Best 4 Cup Coffee Maker Review: Our Top 5 Favorite Machines Available

best 4 cup coffee maker

Many coffee addicts would benefit greatly from the best machine available on the market. The bigger pots are convenient for multiple people consuming multiple cups, but what about the bachelor in your neighborhood or the elderly couple who only drink one cup each per morning? These folks may be better off using a small coffee maker. That is why we recommend finding the best 4 cup coffee maker. 

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  • Simple on and off switch
  • Has the ability to quickly heat up
  • Reusable filter
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  • Stainless steel sleek design
  • Compact machine
  • Features a warming plate
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  • Anti-drip design
  • Relatively small
  • Easy to clean maker
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  • Simple on and off mechanism
  • Auto shut off feature
  • Stainless steel carafe
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  • Sleek and simple
  • Removable coffee basket and filter
  • Features a warming plate
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Best 4 Cup Coffee Maker

We have gone ahead and researched the best 4 cup coffee makers available, as well as a few other options depending on your needs and your budget, and have provided an outline of what each one has to offer. Ultimately, the choice is yours, you'll just need to weigh the pros and cons, and decide on which has the best options.

1. Brentwood 4 Cup Coffee Maker 

Brentwood 4 cup coffee maker

The first on our list is the Brentwood TS-213BK 4 cup coffee maker. This 4 cup coffee machine is our budget friendly option. The Brentwood Coffee Maker historically sells for less than its competitors, but don’t let that scare you as it still puts out a supreme and gourmet cup of coffee.


For just a small price, you can have yourself a coffee maker that can brew up to four cups at a time. The pot features a simple on and off switch as well as the ability to quickly heat up, providing you a cup of coffee in minutes. Additionally, the Brentwood coffee maker features a reusable filter that allows for effortless use, just rinse the filter after using and you are ready to go for the next pot of coffee.

One thing worth noting is that if you are someone that suffers from acid reflux, or dislikes coffee that has more solids in it (muddy and gritty), we recommend using a paper based filter. This allows for a cleaner cup of coffee as most solids get filtered out when going through the paper.

Another great feature of this machine is that it has a warming plate, so while you’re still sipping on your first cup, your second cup can stay warm in the pot. Although it is not temperature controlled, most users have reported a positive experience and are happy with the maintained temperature that the hot plate is able to maintain.


One downside to the Brentwood is that if you’re short on extra counter space, this machine will take up a bit more room than its other four cup competitors. You will also have to manually shut off this coffee pot as it does not have an auto shut off feature. Not that it's difficult to remember, but for those that like automated technology or the reassurance that their coffee pot was turned off before leaving the house, this coffee maker may not be for you.

Additionally, some users have noted a plastic-like smell the first couple of times they used the pot, so it may be wise to run a few batches of vinegar and water through it before brewing your first cup. We recommend running vinegar and water through most coffee pots over time as it destroys unwanted mold and coffee particles that have collected within the smaller hidden nooks and crannies over time.

Our Thoughts

Overall, for an incredibly low price, this coffee maker seems to do an outstanding job brewing a warm cup of morning coffee. If it is too small for your typical home coffee machine, it may be fitting for a summer home where you don’t need top of the line machines and you’re just looking for something to make a few cups of coffee. 

2. Gevi 4-Cup Coffee Maker

Gevi 4-Cup Coffee Maker

Next up, we have the Gevi 4-Cup Coffee Maker. This 4 cup coffee maker usually comes in at a higher price than the last unit we reviewed, but for good reason. The Gevi excels in nearly every category you’d want a coffee pot to perform well in. Whether it is the design, usability, performance or longevity, the Gevi should seriously be considered if you are looking to buy one of the best 4 cup coffee makers. 


One of the most noticeable features of the Gevi coffee pot is the stainless steel sleek design. Many reviewers of the product commented on how they actually liked the look of the machine sitting on their countertop. We don’t know about you, but most coffee pots that we come across are typically big, bulky and ugly looking.

Speaking of counter tops, this pre infusion java device is a bit smaller than most of its competitors, which may appeal to those with very little extra counter space. Heck, if you are someone traveling across the country in an RV, this compact machine is the best 4 cup coffee maker for you to travel with.

