Lido Coffee Grinder Review: Why You Need An Orphan Espresso Grinder

lido 3 review

In the past, competition for premium, manual coffee grinders wasn’t as intense as the present. Over time, many companies released breakthrough grinders, many of which have their own unique features. So, how do you find the best?

That’s where Orphan Espresso comes in with their Lido 3 grinder model. We recommend this premium grinder to the coffee enthusiast needing consistent grinds and a device that'll last a lifetime. Check out our Lido 3 Review down below! 

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About Orphan Espresso

Barb and Dough Garrot started their family company, Orphan Espresso (OE), to manufacture and supply parts to repair vintage espresso machines. Moreover, they also spent their time repairing vintage European hand coffee grinders.

Later on, they combined their love for coffee and tinkering with their knowledge of grinders to start designing and manufacturing hand coffee grinders when the couple found a demand for them.

When diving into the coffee grinder market, OE began with the titan Pharos series. Later on, they crafted the Lido 1. From there, they designed and manufactured the Lido 2, 3, E, and E-T. Now they have an even more travel-friendly grinder known as the Lido's.

Doug and Barb managed to maintain a consistent build quality throughout all their grinders' iterations while giving these grinders similar shapes and grind adjustment mechanisms.

Introducing the Lido 3

lido 3 coffee grinder

Orphan Espresso’s at it again with the coffee grinders; this time, they’ve introduced us to the Lido 3, which borrows its design from the grinder’s Lido 2 sibling. For example, it offers the same premium conical steel grinding bur and bean capacity. Conversely, this model’s portability acts as this model’s main different perk.

In this Lido 3 grinder review, we’ll judge various categories on the hand grinder to determine whether it’s worth the hefty price tag. Moreover, we will cover situations where investing in this manual grinder isn’t worth it and questions you might not know that you had.


Lido 3 manual coffee grinder specs:

  • Height: 13.5”
  • Diameter: 3”
  • Weight 2 lbs 5 oz
  • Burr: 48 mm Swiss-made steel conical burrs
  • Hopper capacity: 70 grams

Before we get into the breakdown of what you can expect to see when you buy this machine, we would like to give you a brief overview of the LIDO 3 coffee grinder:

✅ High-quality burrs and durable BPA-free plastic hopper

✅ Fold-in handle with a robust rubberized grip

✅ Offers fast and step-less grind settings

✅ Dual brass bearings securing the axle make sure that burr wobble won’t interfere with your grinding

✅ More lightweight and portable than previous models

🚫 Orphan Espresso made the LIDO 3 out of plastic rather than glass. While it doesn’t look the best, it does make it possible to transport this grinder when you’re traveling.


Lido 3 Coffee Grinder Review

orphan espresso coffee grinder

You might want to know how the Lido 3 functions, how it looks in your home, and how its features stack up against other grinders in its class.

Throughout this review, we will cover all of the categories mentioned above and whether it is worth the money to purchase this coffee grinder.

The grinder’s ratings were influenced by our own experience and that of other coffee experts. We also gathered feedback from individuals who use this grinder daily.

Features 5/5 ⭐

OE built this grinder with a rubberized grip that uses a locking mechanism to fold in and out to make it condense easier for traveling. You just push upward on the nub and twist.

Orphan Espresso’s grinder’s hopper can store up to 70 grams of beans at a time. Excellent for those who want to brew a coffee on the go. The locking mechanism acts as a great feature for keeping the cap in place if you're going to store coffee grounds in the hopper when you’re traveling.

Fresh from the box, you’ll get the following items:

  • Lido 3 grinder
  • A convenient bristle brush and hex tool for maintenance and cleaning
  • Silicone rubber hopper lid
  • Neoprene carrying case

Ease of use 5/5 ⭐

The grinder is a joy to use, and there is no doubt about that. In the end, a coffee grinder does only one thing: it grinds coffee beans. The Lido 3 does this job quickly, and it performs its sole task well.

