Best 5 Cup Coffee Maker: Our Review of the Best 5 Cup Coffee Machines

best 5 cup coffee maker

Let's be honest, most of us can't function without our coffee which is why finding the best coffee maker is an investment almost as important as a nice bed. Whether it is a portable coffee maker, or a massive machine, we need our coffee when we need it! That’s why we have to be very selective when it comes to the kind of coffee maker that we buy, even if you are searching for the best 5 cup coffee maker.

In the coffee market, there are two main competitors; the big, family oriented coffee pots, or the single serve makers, most likely used by a sleep deprived college student. Well, there happens to be a hybrid solution for those looking to make more than a single serve, but not quite that full pot. In this article we will go over the best 5 cup coffee maker on the market and why you need to seriously consider one.

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Best 5 Cup Coffee Maker

Whether you find yourself constantly traveling, looking to downsize your kitchen clutter, or perhaps you just have no need for a full size machine, the 5-cup coffee maker is a great solution. Here are the top machines that we recommend!

1. Capresso 5-Cup Mini Drip Coffee Maker

Capresso 5-Cup Mini Drip Coffee Maker

First on our list is the Capresso 5-cup mini coffee maker. This small pot is capable of big things, such as a programmable on feature and a hot plate auto shutdown. This might be the most feature-rich coffee maker of the bunch, and its small size also makes it a contender if you are trying to save on space.

First things first, yes, this is a programmable coffee maker. That means that you can leave the ground coffee in the filter, the night before, and program the pot to start brewing first thing in the morning. This is really useful to automate your morning routine and save some precious time before your day really begins. Another thing to note is the hot plate. The Capresso has an auto shutdown that’ll make the appliance turn off two hours after the coffee has brewed.

Capresso also guarantees a superior brewing quality thanks to their use of hot water. Multiple jets of water spray the grounds evenly and at an ideal temperature, delivering a better tasting cup of Joe. The included GoldTone filter also means that you don’t need to get additional paper filters to use this coffee pot. However, we still recommend a paper filter to filter more of the sediment out of the brew.

Another great feature for this pot is it's brewing speed. Thanks in part to its small size and quick heating element, the five cups are brewed in a very short time. If you need a cup quickly, not only will it be brewed quickly, but you can even take a cup while it is brewing thanks to the drip stop feature. With it, you can remove the carafe and pour a cup without the filter dripping anymore coffee.

All in all, this is a very complete coffee maker that has left us impressed. The only downside would be its price, as it’s a notch above other similar pots. The features and build quality more than makes up for it, though. If you want something that is well engineered, stainless steel and built to last, then you should stick with the Capresso.


2. AmazonBasics 5-Cup Coffeemaker

AmazonBasics 5-Cup Coffeemaker

Amazon has really done it all by now. Their line of affordable products, AmazonBasics is well known for achieving a good balance between price and quality. That's why we had to include one of these on our list. The AmazonBasics 5-Cup Coffeemaker is extremely versatile and has a lot of functions that could be considered, out of its price range. It also has a very convenient space saving, compact design, but you already knew that!

This coffee maker is capable of brewing up to five 5 oz. cups of coffee at a time, which is more than enough to start your day. Additionally, you can pause the flow of the hot java brewing into the carafe, mid brew, thanks to the pause feature. This function is ideal for those that are late to work or just wish to have a quick sip early in the morning and just can't wait any longer.

One thing to note is that the carafe is made of glass, which allows for an easy to clean solution. Something to keep in mind is that while the glass is great for cleaning purposes, they are not the greatest at holding in heat. Therefore, be very careful when handling these as the surface can be hot.

Finally, after your coffee is done brewing, the AmazonBasics coffee maker will keep it warm thanks to the included hot plate, so you can have as many cups as you like without the need to reheat anything. Another great plus is the basket shaped filter included, so you won't have to purchase any more paper filters to brew your coffee if you don't want to. However, we still do recommend a paper filter.