Additionally, the cup capacity of the glass carafe is more than enough to keep you going throughout the day, as the water reservoir is capable of putting out pot after pot of delicious and bold tasting coffee.

Lastly, the Gevi coffee maker features a warming plate to keep the pot of coffee warm all day, as well as an auto-off feature so that if it is forgotten about, it will turn itself off. This not only gives its customers some much needed reassurance, it exemplifies the amount of effort Gevi puts into their products.  


Although we love this pot, there are a few cons worth pointing out. First, many users have reported that there is very little customer support for this brand. Not that there is much reason to call for help, but it is reassuring if you ever need to call with a question or concern. 

This brings me to the next issue, there are virtually no replacement parts, so if one part of this machine breaks, you’ll have to opt for a new one. Honestly, at such a low price it is probably easier and quicker to buy a new machine as the cost of buying replacements probably outweighs what it would take for a new unit.

Another complaint is that since the coffee maker is so small, it can be a bit difficult to clean for individuals with larger hands. This brings us back to the cleaning recommendation we made above which is to run vinegar and hot water through the machine from time to time. It may be easy to clean if you run this in the dishwasher as the glass carafe is dishwasher safe.

Our Thoughts

The Gevi machine may have a few things to work out, but for the price you pay and the quality of features it proves, we highly recommend this machine. Between the automated auto off feature and brew pause feature, the stainless steel sleek design and the amazing tasting coffee that it produces, the Gevi coffee maker is nearly perfect. One thing that would give this piece of hardware a solid 5 stars is if the filter basket and was dishwasher safe and it there was a stainless steel carafe that was more readily available.

3. Aigostar Buck

Aigostar Buck

The Aigostar Buck machine perfectly bridges the gap between the last two coffee makers we discussed in terms of price, quality and features. When researching and looking up the best 4 cup coffee makers, we were blown away by the amount of highly rated reviews this coffee maker had. Not because it is such a low price which typically leads to average reviews, it was the fact that we never heard of this manufacturer.


With such a low budget, it is difficult to find a cheap coffee maker that has something unique to offer. That is why we focus on the little things and that is where Aigostar performs best. Starting with an anti-drip design, when the carafe is pulled away from the machine to pour a cup of coffee, the brewing process will be halted so as to not make a mess all over your countertop. This may seem minor, but for those of us that spend a few minutes every day cleaning up the little coffee droplets, the amount of time that you save over time is incredible.

As far as coffee makers go, this machine is relatively small and won’t take up much counter space. Again, this may seem minor, but to a minimalist, or for someone trying to keep clutter down, this is a critical piece to the coffee puzzle. We actually would recommend those of you traveling to take one of these with you in your suitcase or luggage and use it at the hotel for the best coffee experience possible.

Believe us, you don’t want to be drinking the coffee that most hotels leave in the room, especially if they charge you for it. Although a glass carafe may not be ideal for travel, it allows for an easy to clean maker that'll guarantee a wonderful end product.

Lastly, the Aigostar coffee machine holds its own against the rest at showing it's muscles as it boasts a warming plate to keep warm and a reusable cone filter basket. This ensures that not only does the coffee stay warm all day, the cleanup and brewing process is just as effective.


With every positive feature we have pointed out, it is only fair that we discuss the negative pain points that users have reported. For starters, this Aigostar coffee maker does not have an auto-off feature, so the consumer will have to remember to turn the coffee pot off after using it. If you are someone that leaves your house and instantly wonders if they remembered to shut the oven off, this may be a problem for you.

Another con to the Aigostar Buck is that it may not truly be a four cup machine. The description states it can make four 5 oz. cups of coffee, but reviews state that the amount of water it actually holds is considerably less. Also, who the heck considers a serving size of 5 oz. to be a cup of coffee? Blasphemy! Not only that, but the coffee filter needed for these are the cone filters which are a little more difficult to come by. Aside from the filter basket, this drip machine is superb!

