Mahlkonig EK43 Grinder Review: Why You Need To Switch To Malkoenig

mahlkonig ek43 review

Grinders are a well-known tool amongst coffee aficionados worldwide, but the major challenge is finding a great grinder that is affordable and able to keep up with demand. The perfect grinder will transform your café from mediocre establishment to an incredible hotspot that most people have to stop at. 

Here, we’ll provide our detailed Mahlkonig EK43 grinder review, also known as the Malkoenig ek43 to some, which we believe to be the perfect grinder for shops, cafes and coffee roasters. Don’t just take our word for it. Instead, keep reading for a detailed exploration of the features and functionality of the Mahlkonig EK43 grinder.


Mahlkonig EK43 Grinder Overview

malkoenig ek43

The Mahlkonig EK43 has been gracing the coffee world for upwards of thirty years. Today, it’s highly lauded for its consistent capabilities and smooth, even grinds. 

Way before the machine’s arrival at coffee shops, the Mahlkonig EK43’s main application was a grinder for grains & spices. Later, in 2009, a coffee shop in Montreal adopted the grinder for their coffee grinding needs. Thus, Mahlkonig began its journey into the coffee bean world.

The EK43 grinding machine didn't reach mainstream popularity until 2012 where it went on to become quite famous at the 2012 World Brewers Cup after being used by the winner of the competition.

Since then, the Mahlkonig EK43 grinder has carved a solid reputation for itself in the coffee world. Its pace and rate of delivery are some of its major selling points.

Mahlkonig Burrs Prioritized For Grind

Many people think that the taste of coffee emanates from the coffee itself. According to these people, nothing else matters or influences the taste of the final brew. 

After research, specialists disagree with this theory. Instead, they believe that the grinding aspect is a critical part of coffee making, which significantly influences the coffee's flavor and strength. 

Brewing coffee with an uneven grind tends to result in very bitter or sour tastes. The final brew will most likely lack flavor all-around without the proper grind. Almost all grinders produce a bimodal distribution. This implies that a sole dose consists of two main particle sizes. If there's too much difference in grind particles, the coffee tends to be substandard. 

Mahlkonig Ek43 Influencing Better Flavor

How does grind size matter when making coffee? Water is the primary agent that extracts flavor from coffee during the brewing process. What most people fail to realize is that the larger the particles, the lesser the flavor extraction.

With the incredibly consistent grinds of the Mahlkonig EK43, such an outcome is well avoided. It creates perfect, even batches every time to maximize flavor extraction.

For espressos, it's almost impossible for regular grinders to get an extraction rate over 20%. But the EK43 proves to be an elite grinder, reaching a 23.12% extraction rate. 

During a comparison by Matt Perger with three other big-name brands, the Mahlkonig EK43 beat them all. The highest any of the others could produce was a 21.1% extraction rate. 

Best Commercial Coffee Grinder

While the EK43 didn't receive the top spot on our list for the number one best commercial coffee grinder, it did come in at number three. It is no surprise that the E80 Supreme came in above it with a cost that is nearly double. The E80 Supreme is what we recommend for those that care about achieving the absolute best espresso and have the budget to do so.

The Mahlkonig EKK43 beat out the EK43 simply because it is like having two EK43's in one. For those that are constantly running around and switching between different blends and roast degrees, having a dual grinding chamber will increase efficiency and free up any bottleneck in your workflow.

For those limited on space, the EK43S is a more compact version of the Ek43. While we do love the EK43S, we find that it is difficult to fit bags underneath when we go to grind in bulk. If you are just filling a basket or a portafilter, the EK43S may be a better option if you are looking to save on space.

Mahlkonig EK43 Review

mahlkonig ek43

The Mahlkonig EK43 offers several pros to making a great cup of joe. At Black Ink Coffee, we actually started out with the EK43 and haven't looked back since. With tens of thousands of pounds under it's belt, this beauty can handle just about anything.

Though we love this product, there are a few things we think could be improved as well. Let's take a look at some of the pros and cons of this Mahlkonig model, and discuss how the features weigh out amongst users.


✅ It gives you an even and consistent grind.

✅ The grinding speed is phenomenal and highly efficient.

✅ It’s easy to operate.

✅ It’s safe to use.


❌ Does not have an on-demand dosing option

❌ It’s quite expensive.

❌ You may have to wait a couple of weeks to receive your order. The Mahlkonig EK43 is in very high demand.


Features 5/5 ⭐

The Mahlkonig EK43 is outfitted with a host of features that combine to provide a fragranced, clean-cut, and well-flavored coffee grind. 

The primary features that we'll discuss in this Mahlkonig EK43 review include:

Flat 98-Millimeter Steel Burrs

The flat burrs are identical dual burrs positioned facing each other. The deliberate positioning of the identical burrs ensures the distribution of an even particle size. 

The flat steel burrs have a design that helps in extracting coffee flavor, which ensures you don’t draw bitterness by helping to remove dry flavors from smaller particles. 

