Nespresso Lattissima Pro Review: What the reviews say about the Pro

Nespresso Lattissima Pro Review

No matter how you like your coffee, the Nespresso Lattissima Pro is a wonderful addition to your kitchen. Coffee enthusiasts and non-coffee drinkers alike can benefit from many of the features included in this appliance. For that reason, we bring to you our very own Nespresso Lattissima Pro review.

Although we did not include the Nespresso Pro in our review guide, it is still an exceptional machine. With a wide range of functions to suit all of your hot drink related needs, a simple-yet-pleasant design, and plenty of delicious flavors of Nespresso capsules to choose from, this is a unique coffee maker that will fit perfectly in your kitchen, college dorm, or breakroom. 

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Nespresso Lattissima Pro Review

Nespresso Lattissima Pro

Not sure which Nespresso machine is right for you? Not to worry, we have put together this review of the five key categories for buying any home appliance. From the design, ease of use and build quality, to the features, price and performance!

Design and Build Quality - 5/5 ⭐

The Nespresso Lattissima Pro has a sleek stainless steel design. Its simple grey and black appearance is pleasing to the eye and will suit kitchens of any color scheme. 

Every aspect of its appearance serves a purpose, so it is simple, easy to navigate, and doesn’t have a bunch of gaudy accessories. 

The design of this coffee maker is notably modern. Every process is done entirely on a simple touch screen. It even comes with a built-in LED light underneath the water dispenser. It also has a detachable metal catch tray to capture any drips or splashes from your mug. 

With dimensions of 10.8 x 7.6 x 13 inches, it does not take up a lot of space, so you probably won’t struggle to find a place for it on your countertop. 

In addition to its metallic appearance, the Lattissima Pro is incredibly sturdy. As long as you use it properly, you can expect this coffee maker to remain a staple of your kitchen for years on end. 

Performance - 4/5 ⭐

One thing you can guarantee with the Nespresso Lattissima Pro is its speed. The process of turning it on, setting everything up, and having a delicious cup of ready-to-drink coffee is all finished in just a few minutes. 

Espressos, lattes, and cappuccinos are just among a few of the delicious drinks this coffee maker has to offer. The quality of these drinks is consistently good, too. 

With a range of easy-to-navigate functions and automatic cleaning processes, coffee making can be easier than ever. 

Easy to use - 5/5 ⭐

This machine’s settings should be easy to navigate. Even people with limited knowledge of modern technology should have an easy time making their daily coffee. 

First, make sure that the water tank is filled; if you plan to use the frother, add your choice of milk to that as well. 

Then, place the capsule in the chamber and close it up. Place your mug under the hot water spout. 

Select your preference of beverage on the Lattissima Pro control panel, and the machine will handle the rest from there. 

This coffee maker will also remember the last setting you used, so you won’t have to re-enter it again next time you make some coffee. If you’re someone who prefers the same drink every day, navigating this system will be even more simple! 

Features - 4.5/5 ⭐

The Nespresso Lattissima Pro comes with a wide range of fun and practical features. Whether it’s for your morning coffee or hot cocoa for your children, you can expect consistent coffee quality in every cup. 

Automatic Milk Frother 

You’ll no longer need to visit a coffee shop to get warm milk froth in your favorite latte. With a built-in milk frother, this machine can give you the satisfying taste of your regular cafe orders from the comfort of your own home. 

Pressure Pump 

This high pressure pump is essential in ensuring the maximum flavor in every cup of coffee. It punctures the coffee pod and extracts every bit of flavor from the ground coffee inside. 


A thermoblock heating system enables a rapid heat up time for this coffee machine. As opposed to traditional boilers, which spend a lot of time heating up the whole water reservoir at once, the thermoblock system heats up the water for your drink as it goes through the system so that it can quickly reach its boiling point. 

Automatic Shut-Off 

You’ll never have to worry about leaving the coffee pot on again. If nobody has touched the Lattissima Pro in over nine minutes, it will shut itself off automatically. 

This energy saving function will not only save power, but it will also prevent the machine from overheating and starting fires. 

Used Pod Container 

Unlike many espresso machines that use pods, you don’t need to worry about disposing of them in between every use. The Lattissima Pro comes with a built-in container that stores used Nespresso pods so that you can dispose of them all at once. This way, you will only need to change it after every 16 uses. 

Adjustments for cup sizes 

The distance between the drip tray and the hot water spout on the Nespresso Lattissima Pro is pretty big, so most of your coffee mugs should fit underneath it just fine. 

For your smaller mugs, there is also an adjustable fold-down grate that can hold them closer to the spout and prevent boiling water from splashing all over. 

