Coffee Fruit Extract: What is a Coffee Cherry and is Coffee a Fruit?

Coffee Fruit

For coffee lovers like us, a good coffee can be more than just a simple pleasure, it can actually provide amazing benefits as well. Today, we at Black Ink are going to tell you all about one of the latest types of coffee health trends, and discuss how you can start implementing this into your daily regimen.

People are constantly wondering about the health impacts of different coffees, and here we take a deep dive into this topic, all based around the recent research done on a special little thing called coffee fruit extract.


What is Coffee Fruit Extract?

As you may already know, every individual coffee bean is actually a seed that is extracted from a cherry, or otherwise known as coffee berry.

Unlike your typical coffee bean, coffee fruit extract isn't usually made into a drink of its own, but is added to a drink for an added taste, and its amazing impact towards your health.

Coffee fruit has many similarities to other fruit you see on a daily basis, hanging off trees, or at your local farmers market.

Coffee berries grow from something called a coffee plant, and usually get discarded through the coffee processing before the beans make it to your local coffee shop. At first green and small in size, the fruit eventually ripens to a darkest red, or purple shade.

Just like other stone fruit, coffee fruit contains a small seed inside, which we come to know as coffee beans. But, on top of that, this super fruit is also filled with the nutrition that you look for in the produce aisle.

Coffee is a Fruit?

coffee fruit extract

Have you ever heard of the term coffee cherry? If you have, then this should come as no surprise to you. That's right, your favorite morning drink actually comes from a fruit, and even has a wide range of health benefits to go along with it.

The term coffee fruit extract comes directly from the berry where the beans for your morning roast comes from. While the beans from the initial coffee plant get used, it has often been the case for the rest of the coffee plant to get discarded.

Until now that is...

Research on coffee fruit has led towards great new insights on the host of health benefits hidden inside coffee cherries, leading towards new ways for these antioxidant filled gems to finally get the recognition they deserve throughout the world. The skin from coffee berries has now been shown to have innumerable effects from weight loss, to brain health, and many others.

Should I Even Be Drinking Coffee?

There has been substantially long debate about whether drinking coffee actually has physical benefits. People have long spoke about the positive effects of consuming coffee on brain health, as well as it being a good source of antioxidants. But, how healthy is coffee really, and what are the best ways to get the real benefits it has to offer, other than the delicious taste every morning?

In order to really get to the bottom of this issue, its first necessary to understand what coffee actually is: a fruit.

No Caffeine?


Compared to coffee beans, the cherry itself does still have certain amounts of caffeine, but far, far less! If you're looking to lower your caffeine intake, coffee fruit is for you. But, don't let this fool you, coffee fruit is still a great way to obtain a natural energy boost. The brain derived neurotrophic factor from every coffee berry is an invaluable way to keep yourself going throughout the day, without the caffeine crash later.


An antioxidant is a vital compound, something usually found in your fruits and vegetables, or at your local supplement store. But, did you know you can also get them from your morning cup of coffee?

That's right, coffee, is a great way to get your daily dose of antioxidants, while satisfying your latte craving. The thing is though, when a coffee bean is roasted, it loses a great portion of its antioxidant properties.

On the other hand, coffee fruit extract is a guaranteed way to get all the antioxidant compounds the magical plant has to offer. So, when people say that coffee can be a powerful way to fight stress, this can be a major reason why. Antioxidants are known to combat stress, being found to lower risk of anxiety and depression.

Aside from its impact on the brain health, the power and nutrition of antioxidant compounds is found even more for the overall physical health of your body.

Antioxidant compounds have been shown to fight free radicals and eliminate oxidative stress, thereby protecting cells. So technically, that extra supplement of antioxidant you'll be getting from coffee fruit will not only boost your mental levels, but also the overall diet and nutrition of your whole body.

Home is Where the Heart is!

coffee beans

Research has shown how the extra supplement of coffee fruit extract can do wonders for your heart health. Consuming coffee fruit and the antioxidants they contain can be a huge prevention against coronary heart disease, and lower blood pressure. Experts have found that the extract from a green coffee bean can be a massive treatment for patients suffering with high systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

The effects of extra blood pressure can be devastating, causing the heart to overwork itself , and the Chlorogenic acid derived from these coffee beans have produced magnificent results in reversing these symptoms.

Typically, one of the leading causes for heart issues can be obesity, and as we will see, research has shown the weight loss potential for these coffee fruit supplements.

Shedding The Pounds

Everyone knows that fruit is an essential part of there weight loss process, and coffee fruit is no exception. While a good cup of your favourite brew have typically been shown to have weight loss potential, these extracts are one of the best ways to get results. Because the coffee fruit contain Chlorogenic acid, this had been linked to its influence for reducing fat.

