Best Gaggia Espresso Machine: Top 7 Gaggia Espresso Machine Reviews

gaggia espresso machine

Whether you drink drip coffee, or espresso drinks, it's rare that a morning goes by without that delicious caffeinated drink to fuel your day. That's why it's so important to get the best at home espresso machine. The Gaggia espresso machine is known worldwide as a superior espresso machine brand, but which one is right for you?

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Taking the plunge and purchasing your own espresso machine is a big, exciting step. But you want to have all the information, pros, and cons in hand before you invest. With Gaggia, the case is no different. That's why we have researched seven of these Gaggia machines and listed them in this review article based on our own criteria.

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About Gaggia

✅ Gaggia has been in operation since 1947 with offices in Italy. From their start, the appliances they produced were premium and known in the US as one of the top representatives of Italian coffee culture.

✅ There are dozens of coffee brands in Italy, it's true. But Gaggia in particular patented the original steamless espresso machine design. Good coffee without compromise is the motto of the brand--and their pioneering new steamless machine was only the start of their stellar reputation.

✅ If you've heard of Gaggia before, you've likely encountered people who swear by them. The brand operates a top customer service network too--in case you need new parts or guidance. And if you do need a new machine, you're covered under their one-year labor and parts warranty.

✅ With the options and background info now covered, we're ready to dive into the list. Note: we didn't sequence the machines in our round-up in any particular order.

Best Gaggia Espresso Machine

Though they deliver on their excellent reputation with a range of heavy-duty and solidly-built machines, we believe that these are seven home units that stand above the rest. In this article, we aim to give you all the ins and outs behind these seven espresso machines. Hours of research went into the selection process thanks to our expert reviewers and Gaggia-fanatics (honestly, we love the brand). 

1. Gaggia Anima Prestige

Gaggia Anima Prestige

Price - 2/5 

Brew - 4/5 

Durability - 5/5 

Ease of Use - 5/5 

Versatility - 4/5 

The super-automatic settings on this espresso machine are programmable for brewing and milk frothing--options that transform it into a barista-to-go. It's similar to the Velasca. You won't have to lift a finger when you wake up in the morning and prepare the Anima Prestige for a shot.

It's hard to avoid mentioning the Anima Prestige's distinguished black-tie appearance. The chic European design gives it high marks, lending your kitchen counter the sophisticated eye-catching qualities of the pro steaming and grinding machine at your local cafe.

Turning to the added features, let's mention the large 60oz reservoir. It's easy to access like the Velasca, plus easier to clean. The compact reservoir is next to the 8.8 oz hopper in a simple but intuitive design. Meaning, it's easy to use when you're half-asleep in the morning and need a drink fast.

Our review noted in posts that the Anima Prestige boasts an extra-long 48 in. power cable that comes standard with high-end models like this. You can station the grinding machine all over your kitchen and expect the same high-pressure milk frother everywhere like the Velasca.

The taste is better than average coming from a fully automated machine. If you prefer to have more control over your grind settings like with a Velasca, check out the manual or semi-automatic versions of the Anima. With automatic models, what you're partly looking for is the ease of use and reliability. The Prestige ticks off both those boxes.

A macchiatos shot is easy to serve up for visitors because you can program brewing options for each. Like the Velasca, bean storage capacity comes in at a healthy 250 g, a figure that demonstrates that the Anima Prestige is useful for entertaining guests as well.

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2. Gaggia Brera

Gaggia Brera

Price - 3/5 ⭐

Brew - 3/5 ⭐

Durability - 3/5 ⭐

Ease of Use - 4/5 ⭐

Versatility - 3/5 ⭐

If you're looking for an entry-level machine from a top-of-the-line brand, look no further than the Brera (formally the Brera Super Automatic). It comes in handsome black and silver colorways to match any kitchen space. The construction is rigid plus it's small enough to fit small counters.

The frothing wand on the Brera is one of the top reasons to buy it. Long enough for lattes, the pannarello wand will serve an automatic serving to fit selective tastes.

The Brera has a grinder with five settings, further upping the flexibility you get with grind texture. But if you prefer pre-ground coffee, you can bypass it easily.

The interface is intuitive with its three color LED design. Thanks to the digital face on this machine, it's beyond easy to clean.