Our Thoughts

Just like what we mentioned at the beginning, this four cup coffee machine splits the gap and is overall average. The price and quality seem to be just about in the middle. So, if you are looking for the cheapest or best 4 cup coffee maker, look elsewhere. We are still a little upset that this machine barely fills my yeti mug. All kidding aside, the Aigostar coffee maker performs well and still does a wonderful job brewing coffee.

4. Cuisinart 4 Cup Coffee Maker

Cuisinart 4 Cup Coffee Maker

The Cuisinart 4 Cup Coffee Maker comes in as one of the most expensive coffee makers on our list, but with it comes the reassurance of both quality and performance. Cuisinart has become a staple brand in most households as they have moved from kitchen supplies to just about everything. No, this Cuisinart won’t clean your house or cook your food, but it will surely put out an excellent cup of coffee. 


The Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4 cup option features a simple on and off mechanism, as well as a thirty-minute auto-off timer. These added items provide much needed reassurance while also just providing an overall appearance of quality. We are sure that the actual hardware to achieve this is quite simple, the fact that Cuisinart offers it just goes to show you how focused they are on the end consumer, you!

Additionally, this java maker also has “brew pause” or, auto shut off feature, which allows you to pour a cup of coffee during the brewing process without making a mess. We highly recommend waiting for the coffee pot to finish brewing before reaching in to grab the carafe, allowing for equally extracted coffee, but we know that some of you go-getters are too hurried to wait. Rest assured; the brew pause feature will save you from making a mess.

Lastly, a unique feature of the Cuisinart is the stainless steel carafe, which boasts a different look than your typical glass coffee pot carafe on most machines. This carafe allows for your coffee to stay better insulated, allowing for longer lasting fresh coffee. In case you didn’t know, warming up coffee can not only ruin the coffee, but it’ll kill some of the caffeine. Also, the stainless steel feature will prevent issues with shipping or travel since glass likes to break.


Although Cuisinart has been touted as one of the top quality brands if shopping for a drip coffee maker, there are a few things worth pointing out on our quest of finding the ultimate brewing machine. For starters, some reviewers complained of the paint on the warming plate beginning to crack or peel over time. Obviously, this does not impact the taste of the coffee, but it may make you weary if it poses a fire hazard, not to mention the eye sore it may create.

Next, other consumers mentioned shrinking of the lid and carafe when placed in the dishwasher. Whether or not the label on the box says that it is dishwasher safe, it may be a smart idea to hand wash the carafe. If they could someone get this glass carafe and removable filter basket to be dishwasher safe, that would make it extremely easy to clean.

That leads me to our final issue we have with this coffee machine, the carafe. Since this carafe is not glass, it is hard to notice when it is dirty within. Although some of you approach coffee with the same mentality of bacon pans, the coffee residue on the coffee pot does not add desired flavor to the cup of coffee. 

Our Thoughts

The Cuisinart 4 cup is a trusted brand and product that you know will consistently perform well, giving you better tasting coffee. Are there positives and negatives of this coffee machine? Sure. Will this machine offer excellent coffee as well as an above average support community, you bet! If you can’t decide on which four cup coffee maker to go with, choose the most well-known option, Cuisinart. Between the stainless steel carafe and the easy to clean removable filter basket, we are liking the Cuisinart and feel that there are more pros than cons.

5. Mr. Coffee 4 Cup Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee 4 Cup Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee is a name that many of you coffee consumers have heard of. The Mr. Coffee coffee maker lists on the lower end on Amazon and has the highest overall reviews out of the five coffee machines on this list. When looking up the best 4 cup coffee makers, all our research pointed at one product, the Mr. Coffee Simple Brew Coffee Maker.


The Mr. Coffee coffee maker features everything you would want in a simple coffee machine. Starting with the design of this pre infusion, it is sleek and simple, posing as a minimal eye sore as far as counter top appliances go. The Mr. Coffee machine also features a removable coffee basket and filter, which allows for easy cleaning and brewing. 

Additionally, like most of the coffee makers listed here, the Mr. Coffee features a warming plate. However, theirs is unique in that it is stain resistant allowing for easy cleaning. We can’t stress how innovative this is as most of the coffee pots that we have owned end up with black coffee residue that has dried to the surface of the warming plate.