The Mahlkonig EK43 also has large grinding burrs, which measure a breathtaking 98 millimeters. At a speed of 1740 rpm, the steel flat burrs spin at an exceptional rate for a precise grind. 

While the steel burrs spin at high speeds, they grind the coffee beans into the required sizes. Despite the high spin speed, the Mahlkonig EK43 does not generate unwanted heat, which could be the demise of an even and balanced flavor in your final product.

Stepless Grind Adjustment with 11 Reference Points

The broad range capacity of the Mahlkonig EK43 grinder is possible thanks to its extensive range of grind adjustments. 

The EK43 can consistently create different types of grinds, depending on your preferences. It can give you Turkish-style grinds or grinds for the perfect French Press. The choice is yours! 

To make grind adjustments in the EK43, all you have to do is rotate the adjustment dial on the forward-facing side of the unit. The grind adjustment feature also makes it possible to grind material other than beans. After all, this did begin as a spice grinder. 

Regardless of the initial trial and error period of finding the perfect adjustment to meet your needs, the Mahlkonig EK43 will do the job right.

Performance 4.9/5 ⭐

In our opinion, this machine has a fantastic performance rate. One of its prime attributes is its capacity to work on grind loads at blistering speeds, earning it a score of 4.9/5. 

With its double-horsepower motor, this machine grinds at a rate of up to 25 grams per second. That’s an average of 3.4 pounds every minute if you aren't a fan of math! As an individual grinding coffee with the EK43 Grinder, you will have a consistent result before you can even heat up a cup of water.

Convenience 5/5 ⭐

The Mahlkonig EK43 offers ease with its convenient extra features. The grinder boasts a detachable bean hopper with a capacity of 2.2 lbs. The bean hopper has a well-fitted cover that's useful for bean preservation. 

Below the hopper, you'll find a nifty slide plate, which allows you to withdraw the hopper while the grinder’s full, meaning no roast is wasted.

The bean hopper and slide plate's combined functionality makes it straightforward to change the bean type quickly. You can have different beans ready for grinding on the hopper simultaneously to switch up your daily brew. 

The Mahlkonig EK43 also has a coffee grinder power switch for the desired roast. The power switch ensures you can enjoy different roast types. With the power switch setting, you can easily roast your beans to your specific preference. You can even experiment to see which roast type you enjoy the most. 

For coffee shop owners and regular users alike, the bag clamping feature of the Mahlkonig EK43 offers added convenience. The EK43 grinder has handy clamps that clip retail coffee bags in place as you grind, and you won’t need to make any height adjustments for different bags. 

You never need to hold the bag while the coffee grinds. You only have to clamp it in place and flip the switch. As a barista or busy morning individual, multitasking is easier for you with the Mahlkonig EK43. 

Build Quality 4.9/5 ⭐

The Mahlkonig EK43 is a sturdy solid machine with pleasing aesthetics. But, looks aren't everything. The build quality of a grinder is what you should really be on the lookout for.

The Mahlkonig brand bestowed the EK43 with a thermally inclined overload system. The overload system does a great job of protecting the motor from any potential damage. 

Also, to further ensure the protection of the machine, coffee, and user safety, the grinder has a thermostatic sensor. The dedicated thermostatic sensor will trigger a circuit disruption if excessive heat accumulates in the motor.

After any thermostatic sensor trigger, the Mahlkonig EK43 will need an hour to recuperate. Then, the grinder will be ready to go to work again.

Price and value for money (4/5) ⭐

The price of the Mahlkonig EK43 can be a little hefty for casual use. Coming in between $2,700 and $3,500, this grinder isn't cheap, but if you're a coffee aficionado, you will get your money's worth.

The grinder delivers for its price tag. Not only does it grind evenly and consistently, but its influence on the taste of coffee is also incredible. 


Final Words: Should You Buy From Malkoenig

ek43 grinder

The best grinders on the market offer a flavorful, delicious coffee drinking experience, no matter your tastes. With a top-of-the-line product, you can finally brew coffee that rivals that of your favorite barista. 

As a coffee enthusiast, we want you to have a full idea of the products available to you. That’s why we’ll be reviewing a grinder that’s currently tantalizing taste buds across the globe. 

Mahlkonig did a great job when they created the EK43 Grinder. It’s well designed, has a high extraction rate, and its batch brewing is unrivaled. Like we mentioned, the EK43 is what we first started off with at Black Ink and it has passed tens of thousands of coffee beans through it's well built steel burrs.

From the Mahlkonig EK43 review above, it’s easy to see that the grinder is hugely versatile. For any retail Coffee shop, the EK43 is a perfect fit. If you are getting it for home use, you're getting a beast for the long haul.
The Mahlkonig EK43 is a fusion of power, beauty, speed, durability, and versatility. It remains at the top of our list of best coffee grinders on the market!

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