For a starter-level espresso machine, the added options are impressive. You get a programmable brewing option, a compatible filter, as well as tech for rapid steaming. Add to that the Optiaroma function--it allows you to customize the strength of your grounds to three tastes.

The built-in computer saves your setting on strength and volume (for espresso and lungo sizes), saving you extra minutes in the morning. It's thanks to the Brera's smart construction that we commend its flexible options in an entry level quality machine.

Overall, we would recommend the Brera as a high-end entry point to professional coffee making. You might expect all metal components in a Gaggia, but the plastic parts here don't strike us as all that poor. Likewise, the wand suffers from a plastic build, but it's easy to overlook when you compare it to competing machines with flimsy units.

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3. Gaggia Classic Pro

Gaggia Classic Pro

Price - 4/5 

Brew - 4/5 

Durability - 4/5 

Ease of Use - 4/5 

Versatility - 2/5 

If you knew or adored the Classic, the good engineers and coffee-lovers at Gaggia have provided us with an update on the old favorite. And they delivered quality.

The Italian heritage that's built into the DNA of this brand comes out clearly with the Classic Pro. It's exclusively made in Italy. The updated machine brings it to the fore of most coffee enthusiasts' list of the best beginner machine. We concur.

What has remained the same? The dependable rapid heating boiler works well, the solenoid valve provides reliable power, and the commercial brass portafilter has also remained. You can count on steam temperatures to reach critical levels in about one minute and the whole machine in about five.

Where are the updates? Most notably, in the redesigned steam wand. Now built to stand in as a commercial unit, people won't find their milk sabotaged by a flimsy wand anymore. Interested in trying out the latte art that you love to see from your local barista? The new steam wand can produce the microfoam that's essential.

They also developed stronger and quieter pump mounts and an easier machine interface to navigate. Clearly, they heard what their customers wanted from a new Classic machine.

Now that we've noted all the updated features, it's time to talk about price. With the new price tag, the Classic Pro is on par with serious mid-range units. People will have to decide if the tried and true Classic Pro design is worth it when you can buy a super-automatic for similar prices. If you like the original Classic, it's hard to stray from that excellent starting point.

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4. Gaggia Evolution

Gaggia Evolution

Price - 3/5 

Brew - 2/5 

Durability - 2/5 

Ease of Use - 4/5 

Versatility - 3/5 

The Evolution, a quality competitor to Gaggia's other 'entry-level' machine, has a long and favorable history with aficionados of the brand. They didn't mess with success with the Evolution, and the product is as reliable as ever.

What do you look for in a bargain variety espresso maker? We would say: a dependable wand, low maintenance, a powerful pump, and easy use functions. With the Evolution, you can tick off all those qualifications.

  • The turbo-frother wand is a simple but useful component.
  • The 55 watt pump is almost overpowered when coupled with the high wattage dual heating element boiler.
  • And the interface is easy to read, use, and clean.

Admittedly, the design can't compare with the sleek steel of the Anima Prestige. But the Evolution has its benefits. It comes with a commercial-style portafilter measuring 58 mm. Those dimensions--plus its plastic make-up--allow for better-than-average water distribution.

The controls on the interface are easy to read. It has three rocker arm switches that tell you everything you need to know: power, steam, and pump. The indicator lights that accompany the interface provide a charming, industrial look for every shot.

The Evolution includes a few extra options that don't usually come with a lower-end model. You can dispense hot liquid alone thanks to its flexible steam knob. You can use pods along with ground coffee. If you indulge in drip coffee as well as high-end espresso, then the Evolution is a good selection.

Finally, the Evolution provides for a three-way temperature control mechanism. The thermostat helps regulate water temperature and allows you to alter brewing temps to fit your needs.

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5. Gaggia Cadorna

Gaggia Cadorna

Price - 2/5 

Brew - 5/5 

Durability - 5/5 

Ease of Use - 3/5 

Versatility - 5/5 

The Cadorna is a premium offering from the people at Gaggia. It is a machine that specializes in serving several different coffee drinkers thanks to its four-way programmable tech. If your home or business has drinkers with special tastes, the Cadorna has four profiles ready to sync with each user.

With a high-end product like the Cadorna, there are several features that add a lot of distinction and flexibility you wouldn't find elsewhere. In this machine, users can access 14 pre-programmed beverages included--from hot chocolate to microfoam. The interface is in full color and allows you to scroll through options with ease.

