Bunn My Cafe Review: What the Reviews Say About the BUNN MCU

bunn my cafe review

Versatile, reliable, smart. Are these words one could use to describe a coffee machine? Well, that's precisely what makes the Bunn My Cafe coffee maker a most popular brewer. You can brew any coffee whichever way you want with this coffee machine, plus its clever design makes it able to adapt to any coffee-making situation. This handy item can also dispense hot water.

We did deep research and can undoubtedly say it's an excellent unit anyone wanting to buy a brewer should consider. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the most efficient and reliable BUNN models we've ever encountered. So, here is our expert review, hope you enjoy it!

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Bunn My Cafe Review

bunn my cafe

The Bunn My Café is a simple tool designed to satisfy your coffee and tea drinking needs. This industrial-like coffee maker is intelligent and minimalist in design. You can brew ground coffee, a single serving of K-cups, tea pods, tea bags, or get hot water from Bunn My Cafe. Let's consider its features and benefits and their ratings in detail.

Features 4.5/5 ⭐

The Bunn My Cafe features four distinct drawers through which the machine can produce different coffee and tea formats to suit your taste and preference. It has a cup drawer, water drawer, ground coffee drawer, and pod drawer. The machine guarantees easy and efficient brewing of any tea or coffee.

Another exciting feature this machine has is a drip tray and cover. What's great about this drip tray is that you can easily take it off to wipe it clean. However, although the Bunn My Cafe provides flexibility over the drink type, it offers no control over the final temperature. Yet you'll find other brewers competing with it have this control feature.

The Bunn My Cafe MCU is different from the Bunn commercial grade model in that while the latter is a pour-over with limited options, this product is an automatic model with flavor control.

Ease of Use 5/5 ⭐

The Bunn My Cafe MCU offers you an easy brewing process, thanks to its straightforward two-button interface – brew button and pulse brew button. These buttons ensure you waste no time, providing you the two functionalities you need to brew your preferred cup of tea or coffee.

Once you plug in this tool, it will turn on and start heating up automatically. All you need to do is fill your cup with water, place it inside the machine, and leave the rest to your magic coffee maker. You don't even need to store extra water in the tool's minimalist reservoir.

How do you know your coffee is ready? Once your cup is ready, the tool's single light will switch to green from the initial red signal.

What's more, the coffee maker will produce several sputters with a higher pitch, ensuring all the water gets extracted.

The Pulse Brew Option

The pulse brew option is one outstanding feature that makes the Bunn My Cafe MCU a unique machine.

The pulse brew option lets you initiate and stop the water flow during your brewing, giving you control as the drinker over your tea or coffee's flavor.

There are times when all you crave is a cup of coffee or tea with a bolder flavor. During such times, all you need to do is pause the brewing process in the middle to let the water absorb more of the loose-leaf tea or grounds.

The essence of pre-infusing the coffee grounds with hot water before the brewing process is to heighten the sense of flavor. The Bunn My Cafe MCU is a coffee maker with a simple design that gives you more control over your ultimate drink.

Without a doubt, the pulse brew option eases the brewing process significantly.

Design/Build Quality 4.5/5 ⭐

Another feature that makes the Bunn My Cafe MCU stand out is the design. This coffee maker is built in a way that it can solve many diverse needs simultaneously. Also, the fact that this tool is not complex is great, too, contributing to its versatility.

We can attribute much of the Bunn My Café's success to its brewing heads. They're very convenient to use as you can slide them in and out like drawers.

Let’s take a look at each of these drawers.

The Cup Drawer

The K-cup goes into the cup drawer, and with this brewer, it's compatible with various K cup types.

Is tea, coffee, or hot chocolate what you desire? The Bunn MCU has you covered with this tray. You can enjoy your preferred beverage with no worry about cleaning up the mess. 

The Ground Coffee Drawer

Another drawer that comes with this brewer is the ground coffee drawer. This drawer can hold grounds to an excess of 20 grams.

The tray has various storage capabilities, which extend the Bunn MCU and it's versatility. Besides brewing both fine and coarse grounds in this drawer, you can brew loose leaf tea too.

The Pod Drawer

The third drawer is the pod drawer, which offers you more tea and coffee brewing options. With this drawer, you can brew different compostable tea and coffee bags.

Interestingly, this fixture is compact, allowing you to slide it out quickly and clean it by hand efficiently. Alternatively, you can fit it into your dishwasher, thanks to its small size.

The Water Drawer

For all of your hot water needs, worry not. The water drawer has you covered.

Whether you need the water for instant coffee, oatmeal, baby bottle formula, or gelatin, the water drawer is there to enable you to make it.

Indeed, the Bunn My Cafe's design leaves nothing to chance when it comes to your brewing needs.

Remember, the machine's water reservoir design allows you to brew a drink of 4 to 14 ounces. Therefore, you have several different options for your brew, whether you prefer a to-go mug or a small cup.

Let the water steps in the pour-in bowl guide you in measuring the amount of liquid you need.

Performance and Convenience 5/5 ⭐

Bunn My Café's design makes it a very convenient brewer with exemplary performance. Indeed, this machine will save you a lot of time and headaches. But how does it manage to do this?

First of all, the cleaning. You see, brewing a perfect cup of coffee is one thing, but cleaning the brewer is another, and it's an unfavorable task for many. But the good news is that the Bunn My Café makes the cleaning process pretty hassle-free. The machine has minimal extra features; therefore, you will not take much time cleaning up different parts.

Second, there's a drip tray at the bottom of the brewer that catches any spillage from your tea or coffee. The BUNN My Cafe MCU takes into account the fact that you'd want to retrieve your coffee right away. Hence, a drip tray that's easy to take off and wipe down is made available for you.

