Nespresso Vertuo Next Review: Why You Should Consider Buying One

nespresso vertuo next review

Are you looking for a compact, single-cup brewer that makes an excellent cup of coffee? When you’re short on space but unwilling to compromise the flavor and texture, you may want to consider a Nespresso Vertuo Next. In case you missed our Nespresso Espresso Machine roundup guide, this model came in second!

Thanks to innovative brewing technology, this Nespresso machine offers a break from the bulky. The sleek Vertuo Next was made to fit any kitchen or home office so that the next delicious caffeine boost is never far away. Does the machine live up to the hype? We think it’s worth a look and we explain why in our complete Nespresso Vertuo Next Review.

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Nespresso Vertuo Next

nespresso vertuo next

Nespresso makes several brewing machines, but the Vertuo Next is the smallest one in the Vertuo line. Don’t let its size fool you, though! The Nespresso Vertuo Next is surprisingly versatile with the ability to manage six different cup sizes to meet your caffeine needs.

This machine has some next-level features despite the low-profile design. We think it’s an excellent option for coffee-drinkers dealing with space limitations, but we know that it may not work for everyone. We hope that this review will help you determine if there’s room in your life for this sleek little machine. 


  • Width: 5.5 inches
  • Depth: 16.8 inches
  • Height: 12.4 inches
  • Water Tank Capacity: 37 ounces

Before we take a deep dive into this machine, let’s run over the basics that set the Vertuo Next apart from the rest.

✅ The slim design fits almost anywhere without occupying too much valuable countertop or tabletop space.

✅ Available in several colors to match any decor.

✅ Brews coffee in six different cup sizes to meet your caffeine needs.

✅ The removable water tank makes refills easy.

✅ Not only does it look chic, but it’s also 54% recycled plastic!

🚫 It may not satisfy heavy coffee drinkers who down multiple cups per day.

The Nespresso Brand

The Nespresso brand operates as a subsidiary of the Nestle Group. Based in Switzerland, the company started its journey toward producing amazing coffee during the 1970s. The Swiss company sought to create a true coffeehouse experience in the comfort of your home without compromising quality, texture, or flavor.

Nestle patented its coffee capsule brewing system in 1976, but the complicated machine wasn’t market-ready until a decade later. Originally marketed for offices due to their size, the Nespresso machines found a customer base in Japan, Switzerland, Italy, and France.

By 1990, the Nespresso machines took off when Nestle contracted with Tumix to sell their product. As the brand grew, technology led to multiple enhancements and high-end features to improve the user experience. 

2014 marked the release of the first Vertuoline machines in Canada and the United States. These systems could brew various coffee and espresso drinks of different sizes. Though the Vertuo line isn’t compatible with the Original line, it’s not usually seen as an issue since they appeal to unique demographics.

Nespresso Vertuo Next Review

nespresso vertuo next reviews

You probably want to know a little more about the Nespresso Vertuo Next before investing in one for your home or office space. Can it handle your coffee drinking needs? Will it truly fit in that snug space? We broke down the major aspects, including performance and value for the money to help you decide.

The chances are good that this little machine will look great and fit perfectly in almost any space. We based our review on personal experience and feedback from others familiar with the Nespresso Vertuo Next.  

Features 4.5/5 rating

This machine is small but mighty. You get a lot of special features for such a compact design, including some automatic capabilities. The Vertuo next automatically adapts cup size, pressure, temperature, and brewing time for each capsule you use. It also features an auto-shut-off after two minutes.

Brew coffee or espresso in multiple sizes, including espresso or double espresso shots, coffee in three sizes (five, eight, or fourteen ounces), or an eighteen-ounce carafe. The removable drip tray has four settings to accommodate your cup size.

The system heats up in less than thirty seconds and features an energy-saving mode. Perhaps one of the neatest features is the descaling alarm that alerts you when it’s time to clean the machine. 

Nespresso also features several upgrade options for the Vertuo Next. You can select an upgraded model to tap into additional design features or add accessories, like a descaling kit or milk frother.

Ease of Use 5/5

When you need your caffeine fix fast, call on the Nespresso Vertuo Next. It’s exceptionally easy to set up and your coffee brews with the touch of a button. Plus, since it uses Nespresso capsules, you don’t have to worry about grinding or measuring. 

It would take a lot of effort to mess up a cup of coffee or espresso with this machine. Pop in the capsule of your choosing, close the lever, press the button, and your job is done. Other than refilling the water reservoir and adding a new coffee capsule, there’s not much to do to score a decadent drink.

Even the routine maintenance couldn’t be easier. You only have to empty the used capsule storage after ten uses, and occasionally descale the machine following the manufacturer’s directions.

You can even download an app on your phone and connect via WiFi and Bluetooth technology to monitor important stats, like water levels and descaling. It’s convenient and helps you keep your machine functioning better.

Design 4.5/5

Aside from a slim profile that can slide in almost anywhere, the Vertuo Next makes use of every inch. The clean design fits with minimalist lifestyles and allows you to brew multiple options in one machine instead of several.  

There aren’t many components because it’s a pod-based brewing machine, but it uses adjustable features and automation to capitalize on the slim design. You don’t have to flip levers or manage buttons to select your coffee type because the machine does that for you by reading the capsule’s barcode. Then, adjust the tray level to use different cup sizes. 

One of the main selling points is the material choice because Nespresso chose to use 54% recycled plastic. While you may expect that to impact the machine’s style, the Vertuo Next is just as chic as the rest of the line. You can even create a custom look in your space, or select a color scheme that blends into the background.

Value for the Money 4.5/5

Assessing value for the money gets complicated with most single-cup coffee systems because you have to consider more than the machine. Unlike traditional drip machines or french presses, you have to consider the cost of individual pods. Most single-serve systems produce significant waste with each pod, and they can also cost more on the front end.