If we had to point out a flaw with this coffeemaker, that would be its simplicity. Yes, it’ll brew your coffee well, but that’s it. If you’re looking for more advanced features like programmable settings or an auto on function, then you might be better off looking elsewhere (or above). Also, it only comes in black, so you might want to keep that in mind if it doesn’t go well with your kitchen decorations.


3. BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Coffeemaker

BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Coffeemaker

BLACK+DECKER has been providing our households with quality utensils for more than a century. What we have here is another example of their design language that achieves simplicity and utility. The BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Coffeemaker CM0700BZ is everything a small household or a bachelor might need in their morning routines.

The small, compact design of this coffee machine makes it the perfect choice for apartments or curious users that aren’t so addicted to caffeine just yet. Just like the AmazonBasics coffee pot we saw earlier, BLACK+DECKER also included a pause brewing feature. With sneak-a-cup, the brewing process pauses when you remove the carafe from the hot plate. Sneak a quick cup before the brewing process completes for that extra morning energy you need.

BLACK+DECKER included a hot plate under this coffee maker's carafe. This keeps your coffee warm enough to enjoy another cup without reheating. This hot plate achieves the perfect temperature to keep the coffee just warm, not scalding hot like some other pots on the market. The carafe is also a great deal, including the brand's Duralife technology that provides better handling and eliminates most dripping when serving.

Among the positive aspects of this coffee maker we have to list its durable filter. BLACK+DECKER used a filter basket like most pots in this price range, but they used top notch materials that guarantee that the filter is dishwasher safe. Additionally, this model includes a water window in the front, showing you exactly how much water you'll turn into coffee.

This is a very simple coffee maker that simply works no matter what you throw at it. It doesn’t pride itself in including over-the-top features, or a complete programmable interface, but what it does, it does right. This is the pot to get if you have a small living space or if you need a coffee maker for your RV or small apartment.


4. Holstein Housewares 5-Cup Coffee Maker

Holstein Housewares 5-Cup Coffee Maker

The kitchen is, for many, the very heart of our homes. That’s why decoration plays a vital role, it helps us feel like we actually belong in a set space. Holstein Housewares took style and personality into account when they designed their colorful line of 5-cup coffee makers. These delightfully charming pots will provide the touch of color that goes well with the rest of your kitchen. And they prepare some darn good coffee as well.

This particular model we’ll be adding to our list comes in a teal color. The color plastic looks vibrant and adds a lot of personality to the pot. The glass carafe also has a teal colored handle to finish the look. Besides color, portability is also a strong point in this model, as it includes a stow away power cord.

Add-ons are always welcome, and Holstein Housewares included a coffee filter and a measuring spoon. The filter is the standard model we’ve seen in this list so far; a simple, basket-type filter that's easy to dismantle and clean. On the subject of the filter, some users report that it’s oddly shaped, leading to some difficulty fitting aftermarket paper filters.

Simple and to the point, Holstein Housewares made an affordable and cute coffee pot that's going to add a pop of color to any kitchen. At the time of writing this review, this is the most affordable coffee maker we could find. So, if you're in the market for a basic and good looking coffee maker, then maybe this would be the one for you.


5. Mr. Coffee 5-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

Mr. Coffee 5-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

Mr. Coffee is one of the most popular brands when it comes to coffee makers, and one key to their success has been their diversity of options and sizes in regards to their coffee appliances. This time, we’ll take a look at one of their smaller makers, the 5-cup programmable coffee maker. Saving space and brewing quality assured by the brand, what’s not to love?

Something to keep in mind, this coffee maker is usually a tad more expensive than other options. It all comes down to your personal preferences and if the added functions on this pot are something you truly need. Added functions are something Mr. Coffee paid close attention to, adding a number of additional features to streamline the brewing experience even more.

This coffee maker includes programmable functions like delayed brewing or set a time to start brewing. Additionally, something we hadn’t seen in this list, there’s also a setting for brewing strength selection. This allows you to program how strong you want your coffee to be, something many coffee aficionados will undoubtedly appreciate.