Like other super-automatics, this company gives customers a stunning steel (anthracite) design. The machine also has an integrated milk carafe that keeps the bean to cup temperature consistent and texture appropriate for your foamed milk drink. Bonus: the brewing carafe runs through an automatic rinse cycle that clears out steaming milk before the next beverage is ready to go.

Ceramic burr grinders work through beans automatically to your specifications in 10 grind settings without having to lift a finger. It has a single boiler, and ABS housing, and a large 60.8 oz reservoir--all average features for this type of machine.

The Cadorna wouldn't be ideal for users who prefer a less-is-more approach to brewing their grounds in the morning. Its 14 custom settings and four-user memory database might overwhelm some people. The display could be confusing too.

If you're the kind of espresso maker who wishes to develop a hand-on relationship with grinds, temperatures, brews, and foam, we would recommend a semi-automatic or manual machine. The Cadorna is a workhorse with a digital DNA that performs better as a hub for a lot of drinkers who need coffee fast and to their specific liking. All with low maintenance.

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6. Gaggia Accademia

Gaggia Accademia

Price - 2/5 

Brew - 5/5 

Durability - 4/5 

Ease of Use - 4/5 

Versatility - 5/5 

The Accademia boasts a reputation as one of Gaggia's top super-automatic machines. It produces great espresso, lungo, lattes, and cappuccino--all the beverages that the home drinker will appreciate.

It comes with a top-of-the-line steam wand and a pearly professional appearance. One of its most notable features is its large capacity--it conserves enough coffee for several days even if you drink over one liter per day.

The coffee dispenser is adjustable to fit basically every serving size. But it's not only shot cup size you can control. It has smart options that allow you to designate how many cups of coffee you plan to have at once. The machine modulates the temperature accordingly to give you super flavor.

True: the Accademia is one of the brand's pricier units. With a super-automatic, expect a lot. There's a self-cleaning feature and alarms that tell you if you'll need to fix a jam or problem.

Drink preset options are also part of the style package. Crema drinks, all kinds of frothing options, and automatic espresso without lifting a finger are all possible.

The 12 oz hopper is a good sign but it has a double-lid design that keeps the beans fresher at home and at the shop. There's also a bypass dozer for pre-ground.

The compact milk carafe is detachable if you like to store your foam in the fridge. Keep in mind: many reviewers note that the Accademia doesn't produce the hottest milk. But this sign is sometimes unavoidable with certain units.

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7. Gaggia Babila

Gaggia Babila

Price - 1/5 

Brew - 5/5 

Durability - 5/5 

Ease of Use - 4/5 

Versatility - 5/5 

The Babila is special among commercial machines because it has a carafe as well as a steam wand. The uptick in versatility that comes from having so many tools is quite large. You'll notice that there are also lots of options to control brewing strength at home. It doesn't require very much hassle.

This classic machine brews and steams up to eight brewing beverages with one touch. The programmable options don't stop there. You can plug in the strength, taste, and volume of your drinks at home--almost like ordering from your favorite barista.

The ceramic burr grinder has 15 settings with an integrated bypass doser for pre-ground. Add to the personalization its super manual steamer and automated milk carafe which self-cleans so you don't have to keep track of hygiene.

With regular maintenance alerts, the machine tells you when it's time to change the water filter and descale. But you won't have to service the machine very often. Brewing 5000 times is par for the course before cleanilng. For its hefty price, the Babila certainly makes up with lots of creature comforts.

The Babila has a flow adjustment dial that further increases your customization ability. Dial-in and change flow rates with ease. Increase flow for lungo, and cut off the flow for crema ristretto. The Babila allows the barista in you to control water flow, unlike with other units.

The Babila comes with a quality two-year limited warranty and access, like all products, to industry-leading customer service. At a higher price, you'd expect that.

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What to Consider Before Buying

gaggia espresso machines

If you're planning on purchasing a Gaggia--or merely curious--it's a good idea to decide on the price and options you need from an espresso machine. With this brand, you're sure to find a design to suit your every demand.

Manual or Automatic

They currently offer nine manual and 12 automatic machines. What's the difference? Well, you should decide based on your lifestyle. Automatic machines produce at top speeds, and you won't have to fiddle with the grinders at all.