Water hardness 

This coffee maker can allow you to adjust the hardness of your water -- or in other words, it can add extra calcium and magnesium. Hard water can have a range of health benefits. 

To add extra minerals to the water that goes into your hot drinks, simply tap the “Water Hardness” option on the touchscreen and go from there. 

Value for money - 3/5 ⭐

It’s no secret that the Lattissima Pro is far from a cheap investment. Depending on where you purchase yours, it can reach a few hundred dollars. However, over time, this coffee machine can begin to pay for itself. 

The average person spends a good chunk of their income on coffee from restaurants; the Nespresso Lattissima Pro has a wide range of features that will ensure equal (or better!) quality drinks at a lower price, thus eliminating the need for these additional costs. 

Every machine also comes with a set of free Nespresso capsules in a variety of flavors. If you’re someone who doesn’t like wasting money on flavors you might end up disliking, this is the perfect chance to discover and expand your tastes. 

This coffee maker is very durable, so as long as you are carefully following the instructions, you shouldn’t have to worry about paying to repair it. Other coffee makers can break down easily, and you may end up spending more money over time replacing them. Fortunately, you can expect your Nespresso to work dutifully for years on end. 

Lattissima Pro Overview

Nespresso Lattissima Pro Reviews

Before you read any further, here are a few basic pros and cons of the Nespresso Lattissima Pro. We will elaborate in more detail on these individual points later on. 


  • A fast heat up system thanks thermoblock technology 
  • A wide range of drink flavors to choose from 
  • Eco-friendly options 
  • A simple, modern design 
  • Easy to navigate 
  • Energy saving functions 
  • Lots of drink customization options 
  • Can adapt to mugs of varying sizes 
  • Easy-to-use milk system 


  • The cord is short, so you will have to place it near a wall socket  
  • More expensive than other Nespresso models 
  • Coffee options are limited, as it’s only compatible with Nespresso brand coffee pods 
  • You cannot make coffee with your own beans 
  • Only comes in one color 
  • Uses plastic coffee pods 
  • The water tank is in the back, so checking the water level can be a hassle 
  • Thermoblock heating system is prone to blockage and inconsistent water temperatures 
  • The milk frother can wear down over time 

Depending on your preferences, you might have come to the conclusion that the pros outweigh the cons. 

But if you’re still not sure if this is the coffee maker for you, don’t worry. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of this coffee maker and decide for yourself if the Nespresso Lattissima Pro is the appliance your home needs. 

Other factors to consider 

  • Do you drink coffee daily, or is it a once-in-a-while occurrence? If you do not drink it regularly, this may not be a worthy investment. 
  • Do you enjoy the process of grinding coffee beans and making your drinks from scratch, or would you rather have your coffee as soon as possible? 
  • Are you fond of the flavors Nespresso has to offer? Since you can only use Nespresso coffee capsules, you will want to be sure that you’ll be able to make coffee that you enjoy. 
  • This model is a bit more expensive than other Nespresso-brand coffee machines. If you are not willing to spend a few hundred dollars on this, you might want to consider a different Nespresso coffee machine model, or even a different brand altogether. 
  • This coffee maker has a lot of unique and exciting features. But if you like your coffee plain and simple, these features probably won’t be of much interest to you. If that’s the case, you might want to consider a more basic coffee maker. 

Who Exactly is Nespresso 

A branch of the Nestle parent company, Nespresso is based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Formed in 1986, they have been serving ground coffee worldwide for over thirty years. 

The Lattissima models in particular originated from an Italian coffee extraction process that garnered a lot of attention in the 1970s, hence the Italian name. 

This involves pumping the machine’s piston multiple times, thus extracting more flavor from the coffee. With this method, you can always expect your coffee to be strong and bursting with flavor. 

How to clean the Nespresso Lattissima Pro

Lattissima Pro Review

As the Lattissima Pro is an automatic machine, regular cleaning will not be necessary. 

However, when it is necessary, cleaning this coffee machine is pretty simple. We’ll take this process part-by-part, but you don’t need to do these steps in any particular order. 

Before cleaning anything, make sure your Nespresso machine is unplugged. 

External Surface 

If you have any splashes on the sides of your coffee machine, simply wipe them away with a damp washcloth. Avoid using any strong chemicals or coarse textured sponges, as this can erode the metal exterior. 

Water Tank 

Remove the tank from the Nespresso coffee machine. Gently wash it out with soap and water, and dry it off well before returning it to the machine. It is not recommended to put this piece into the dishwasher. 

Drip Tray 

This is where the most buildup can gather. Remove the metal drip tray and give it a good scrub with a soapy sponge. Rinse and dry it well before placing it back in the machine. 