That said, the Nespresso Vertuo Next comes in at a better value than most single-serve machines for a few reasons. First, you have multiple choices for capsules and it still works out to less per cup than you pay at a coffee house. Second, the company offers a capsule recycling system for free. You also get a one-year warranty with your Nespresso Vertuo Next purchase. 

There’s something to be said for sipping cafe-quality coffee from the comfort of your home for a fraction of the price.

Performance 4/5

Rich, smooth, delicious coffee at the press of a button seems like a fairytale, but it’s possible with the Nespresso Vertuo Next. You certainly get several capsule options to meet your needs, including flavored coffees. Each capsule’s barcode tells the machine what to brew, and that seems to work just fine. 

The Nespresso Vertuo Next uses a centrifugal brewing system like the others in this line. This system ensures that every bit of coffee flavor makes its way into your cup in the best possible way. You even get a smooth crema finish to give it that coffeehouse look and feel.

One of the key performance points that won us over was the time it took to brew a cup. The system heats up in less than thirty seconds and delivers a sufficiently hot cup of coffee in seconds.

You get delicious coffee just how you like it. Most of the time.

One of the few drawbacks we found with this machine is that it can be inconsistent. Looking beyond the struggles with setting up the WiFi and Bluetooth features, the Vertuo Next doesn’t perform well if you don’t use it daily. Even if you do use the machine regularly, it may randomly stop working for some reason. Thankfully, there’s plenty of troubleshooting support floating around, and most issues are easy fixes.

Don’t Buy a Nespresso Vertuo Next If…

nespresso vertuo next premium

Though this system is sleek and versatile, it may not be the best option for everyone. 

1. You Prefer Coffee By the Pot

Some people relish the smell of drip coffee brewing and prefer large batches. If you have several coffee drinkers in your household or office that love the same style and flavor, a single-serve system may not make the most sense.

Even though you could accommodate varying schedules by using the Vertuo Next, and save on space, it could be too costly to be effective. Likewise, multi-cup coffee drinkers may find it irritating to use the Vertuo Next as opposed to those who only have one or two cups per day.

2. You Need a More Affordable Brewing Option

Nespresso systems cost more than many other coffee brewing systems. You can pick up a French Press coffee maker or a drip coffee maker for a fraction of the price. Plus, while the capsules make it cheaper than heading to a cafe, they can cost more than buying bulk coffee.

3. You Prefer Milk-Heavy Coffees

Though you can add on a milk frother, it’s not included in the base machine. If you love cappuccinos and lattes, the Nespresso Vertuo Next can deliver a quality espresso shot, but not the hot, frothy milk base. 

How to Brew with the Nespresso Vertuo Next

vertuo next with aerocina

There’s not much involved in brewing a cup of coffee with the Vertuo Next. Fill the water tank and make sure it’s in the proper position. Turn on your machine and set the cup support at the proper level for your cup. 

The light blinks while the machine heats up. Once it stops blinking and turns solid, you can insert a capsule. Be careful not to touch any of the sharp points or catch your fingers when you close the dome. 

Place a cup on the tray and push the button to start the brew cycle. You'll know the brew cycle is done when the steady light turns on.

If you want to stop the flow early, you can do so by pressing the button. You can also top off and finish the cycle by pushing the button again. Note that the coffee flow doesn’t stop or start immediately when you use this feature.

Troubleshooting the Nespresso Vertuo Next

1. The Machine Doesn’t Start and Light Keeps Blinking.

Check the handle first to make sure it’s locked and make sure you have a fresh coffee capsule inserted properly. Monitor the light for clues to the cause:

  • 1 blink and pause indicates that your water tank is empty.
  • 2 blinks and then steady on means there’s a user error.
  • 2 blinks and a pause suggests a machine error.
  • 3 blinks and a steady light indicates a descaling problem.
  • Orange pulsing down tells you the machine overheated.

If this issue occurs during cleaning, descaling, or emptying your system it could mean there is a capsule inserted that’s interfering with the process. Remove the capsule, close the compartment, lock the machine and try again.

When the light suggests a user or machine error, and resetting each part of the machine doesn’t correct the problem, follow these steps. Unlock the handle, open the machine head, and replace the capsule. Unplug the cord for ten seconds then plug it back in. Close the machine head, turn the power on, and lock the lever. Press the button again to start brewing.

2. The Machine Leaks or Coffee Flow is Erratic

Check your water tank to make sure it’s properly positioned and undamaged. Inspect the tank valve connection, cup support, and drip tray for issues.

If you cannot resolve your issues, contact Nespresso support for assistance.

Its Competitors

In the coffee world, everyone has competition. As a slim, single-serve coffee system, the Vertuo Next’s closest competition is from Keurig. Both the K-Compact and K-Mini come in at lower price points and slightly slimmer designs, but they lack the Vertuo Next’s versatility. 

Further, you can only brew regular coffee with both Keurig machines, meaning you would need an entirely separate machine for espresso drinks. Even if the Keurig models cost slightly less at the front end, they can cost more in the long run, especially if you love your lattes!

Final Verdict

nespresso vertuo next pods

The Nespresso Vertuo Next is a gorgeous, multi-purpose machine with promise. You can easily brew a variety of coffees in different sizes. This machine makes it possible to have your coffee and your espresso too. Plus, it’s a low-profile design that fits anywhere. 

Even if you like a drip coffee pot for bulk brews, it could be a bonus system for when you crave a latte or afternoon pick-me-up without brewing a whole pot. Given the recycling program and the use of recycled plastic in each machine, you can feel good about the sustainability of this single-serve system.

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