Manual or semi-automatic units offer a hands-on experience. If you want to perfect your personal espresso-making method, then a manual machine might be more up your alley.

Milk Froth

Again, the options that you have with frothing come down to a so to speak auto vs manual divide. If you prefer to manipulate the frothing process yourself, opt for a machine that lets you remove the Pannarello steam unit (included in most Gaggias).

On the other hand, many of us are a little too busy to customize our froth every day. In such cases, turn to a machine that automatically makes great foam without much effort.

Grinding Type

Choosing the right type of grinder means you can dial in on the texture and consistency of your favorite grounds and save time. An automatic model will do all the grinding for you. Program in the grind you want and press start.

You'll have to grind your own espresso if you opt for a semi-automatic. Many home espresso drinkers tinker with their grind for years before finding the perfect cup. Keep in mind that automatic models often don't have many grind options. You can solve this issue by using a separate stand-alone type.


gaggia espresso machine reviews

Seven machines and seven reviews are behind us. Our goal was to present a wide price range of products--from commercial level machines to entry-level units. We review different machine price ranges, extras, customizable components, and machine materials.

Now, we want to look outward and address some of the most common questions that espresso lovers of all stripes have.

Whether you're attracted to this company or merely curious about the benefits that come from a classic, commercial espresso machine, we're here to help.

How do I Use the Gaggia Espresso Machine?

A beginner home barista's introduction to the Gaggia espresso machine will involve simple steps. In the end, you want a perfect shot of espresso and we can help you get there. In this example, we're going to use the Classic machine for our guide.

  1. Turn on the machine at wait 15 minutes for it to warm up.
  2. Insert the filter basket.
  3. Grind your coffee to a consistency between granulated sugar and powdered sugar.
  4. Fill the filter overflowing with grounds, then level it off.
  5. Use the tamper to condense the ground beans
  6. Lock it into the portafilter.
  7. Check switches: power is ON, middle switch OFF, steam valve CLOSED.
  8. Preheat the shot glass and place it under the portafilter.
  9. Engage the pump switch until you get 60ml of espresso. It will take 30 seconds.
  10. Turn off the brew/pump switch after 30 seconds.
  11. Now you have an espresso shot with crema!
  12. If frothing milk, transfer the espresso to another cup and proceed to prepare your milk for cappuccino or latte.

Is Gaggia the Best Coffee Machine?

This company is best known for its range of home espresso machines that require almost no maintenance.

Since the variety of espresso machines is a sign of strong competition, to say the least, it's difficult to come up with a definitive statement about who's the best. What we can say is, this company has an A plus reputation as a manufacturer of the best classic style, price, and system of machines.

Delivering a super shot of espresso with top grinders and dedicated boilers is a tough task for any company to accomplish. This company has been delivering a home espresso machine for over 70 years that tick off all those demands.

Which is Better: Delonghi or Gaggia Coffee and Espresso?

There are numerous differences between these home espresso machine makers. Gaggia is older and owns the possible claim of reinventing the modern espresso machine style. Delonghi is newer (starting in 1990), and their newcomer status hasn't stopped them from moving mountains in the home espresso machine market.

To put it simply, we recommend the older company to the newer one. Though Delonghi claims to produce a hotter espresso shot with a system stronger than the Velasca machine, we still think that the older company has more on its side.

They have style and super steaming capacities. Their led display and stainless steel machines provide top-level espresso brewing. Their system has automated systems that rival the most modern machines. Coffee and espresso with a Gaggia is simply better.

Who Makes Gaggia Espresso Machines?

This company started in 1947 in Italy. Recently, Saeco bought them and their coffee machine and espresso machine facility. This is a common occurrence. In 2009, Saeco sold them even further to Royal Philips Electronics. This group now truly resembles the international name they always stood for.


While Gaggia is one of the top espresso machine manufacturers, it is important to choose a machine that fits within your budget while also satisfying all of your needs. Once you experience the wonders of waking up to a fresh latte, you'll wonder why it took you so long in the first place.

If you have narrowed it down to Gaggia, then you should be able to find an appliance above that satisfies all of your requirements. While they are all great machines, we recommend sticking with the trusted Gaggia Anima Prestige. For a relatively affordable price, you can automate and simulate a café in the comfort of your own home.

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