Chlorogenic acid is one of the bodies ways to reduce blood glucose, while also increasing metabolism levels. While this is also present in your average coffee bean, getting it from coffee fruit can be even more effective for the body.

Either way, this particular factor shows the miraculous potential of a coffee cherry for weight loss, whether its from the everyday process of roasting coffee beans, or getting yourself a coffee fruit supplement.

Fighting Cancer?


The effects of these extracts have been shown to contain certain agents to slow the production and spread of cancer cells. Researchers looking specifically at coffee fruit extract found that it reduced tumor growth in mice substantially, over 50 percent, and only in a span of two weeks.

This process could also be partially credited to the high level of antioxidants present in coffee fruit, as anti oxidants alone have been shown to reduce the spread of free radical cells in previous studies. This means that yes, even your morning coffee can potentially heave this positive effect on your health. But, considering how coffee fruit allows your body for increased levels of absorption for antioxidants, the research suggests that this nutrition supplement can be indelible to your overall health.

Mind Over Matter

So far, we've shown lots of research that supports the many ways consuming coffee fruit can help your physical health, but we have barely even scratched the surface.

While there is research on many supplements on the market that can help with brain cell production, none of the supplements are truly like coffee fruit.

Including this extract into your diet has been found to aid in the production in brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). Now, we know that is a mouthful, and if you've never heard the term before, BDNF has immense implications on your overall brain health, encouraging the production of new neurons in the brain and new brain cells.

Research has indicated that BDNF has also been shown to have a strong relationship towards long term memory, and storage in the brain as well. This protein is near impossible to obtain from any other food, which shows how adding coffee fruit supplements into your diet is one thing that could be a huge long term impact.

Immunity Boost

coffee bean

If drinking coffee didn't already make you feel invincible, getting the fruit from the coffee plant is bound to do exactly that.

Looking through the research, there is ample evidence to show how coffee fruit can greatly improve your immune function through production of immune cells. Also, the high levels of chlorogenic acid the fruit contains can have rich impacts on your health as well, aiding to fight against weight gain and even diabetes. This wide array of impacts from the fruits show how you can quickly start to feel rich with energy and nutrition as soon as you add these supplements to your daily routine.

Now, after looking through all the research provided, we're going to go deeper into how the fruit is typically used, so that you too can start consuming it and boosting your own nutrition.

The Golden Rule: Everything in Moderation

Now, we know you're excited, but before you go and start stocking up on coffee fruit, it is important to remember: don't overdo it.

Like coffee beans, the fruit does still contain levels of caffeine, albeit, in less quantities.

Also, because coffee fruit is a relatively new phenomenon, there is still a lot of research remaining before we know everything about it. But, don't let that scare you, coffee fruit has been found to be very safe, just enjoy it in moderate doses.

So, How Do I get My Hands On Some?

coffee jar

By now, you're probably wondering, where in the world can you get your hands on some coffee plant. Have no fear, we are going to tell you exactly how you can start to incorporate some coffee fruit into your own health routine.

Many people have a different method for adding coffee fruit into their health regimen. Coffee fruit extract has been produced in a supplement form and liquid extract, and the skin of the fruit itself can be a way to consume it.. The fruit is typically known for a rich and sweet flavor which makes the liquid form ideal to add to other drinks. While there is no caffeine in coffee fruit, you can still expect a ton of energy from its other health benefits, and of course, all the antioxidants.

As one of its main ingredients, another method to get your dose of coffee fruit is through cascara tea. Cascara tea actually gets made from steeping the skin of coffee fruit. This gives the tea not only a delicious flavor, but also makes it a terrific method to get the full host of the wonderful health impacts from the berries.

Technically, coffee fruit can also be made into a flour and used in food. If you typically enjoy a nutty taste, and are also looking to get some extra protein, iron and other great properties, this form can be ideal. Coffee fruit can be used in all kinds of recipes that are both great tasting, and ideal for your body to process all the great nutrients the extracts possess.

Coffee Fruit: Brewing it All Together

To summarize, the amazing coffee plant which produces your favorite coffee beans, also gives us the amazing coffee fruit which has been shown to wonderful physical effects.

Both the beans, as well as the coffee fruit are hosts for great quantities of antioxidants, and other good chemicals, helping with weight loss, neurological development, and even some links towards fighting cancer, all with a sweet flavor.

Nevertheless, as has been the case, the fruit has often been disposed of, and along with it all of the great effects it contains. Thankfully, now the amazing properties of coffee fruit are being brought everywhere from teas to juices as well as a supplement form.

We hope this helps you to go and seize this opportunity to enjoy all the great properties of this amazing, highly underrated fruit!

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