Milk Frother 

This is the most important and also the easiest part of the machine to clean. All you need to do is turn the “Clean” knob, and the machine will sanitize the milk frother with hot water, washing away any accumulated milk. 

Every now and then, however, you may want to also clean this part by hand. In this case, it gets a little bit more complicated. You will have to remove all five parts of the milk unit and clean out the tight corners with a scrubbing brush. This piece is top rack dishwasher safe. 

Pod Disposal 

Remember to empty the pod disposal container fairly often, as allowing them to build up can affect the performance of your machine. 

Slide out the catch tray to access the pop-up lid, and empty used pods from the container. Don’t throw them away -- send them to Nespresso to have them recycled! 

Other maintenance 

Aside from the aforementioned procedures, most of the necessary maintenance for this great machine is completely automatic. 

At least every six months, you will need to descale your coffee maker. You might need to do it a bit more often if you use the hard water feature. 

Descaling entails running a liquid agent through the whole coffee maker system. This is an easy process, and the instruction booklet that comes with your machine can more thoroughly explain how to go about this process. 


Here are some answers to a few common questions people may have before purchasing the Nespresso Lattissima Pro. 

What kinds of milk can I use in the milk frother? 

You can use just about any kind of milk in this frother, including non-dairy milks such as oat milk or soy milk. Thinner dairy milks such as skim milk or 1%, however, tend to yield the best results. 

How does the Nespresso Lattissima Pro compare to other Nespresso coffee makers? 

This coffee maker has a few advantages over other pod machines. 

Unlike the Nespresso Lattissima Plus and the Nespresso Lattissima Touch, which are made of plastic, the Nespresso Lattissima Pro is made from metal, which is more durable and environmentally friendly. 

It also has a larger water reservoir than the other two, so you will not have to refill it quite as often. 

While it is small and unlikely to take up too much counter space, the Pro is also slightly larger than the other two models. 

This is also the first machine to include features such as water hardness, internal used pod container, and adjustable cup placement. The Pro also has six different preset drink options, while the other two only have four. 

How many flavors of Nespresso capsules are available? 

Nespresso offers 29 different flavors of coffee capsules! Four of these flavors are caffeine-free. 

Can it hold cups of all sizes? 

With the adjustable cup placement, this coffee maker can support mugs of varying sizes, but travel mugs on the taller end may have trouble fitting under the water spout. 

How often do I need to refill the water tank? 

The tank in this appliance can hold up to 44 ounces of water. Depending on your mug sizes and how often you use this machine, you will likely have to refill the water two or three times per week. 

Can it make anything other than coffee? 

In addition to coffee, this model is perfect for making tea and other hot drinks, too! 

Simply run the Nespresso Lattissima Pro without adding a coffee capsule. It will fill your mug with boiling water to which you can then add your choice of tea or hot chocolate. If desired, you can also use the milk frother to add a little extra creamy foam to your non-coffee drinks. 

You can also use it to make instant soups or oatmeal. Simply pour the boiling water or hot milk into the bowl of soup mix or oats and stir it well. Allow it to sit for a few minutes before eating. 

Is this coffee machine safe for children to use? 

Whether they’re coffee lovers or use this machine for other kinds of drinks, this coffee maker should be safe for older children to use. Adults should make sure that they understand how to navigate the machine and how to safely handle boiling water before allowing them to use it unsupervised. 

Does it have a warranty? 

Yes! Like most Nespresso products, the Lattissima Pro has a two year warranty. So if anything goes wrong during the first two years after you purchased it, you will not have to spend any extra money repairing or replacing it. 

Is it eco-friendly? 

Because it requires the use of plastic coffee pods, it isn’t the most eco-friendly coffee machine around. However, you can easily recycle Nespresso coffee pods even if you don’t live near a recycling facility. Simply send your used pods back to Nespresso and they will take it from there. 

Is it BPA free? 

The plastic water tank, milk container, and Nespresso coffee pods are 100% BPA free! 


Lattissima Pro

Overall, the Nespresso Lattissima Pro is a worthy investment. There are undeniably a few areas that could use some improvement, but for most people, the benefits of this machine outweigh them. 

When you make your decision, it’s important to consider how well this machine suits your needs. The unique features are a fun bonus, but they are only worth the high price if you believe you will use them. If you don’t particularly care about having froth in your coffee, or if you don’t mind stopping by the coffee shop daily, this machine might not be what you need. 

You should also consider whether the convenience of this coffee maker is something that could enhance your coffee-drinking experience. Are you someone who wants to simply get their coffee and go, or do you enjoy the process of grinding and making coffee? Are you content with using Nespresso-brand coffee pods, or would you prefer to have more options? 

If you believe the features of this machine are worth it and will enhance your experience with coffee, however, then it is certainly worth the money. 

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