While the rubber hand crank sits on the shorter side, it provides a smooth—yet slightly awkward—experience when grinding beans. Conversely, just because the handle’s a little unwieldy doesn’t mean it works well.

The high-quality bearings inside in tandem with the blades make it so this grinder shreds through almost any coffee beans with little resistance.

Orphan Espresso presents us with a step-less grind adjustment mechanism that allows us to choose grinds precisely to our preferences. Though it may take time to acclimate yourself to this system, you’ll realize that you have more control over your grind than competing grinders in the long run.

Design 5/5 ⭐

While competing grinders use steel bodies around the grinding mechanism, the orphan espresso designed the Lido 3’s body almost entirely BPA-free darker plastic. However, the design choice proves its worth because it allows you to still see your beans.

The plastic look may not compliment other high-end coffee equipment; however, since this grinder’s crafted with thick plastic, it will continually do its job well even after withstanding a fair amount of damage.

Within the grinder rests a Swiss-made steel burr measuring 48mm in diameter. In addition to increasing the grinder's portability, Orphan Espresso chose steel because it’s less prone to chipping or denting than ceramic.

The neoprene carry pouch and branding give off a feel that OE meticulously crafted them with the finest material. There are no signs of any attempts to present a minimalist or pretty style. However, these grinders’ designs show us the designers were detailed when planning the Lido 3. 

Travelers of any kind will appreciate the combination of durable plastic, sleek shape, and foldable crank handle. Moreover, OE trimmed down the Lido 3, making it lighter than the Lido 2.

After about a year of use, you might notice the threading around the plastic on the grinder’s catch cup will wear, potentially making it unusable in the long run. However, OE offers a replacement stainless steel ground jar to deter the problem.

Value for the Money 4.6/5 ⭐

The Lido 3 has a higher price tag than other grinders in its caliber; however, orphan espresso competitively priced this grinder to make it stand out from most lesser grinders on the market.

For the most part, many may conclude that determining this specific grinder’s value may fall under personal opinions. Even though these grinders don’t come with a steel ground case, we believe this grinder will stand strong in the test of time due to its durable bearings and thick plastic casing.

The Lido 3 offers a robust design that does what a coffee grinder should without complications, as with other products designed by orphan espresso. Moreover, if you’re a traveler who doesn’t mind fitting this large grinder in their bag, you can enjoy your trip with a big smile, knowing that every cup of coffee you make with beans from this grinder will maintain uniform grinds.

Performance 4.3/5 ⭐

With the Lido 3’s massive hopper, its reservoir of beans will give you over four cups of coffee.

Regarding the grind, all settings, including French press and pour-over, the Lido 3 produces an excellent, consistent grind. 

Thanks to the presence of double ball bearings, the Lido 3 gives an excellent grind consistency. We found the results uniform and precise in every grind we did, no matter how fine or coarse the grind.

While the Lido 3 produces more consistent grounds than many entry-level electric grinders, you may not find them as uniform as other premium grinders on the market.

The grinder’s long and bulky design lead to an awkward time when trying to operate this grinder. You may notice that sometimes the handle will act unwieldy.

Conversely, you won’t face much resistance when twisting the handle due to the dual bronze axle bearings attached to an axle inside the hopper.

Adjustment mechanisms in the Lido 3 have drawn some controversy. Instead of fixed settings, you’ll usually find on manual grinders; it uses a step-less goal. Moreover, OE designed the burr locking mechanism adjacent to the adjustment ring.

To combat this minor design flaw, the company suggests that you place a small piece of tape where you want the adjustment.


Is the Lido 3 the Best Manual Coffee Grinder?

While we certainly love the Lido 3, it does have it's fair share of problems which is why it didn't take the top spot on our best manual coffee grinder list. However, the Lido 3 is what we use at Black Ink to test our coffee, just to give you an idea of how valuable it is to us.

If there wasn't an issue with supply, and if the company did a bit more to advertise and develop new grips or features, the Lido 3 would be the best. Despite a hefty price tag, we feel that the grinder is well engineered, more so than the rest. 