Additionally, the Bunn My Café parts are dishwasher safe. Nevertheless, you can extend the machine's lifespan by cleaning it manually using a towel. And don't forget to clean the water reservoir too. With the machine's compact size, you can be sure cleaning up will not take much of your time.

What's more, the Bunn My Cafe MCU offers pure convenience with its variety of brewing options. Nobody wants to be restricted to brewing K-cups, coffee grounds, or pods only. Those days when you need to brew your cup in a certain way are over. The BUNN MCU provides you with the brewing options to match your particular preferences.

Another vital aspect that highly contributes to the Bunn My Cafe's phenomenal performance is that it's a single brew coffee maker.

Sometimes, you may overfill a brewer with water, and if the liquid remains in there for too long, it eventually ceases to be fresh. That's where the single-cup design comes in handy. It allows you to prepare your drink with the purest of water, leaving none to spare.


Bunn My Café comes with a 2-year warranty, a protection period that's twice the standard industry average.

The kitchen is one place where anything can happen. Therefore, it helps to know that in the event of any occurrences, your bases are covered.

Additionally, if you've got queries or requests regarding the machine or your warranty, feel free to talk to one of Bunn's efficient and friendly customer care personnel.

Value for Money 4.5/5 ⭐

For two years, you'll use your Bunn My Cafe with no stress in case of an unprecedented occurrence in your kitchen. Also, apart from satisfying many coffee drinkers, the machine's price has been constant.

The service that the BUNN My Cafe MCU offers will never make you question the amount of money you spent to acquire it. We're talking about a coffee maker that's easy to use and maintain, has quality design, and superb performance. Additionally, it allows you to brew any drink – from coffee to tea to chocolate, with various brewing options.

Undoubtedly, the Bunn My Cafe MCU is a coffee maker that will justify its price with time. You'll enjoy a cup of coffee or tea every morning for as long as you want, provided you maintain this handy coffee maker well.


  • ✅ Open platform, providing an option to use any K cup brand you prefer
  • ✅ Versatile. Has options for pods, ground coffee, K cups, and regular hot water
  • ✅ Interchangeable trays support a variety of brewing options and beverage choices
  • ✅ Detachable plate and drip tray that easily accommodates different height cups
  • ✅ Pulse option for getting your desirable flavor
  • ✅ Quick heat up from idle mode
  • ✅ 2-year warranty


  • ❌ Absence of a power switch
  • ❌ Maybe tricky to establish the amount of water inside
  • ❌ The lack of a reservoir
  • ❌ The "sleep mode" and "warm mode" features may appear not energy efficient to some.
  • ❌ It offers only single servings of up to 14 oz
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What to Consider When Buying a Coffee Maker

Before pointing out with confidence that a particular drip brewer is an ideal model for you, it's essential to consider whether the coffee maker will last long. Other critical factors to consider include:

1. User-Friendliness

How easy is it to learn how to use the coffee maker? Of course, time is of the essence and what you want is a tool that will take you the shortest time to learn. Yes, it should be easy to use and intuitive.

2. Control

Coffee makers feature various buttons that determine the start and end functions, the size, and the coffee strength control. Go for a coffee machine that allows you control over both the strength and darkness of your cup of coffee.

3. Ease to Clean

Nobody wants a coffee brewer that is challenging to clean. Instead, we all want a tool that is easy to clean up. The drip tray should be simple to remove and clean when need be. Also, your water basin should easily access all your brewer areas for cleaning.

4. Filter Type

You also need to consider the type of filters your coffee maker has. If you buy a machine with paper filters, brace yourself for disposing of each one after every brew. Nevertheless, there's some health benefit to that – they do away with cholesterol.

A coffee maker with metal filters means you don't have to worry about removal. These filters are permanently fixed to the coffee machine. However, there's a caveat to this convenience. Metal filters often get dirty fast, requiring a great deal of attention and constant cleaning.

Reviews and Ratings

Generally, Bunn My Café coffee brewer reviews indicated superior performance and consistency. We base our opinion on people who've owned the Bunn My Cafe MCU for a minimum of six months so we can provide you with a spot-on product representation.

  • Overall, users had the opinion that Bunn My Café’s customer service was pretty much satisfactory.
  • There's a small number that didn't like having to remove the drawer containing loose grounds, something we can relate to from experience. The best remedy for this issue is to use reusable filters.
  • While most found the included filler basket hard to clean, switching to reusable single cup filters resulted in a much better experience.
  • The fact that Bunn My Café works quickly is a factor many found pleasing. They also felt it was pretty durable and well built.
  • Some people were quick to discover that for accuracy, simply use a measuring cup. They saw this as a simple way to overcome the ambiguity they'd experience concerning the quantity of water in the brewer. The trick they applied was to measure 4 to 14 oz of water each time.
  • One thing that did not go over well with many users is the lack of a power switch. Although this is often universally available in the coffee maker world, it's not present on the Bunn My Café model.
  • Having some hot water ready seems to be a good idea. However, in terms of energy efficiency, that heated water is energy lost, which doesn't go down well with energy savers.

Final Verdict

Bunn is one of the most trusted names in the coffee machine industry. Their automatic design models have proven convenient time and time again. The Bunn My Café is sure to be one of the best coffee makers available in 2021.

With the many different features this machine has and the great reviews from its users, you can be sure Bunn My Café will make a great addition to your kitchen. It's one of the best choices you'll find on the market, whether you're seeking a coffee maker that supports experimenting with a variety of coffee choices or dispenses hot water when the need arises. We also think the price is fair considering what this machine does for you.

With the superb performance Bunn My Café offers, you can't ask for more than that in any multi or single serve coffee brewer. Simply pick your favorite ground coffee or beans and let it work it's magic.

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