that you'll waste milk because the container is detachable. 

The control panel gives you a milk menu, among other things, in a whopping 16 languages, and you can use it to create your own milk drinks as well as for cappuccino and other beverages.

This is a small, streamlined super-automatic espresso machine that can make 14 single-shot or seven double-shot espressos and has some other excellent features, too:

  • The "My Milk" option gives you the ability to create your own recipes
  • Spouts for hot chocolate and plain hot water for tea included
  • Burr grinder has adjustable settings to ensure ultra-fresh grounds every time
  • Brew unit can be easily set for one or two shots
  • System allows you to customize virtually every cup
  • Programmable for water hardness

This is a fantastic option for people who want a lot of options in a small package. Its versatility is pretty much unmatched.


  • No wait time for reheating - it's ready every time you want another cup
  • One-touch intuitive metal display and control panel
  • Ability to program all your favorite beverages
  • Can hold 14 ounces of coffee beans
  • Use whole beans in one chamber and coffee grounds in another


  • It produces limited beverages compared to other machines
  • Grinder clogs more easily than it should


    7. Talento America 2 Step, $15,799

    Talento America

    Talento America (2 Step) also from Nuova Simonelli is the final entry onto our list of best automatic machines. If you are looking for a commercial espresso machine or coffee maker that is certain to keep your customers returning for more, then you’re probably looking for the Talento America (2 Step) from Nuova Simonelli. 

    This super automatic espresso machine can take hundreds of espressos or cappuccinos per hour, which will help to significantly reduce your customers waiting time. It is a perfect fit for either a coffee shop or a restaurant used to having a lot of traffic. 

    The Talento America (2 Step) commercial espresso coffee machine features a two-step function and two coffee grinder system. These functions make it possible for a barista to have complete control over the milk steaming process while brewing up an espresso shot. This user friendly espresso machine also comes in a compact design that makes it very small enough to be an ideal size for any coffee shop, as it does not take up much space.

    Built to last, the Talento espresso machine measures about 16 inches width and is crafted with aluminum stainless steel and a copper double boiler, all wrapped up in a strong, stainless steel body. 

    Main features

    • Reduce noise operation
    • ease of use
    • Stainless steel body and frame
    • Copper double boiler feature
    • Compact design and easy operation
    • Reliable technology with LCD display


    Things To Consider When Buying a Super Automatic Espresso Machine

    espresso portafilter

    These are high-quality, complex machines that aren't exactly cheap, and you might be confused about what to look for before buying one. Here are some things you should take into account when shopping for one.

    Removable and Non-Removable Brew Group Methods

    Whether or not you want a machine with a removable or non-removable brew group depends heavily on how much cleaning you're willing to do. Non-removable brew groups are cleaned and maintained inside the machine, preventing outside contaminants from getting in.

    However, a removable brew group not only lets you visually inspect it to see if it's clean, but you may be able to clean it outside the machine. 

    Most super-automatic espresso machines are self-cleaning, and many, including some we've listed here, even have automatic anti-scaling and milk-residue eliminating functions. When trying to decide what kind of brew group you want, the main difference is peace of mind regarding how clean the machine is.


    If you're especially discerning when it comes to your coffee beverages, then how customizable a machine is will probably matter a lot to you. Some machines have more customizing settings than others, giving you more control over what you brew.

    Some also allow you to program your own drinks, including one we've covered in this article. However, keep in mind that the more customizable something is, the more expensive it's likely to be. So if you don't want to spend a ton of money for customization features you probably won't use, then it's a secondary concern for you.


    This is different from customization in that you would program a super-automatic espresso machine to grind your beans to a specific size, the water and brew temperatures, and shot strength. 

    The two do overlap, but customization features allow a lot more fine-tuning and flat-out experimentation than the programmability features you find in many less-expensive machines. 

    Cleaning and Maintenance

    Manufacturers of super-automatic espresso machines specifically make them easy to maintain, so cleaning is a breeze. They want to keep things as hands-off as possible for you.

    What kind of cleaning and maintenance are you willing to do, and what level of automatic cleaning are you comfortable with? These can be sticky areas (no pun intended) because everyone has different feelings about ensuring cleanliness. 