Don't Buy a Lido 3 Manual Coffee Grinder If

orphan espresso

The Lido 3's a fantastic and high-quality coffee grinder. However, scenarios exist where you might not find this grinder as the best solution. Read along as we cover a couple of these scenarios.

You Want a Budget Grinder

While orphan espresso competitively priced this premium hand grinder, it’s still a pricier option than other lower-end grinders.

You Travel Light

While the Lido 3 does offer portability, it’s still heavier and larger than other available counterparts. It’s a little over a couple of pounds and will take up a fair amount of room in a backpack. Not the best option if you are trying to meet weight requirements or pack a bag for backpacking.

How Do You Use a Lido 3 Coffee Grinder?

You use a Lido 3 coffee grinder by following these steps:

  • Remove the silicone cap
  • Dump coffee beans into the hopper
  • Plug the cap onto the hopper
  • Match the blue lines of the adjusting mechanism (burrs fully shut)
  • Adjust the burrs to your grind. You'll find adjustment directions noted by a small (finer) and larger (coarse) dot on the burr carrier
  • Use the center ring to lock your grind of choice. 
  • Grind your beans

You might need to spend time with your grinder until you find your ideal grind. We recommend using a label to mark your grind of choice.

Troubleshooting the Lido 3 Hand Coffee Grinder

The following offers solutions to common issues buyers had when they purchased a Lido 3 coffee grinder. Keep reading to learn more.

How Will I Know When My Grind Settings Are at 0?

You know when your grind settings are at zero when the adjustment ring doesn’t spin anymore. You can also line up the two blue lines to create your own zero.

Why Isn’t My Handle Spinning Smoothly?

Your handle might not spin smoothly because it will take time for the oils in the coffee beans to smoothen the burrs. If the issue persists after grinding a bag of beans, the problem could fall within an alignment issue.


Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure you read through frequently asked questions before investing in this Lido 3 hand coffee grinder.

Does the Lido 3 Coffee Grinder Have Static Since It Is Made of Plastic?

The Lido 3 doesn’t have any static due to orphan espresso designing these grinders with static-free plastic.

Does the Company Sell Replacement Parts for the Lido 3 Coffee Grinder?

Yes, orphan espresso sells replacement parts for the Lido 3 on their website.

How Do I Clean My Lido 3 Coffee Grinder?

You clean your Lido 3 hand coffee grinder by using the included hex tool to loosen and remove the washer and screw from below the adjustment ring. Afterward, clean the adjustment ring with the included brush.

If you want to go for a deeper clean, you can remove the top bearing plate and handle to access the inside of the hopper. Afterward, use a soft cloth to wipe the insides. Don’t use water to clean this grinder because it may lead to issues later on if it doesn't dry properly.

Does the Lido 3 Coffee Grinder Have a Warranty?

Yes, the Lido 3 manual coffee grinder has a 1-year limited warranty if you purchase the grinder from their website.

Our Verdict

lido coffee grinder

Orphan Espresso designed the Lido 3 well. They built it with durable plastic, it has an enormous hopper, and for the most part, offers a smooth grinding experience that’ll result in consistent and uniform grinds. Moreover, this grinder acts as an excellent tool for a caffeine addict on the go.

Orphan Espresso built these grinders to perform well and last a long time doing so. However, while Lido 3 serves as an excellent grinder for travelers, if you’re struggling to meet airlines’ guidelines regarding weight, or if you’re finding it difficult to make room in your bags, you may not enjoy this grinder.

If you’re after a quality coffee grinder that’ll grind your beans fast and provide consistent grinds, we recommend this excellent hand grinder. In our list of the best manual coffee grinders, you'll find that we scored the Lido 3 as the best performer compared to other premium grinders. 

Due to some of the design choices made with building this hand grinder, it isn’t the best premium grinder when pitted against newer rivals. Overall, after our Lido 3 review, we recommend any patient coffee enthusiast searching for excellent grinds or travelers to invest in this grinder. Despite the few downsides, OE gives you substantial control over your blends.

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