Robusta Coffee: Are Highly Caffeinated Robusta Beans Worth Trying?

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Selling quality, rich coffee blends is simple if you choose Robusta beans. Robusta coffee beans have high caffeine content and still produce a smooth and delicious taste. We'll detail why these coffee beans are so unique, from production to flavor to price. With these new beans alongside arabica, there's so much you can do to make the best possible drink.

These coffee beans are typically used in espresso, instant coffee, and blends. With skillful production and a knowledgeable roaster, Robusta beans can stand firmly on their own as a wonderful cup of coffee.

Here at Blank Ink Coffee, we want to provide amazing wholesale coffee to as many businesses as we can and help them create the perfect products for consumers. If you're looking into our wholesale beans and want to try something new, consider checking out our Robusta coffee.

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What is Robusta Coffee?

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Robusta is comes from Coffea canephora. It is one of the two main species of coffee, along with arabica. While native to West Africa, this plant is grown in many parts of the world. It's most often cultivated in the Eastern hemisphere, primarily in Vietnam. Major growers are also based in Indonesia, India, and central Africa.

This coffee can grow in a robust variety of climates, which is why the plant is commonly called Robusta. Climates Robusta can grow in a range from humid to dry. These coffee beans are more resistant to the sun than arabica beans and do better in hot temperatures. Robusta is a hearty plant. Growing is easier than other coffee beans.

The coffee beans can grow in low altitudes or dry soil without any issues. Robusta beans are also less susceptible to pests and disease than other Arabica beans. The plant's protection against pests is in part due to its high caffeine content. This species of coffee is not impacted by coffee rust, a fungus that kills the leaves and fruit of other coffee varieties.

Coffee rust is an economically disastrous fungus for coffee growers and sellers. Quarantining arabica is extremely difficult, and the fungus has reached almost every coffee-growing region in the world.

At Blank Ink Coffee we inspect every single pallet of coffee that we sell is carefully vetted for quality.

Is Robusta Coffee Expensive?

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Since it can grow in a wider variety of climates and the coffee cherries can be harvested sooner than arabica, these beans a typically less expensive than their arabica cousins. Globally, Robusta is significantly cheaper than arabica per bag. Robusta is one of the most inexpensive coffees, and makes up about 30% of coffee on the market.

Due to how hearty the crop is, less money and resources are spent making sure it produces fruit. The crop won't have to endure disease or pests related to low caffeine quantities. This makes it a useful coffee to have at your company. Whether you're exhibiting how exquisite a coffee with a perfect roast can taste, or using it to mix decadent coffees customers will love it.

Of course, the price will vary depending on the producer and roaster, however, it's safe to say coffee Robusta is typically not as expensive as coffee arabica.

At Blank Ink Coffee we're proud of our flexible pricing plans, so your business can get the best possible beans for the best possible price. Since we're so proud of our product, we know that whatever type of coffee you choose, it will be worth the cost.

How Does Robusta Coffee Taste?


Robusta coffee is widely used in espresso blends and coffee blends. Some people find the coffee tastes bitter, but if it is roasted and handled properly the end result is full-bodied and delicious.

Robusta coffee is chlorogenic. The high caffeine content does impact the flavor. It's not as warm or dark as arabica, but offers a bright flavor, and contains notes of chocolate.

Search no further for the perfect espresso. The caffeine and chocolate notes are why this coffee is so suited to espresso compared to other coffee beans. Plus, these coffee beans will produce more frothy crema when blended into fine powders.

What Is Robusta Coffee Used For?

Crema is the fragrant and bubbly top that forms when you pour a shot of espresso. These bubbles are formed with beans are perfectly ground into a fine mixture that allows for lots of airflow. It's indicative of fresh, expensive coffee, and Robusta is naturally inclined to producing a beautiful crema on top of the espresso. We eat first with our eyes, and seeing a delectable foam head is sure to make the perfect latte or flat white even more enjoyable.

Since our coffee is roasted to order, it will always look fresh and delicious when you make that pour. Customers of our wholesale beans know that these beans work perfectly for all of their needs and that consumers love our products.

In a similar vein to perfect espresso, these coffee beans also make fantastic instant coffee. Most Robusta beans on the market will be used to make instant coffee because it's so well suited to this usage. Instant coffee generally tastes weaker than a proper brew, so the bitter taste is lost on the consumer. However, Robusta beans don't need to be ground into powders to taste amazing.

Some great uses of Robusta coffee include:

  • at home beans
  • flavorful shots in a brewed cup
  • milky drinks like lattes or cappuccinos
  • energizing americanos

Can Coffee Robusta Be Used Like Arabica?

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Robusta coffee can also be used in a similar way to arabica coffee. You might want to take some special considerations due to the difference in taste, but these beans are functionally the exact same. There's no need to fret about grinding or brewing. Simply make coffee you know your customers will love.

This is in part because the Robusta offered by Blank Ink Coffee is gourmet. Gourmet Robusta offers a strong taste, so for regular brewing, this coffee is most enjoyable with milk and sugar. It can even be used to create a coffee blend and is useful for morning blends with lots of caffeine.

Flavored coffee works wonderfully using Robusta beans since the chocolatey or vanilla flavors complement the bright beans and can reduce any bitterness the consumer might taste. If your business is known for sweet French vanilla, then that might be an ideal place to start using Robusta.

Since these beans are so caffeinated, they work best for early morning blends. Robusta beans would need to be perfectly balanced with other species of beans to create a mid-day or evening coffee.

Is Starbucks Coffee Arabica or Robusta?

Starbucks uses Arabica coffee for all of its products. The brand is loyal to certain producers and chooses not to use Robusta beans. Don't let deter you from using Robusta coffee beans.

Oftentimes espresso that uses arabica beans will actually blend with Robusta beans to increase the caffeine content and help create the sought-after foamy top. So if you have a favorite java brand you may want to look into their blend, Robusta is often found in the most unlikely places.

Starbucks may be popular, but they're not the only popular company or brand. Building up your own line with dedicated coffee-lovers will always make an end product that looks, smells, feels, and tastes like a cup of gold.

Here at Blank Ink Coffee, we're not Starbucks. We're veteran-owned, we're passionate, and we want to brew the best cup of joe you can find.

Is Robusta Coffee Good?

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At Black Ink, we believe coffee is king. Robusta coffee is a reliable, versatile coffee that packs caffeine and flavor for an affordable price. If you like to get a coffee buzz, enjoy a perfect cup of the good stuff, and give your customers a new option for their early morning nectar then Robusta coffee is great.

We love this coffee because of how accessible it is for large and small businesses alike. The delicate dance of pricing isn't as difficult when you know a more inexpensive wholesale bean will deliver the quality your businesses relies on.

Simply put, Robusta coffee is more than good.

Verdict on Robusta Beans

Ultimately arabica and Robusta are both fantastic beans. However, giving Robusta coffee a chance and contacting us if you have any questions can open up a wonderful world of canephora. Consider using this robust species of bean if you are on the market for an option that is inexpensive and versatile, look no further.

There are many benefits to including the mighty Robusta bean in your line of quality, rich coffees. Trying some delicious blends for yourself will open your eyes if you still stand unconvinced. Don't let arabica's popularity fool you, a component and dedicated team from growers to roasters to baristas can make all kinds of coffee taste delicious. What matters most isn't always the species of coffee bean, but the passion of people who love coffee.

Here at Black Ink Coffee, we're dedicated to the perfect cup of artisanal coffee. Our standards are always strict, and we specialize in affordable coffee with specialty quality.

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