This machine features “Grab-A-Cup Auto Pause,” which allows you impatient coffee addicts to pause the brewing process in order to pour a cup of coffee with the auto shut off feature. Finally, the coffee pot excels at the art of providing an equal extraction which is the most important factor when brewing a cup of java. Honestly, it’ll be difficult to tell the difference between a cup of coffee brewed with this machine than one produced by a high end model.


Yes, this coffee maker is hands down the best on our list, but it does have three negatives we would like to address. One downside to the Mr. Coffee drip maker is that the shape of the carafe may be difficult to clean. Luckily enough, it is dishwasher safe, so the cleaning process is a whole lot easier. The vinegar and water trick should also help quite a bit.

Additionally, the glass carafe may not be ideal for those of you looking for a stainless steel carafe that is insulated. Luckily, the glass carafe is more than enough since the hot plate will ensure that the coffee will keep warm. If you do require a stainless steel option, you may want to consider one of the other machines that we mentioned previously if this is a deal breaker for you.

Lastly, this coffee maker does not feature an auto-off design, so it will not turn off on its own after use. I’m sure it would be an easy feature to add to the Mr. Coffee, but if leaving out this minor feature has allowed for them to keep their price point so competitive, we don’t think they need to change a single thing on the machine.

Our Thoughts

From the moment you pull this single serve coffee maker out of the box, to the second you take your first sip of steaming java, the Mr. Coffee Simple Brew Coffee Maker makes it clear that it means business. While most brands try to engineer a product that fits every consumer's need, this coffee maker is the solution which is why we had to add it to our buying guide. Until one of the competitors offers the same features, or lowers their price, we would recommend this coffee pot over all others.


How Much Coffee do I use for 4 cups?

If you are brewing 4 cups of coffee, it is recommended that you use 4 tablespoons of coffee grounds. Typically, it is a 1:1 ratio for cups to tablespoons, but this can be scaled up or back depending on the desired brew strength. Also, it is always recommend to measure coffee by weight, rather than mass, since lighter roasts will be smaller and more dense whereas darker roast will be larger and more porous. Be sure to use a coffee filter as well to reduce acidity and coffee sediment.

How Many Watts Does a 4 Cup Coffee Maker Use?

The average number of watts for a 4 cup coffee maker is 800 watts. However, you'll want to check the product guide in the details section before buying, as some coffee makers may vary drastically, especially if the manufacturer is from another country. The size of the water reservoir, the brewing temperature settings and even added features like the keep warm functionality will add to the overall electrical consumption.

Which is the best 4 Cup Coffee Maker?

If you are looking for the best compact, travel sized coffee makers, you'll want a 4 cup coffee maker as these are small enough to travel with but produce more than a single serving. Let's be honest, who can only drink a single serving of coffee? At minimum, we drink a single cup about 4 times a day! Between the water reservoir size and the brewing temperature achieved, these small coffee makers are more than enough while also saving you a lot of space.


Not everyone has the need to make a full pot of coffee during the day, some of us like just a cup or two, and that’s perfectly fine. The thing we love about 4 cup coffee makers is that they fit the bill of making smaller batches of coffee while also allowing for proper extraction, unlike most single serve solutions. Well, aside from our k cups that is.

What we love most about these innovative machines is that they are practical and effective. They are small compact machines that can easily be used for travel or are a means of reducing counter space. They are typically sleek and simple in design, easy to clean and quick to brew. They also do just as good of a job at brewing as some of the expensive full-sized coffee machines.

We outlined that the Brentwood TS-213BK Coffee Maker is the best machine for those of you on a budget, and that the Mr. Coffee Simple Brew Coffee Maker is the best drip coffee maker overall with a 5 stars for it's rating. That being said, they are all excellent choices and should be considered for everyday use. All you need to do is decide which piece of hardware looks best to you, and whether it has the features (auto off, coffee warm feature, brew options, etc.) and amenities (stainless steel vs glass carafe, easy to clean filter basket, large enough cup capacity) you require.

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