    In general, if you don't want to have to worry about too much cleaning, particularly after each use, you want a machine that has the following:

    • Water filtration system
    • Non-removable brew group
    • Automatic purging for the steam wand
    • Easily removable grounds boxes and drip trays
    • Automatic purging for the milk carafe

    Many manufacturers also sell cleaning tablets that are specifically designed to clean and descale the inside without leaving soapy residues. Your machine will probably need these kinds of cleanings periodically, even if you run its clean cycles daily. 

    However, the fact that these tablets even exist makes your life a lot easier. 

    Bean Hopper and Water Tank Capacity

    The size of the water tank, the bean hopper, and the milk carafe are often among the significant differences between one super-automatic espresso machine and another. These determine how much espresso (or other coffee beverage) you can produce before you need to refill the machine.

    If you're at home and drink coffee all day, or you have several people in your household who all drink coffee in the morning, you want a machine that has larger bean hoppers and water tanks. The more often you have to refill these, the longer it takes to make all the cups of brew you want.

    This is all about your personal needs. If you're buying one just for you, or only one or two people in your household drink just one or two cups at home, a smaller machine should work just fine for you.


    The best temperature for espresso extraction runs between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. You want it to be roughly 165 degrees in your cup. 

    The heat loss occurs mainly in the air, the brew group, and your cup. If you buy a machine that doesn't extract at the proper temperature, you won't get a good espresso to begin with, and it will also be too cool when you go to drink it, further degrading its quality.

    Be sure you're buying a machine that advertises its extraction and brewing temperatures, so you know what you're getting. You can help mitigate this by heating your mug before you pour.

    What Are You Going To Drink Most Often?

    That's possibly the most important question when buying one of these machines. If you're planning on drinking a lot of lattes or want a lot of froth for cappuccinos, get a machine that will make milk-based drinks, and that has a frothing wand if possible. 

    If you want to make every type of cappuccino, ristretto, or other coffee drink imaginable, then look for one with a lot of programming and customizing features. 

    Likewise, if you have several people in your household who all have their own preferred drinks, find one that allows you to create and save profiles. That way, everyone can make whatever they want with just one touch of a button, and the only hassle is the line going out your kitchen door.

    Bells and Whistles

    What else is there, and how do you determine which machine with what accessories you want? Perhaps you aren't well versed on espresso drinks and need to understand the differences between espresso vs coffee.

    Steaming Wand

    Some super-automatic espresso machines come with milk steamers, taking the labor out of that process for you. However, if you want a less expensive option, you can skip the steaming wand and other steamers.

    Milk Frother

    If you're going to make a lot of cappuccinos, lattes, and other milk beverages, you want a machine that has a frother. However, producing the correct type of froth takes practice even when you have something to do it for you. 

    In this instance, what you're likely to make most often should be one of the determining factors on the machine you ultimately purchase.

    Cup Warmer

    As we discussed earlier, a warm cup helps you get the best espresso possible. Some higher-end machines come with a cup warmer, so you don't have to heat it in the microwave or with hot water before you pour your espresso. 

    You also have the benefit of warming your cup right there, so it spends less time cooling off in the air.

    What About Refurbished Machines?

    Many times you'll see manufacturer-refurbished models of espresso machines alongside brand-new ones. 

    The question probably in your mind is what quality you get with a refurbished machine. Generally, though, when you get one of these, you're both saving money and getting a good machine that a factory has restored, so there's no worry about dirt, biofilm, or even whether you've bought a lemon.

    You can also look around to find the price for refurbished machines if you can't find them at your local appliance or big box store. If they exist, you can save hundreds of dollars and get a much higher-end machine than you thought you could afford.

    How To Use An Espresso Machine

    We get it, not every espresso machine is the same, especially if you are using one of these super automated machines. So, it is important to understand the core principles behind how they operate. Knowing how to use an espresso machine will ensure that a delicious and consistent shot finds it's way to your cup.

    How To Make Espresso

    Knowing how an espresso machine operates is great, but knowing how to make espresso is an entirely different process. Check out our guide on how to make espresso if you find yourself struggling to perfect your craft. Of course, you could just purchase an automated machine, but if you decide to get one that requires some manual interactions, you should know how to perfect your espresso.

    Final Thoughts

    If you want a great espresso, cappuccino, latte, macchiato, or other coffee beverage, you can get them with super-automatic espresso machines. They take all the work out of making espresso and other coffee drinks for you, making a good morning cup of your favorite beverage far easier than it otherwise might be.

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