Another great addition that adds to the overall value of this pot is the stainless steel carafe option. This material is great for retaining heat and adds a little extra fanciness to the whole package. Removing the carafe pauses the brewing process just enough to sneak a cup before the brewing ends.

If your budget allows it, this might very well be the best pot of the lot, at least functionality-wise. The sheer number of premium functions included should be enough to pique the interest of the more avid coffee fans. Even though the design is stylish, another color option would’ve been really appreciated; as it is right now, this coffee maker is only available in black.


What To Consider

coffee brewing

Although these aren't quite as expensive as the other coffee machines we have covered, it is important to buy the right machine, the first time. Below, we will outline some things to consider when making an investment towards some coffee equipment. This will ensure that you are happy every time you pour a cup of coffee!


Be mindful of the filters you are going to need depending on which of these 5 cup coffee makers you buy. Some are cone shaped while some are more flat in nature. Personally, the cone shaped filters offer a better extraction, but the latter is easier and more accessible. So, go with what makes more sense to you. When brewing coffee, you also have the option of using a reusable filter, but we do not suggest these as they do a poor job of filtering out unwanted coffee sediment.


Have a budget and stick to it, period! Yes, there are many factors that go into your buying decision, but don't be fooled by upsells and added features that are not important to you. Figure out your price range and find the best machine that fits within that budget.


Depending on where you plan to have these devices, whether you're traveling the country or just plan to leave it on the counter, you may want to consider the design of it. If you are someone that cares how nice things look, you'll want to choose a stainless steel option like the Capresso listed above. Otherwise, you can save a few pennies and choose a plastic option. However, we do suggest that you avoid plastic if you want this machine to last.


The carafe is where the brewed coffee goes after it has passed the filter. For many the carafe is an often overlooked piece of the puzzle, but in reality, it will probably give you the most headaches afterwards. There are two types of carafes which we will cover below. Each has it's pros and cons, so the choice is yours!


A glass carafe is the standard for most machines. It allows for you to easily see how much coffee is in the pot and it is very easy to clean since you can see how dirty it is at a glance. These carafes are also cheaper, but do come with a drawback regarding heat. The glass carafe is not ideal for holding in heat, nor are they cool to the touch, which can cause burns. Although the glass is breakable, they are cheap to replace. If you want the cheaper, easier to clean option, stick with the glass.

Stainless Steel

A stainless steel carafe is the more luxurious option between the two types of carafes. Although these beauties come at a higher price point, they are worth their weight in gold. These options stand out above the glass items because they hold in heat very well. Not only that, but they are cool to the touch so you won't burn yourself. Although they are a bit harder to clean, they look more luxurious, are safer and last a lot longer.


This comes at no surprise, but you'll want to evaluate any added features that these machines may have, especially if they provide value to you. Whether it is programmability so you can wake up to a freshly brewed cup of Joe, or a brew pause feature so you don't burn yourself, it is important to weigh out the importance of these features. It may seem small, but something that prevents headaches can go a long way, day after day.

Best 5 Cup Coffee Maker

best 5 cup coffee maker

Although each of these brands offer an exceptional coffee maker, one of these products stand out above the rest. The Capresso 5 Cup Drip Coffee Pot is the best quality machine listed while also producing the best cup of coffee. With a sleek stainless steel frame, compact design, programmability and consistent extraction, you'll be sure to love every cup.


The smaller coffee pots above are inexpensive options that’ll come in handy for any household, especially if you are the only one in the house that is a coffee addict. In this list, we chose what we thought were the best 5 cup coffee markers available on the market right now, but things change so it is important to do your own research as well.

We designed this list to appeal to almost any budget, so your pockets won't take a hit after you have made your purchase. For easier reading, we also segmented our opinions on these coffee makers to highlight the good, the bad, and our personal opinions of them. This should hopefully help you make your decision more easily. Lastly, all of the products mentioned are great products for what they do, so this list isn't presented in any particular order.

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