Best Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Best Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Best Cold Brew Coffee Maker

The hot summer days are here and nothing feels better than having a delightful and refreshing cup of cold brew coffee, right? In this guide, we will have a look at the best cold brew coffee maker you can buy for this summer season, to ‘beat the heat’. If a cup of cold brew coffee is made the right way, it will taste better than most other cold beverages out there. Here is our list, let us know which one you think is the best cold brew coffee maker, and if you go ahead and buy one, let us know what you think!

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Editor’s Pick – The Perfect Home Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Our top choice in the home cold brew coffee maker category is the Bean Envy Cold Brew Coffee Maker. This one will give you 70% less acidity per brew as compared to a traditional iced coffee. Moreover, the design, build quality, brew quality, cleaning and ease-of-use makes it a standout product in its category, which we will cover more in depth below.

1. Shanik Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Shanik Cold Brew Coffee Maker

If you are looking for a sleek design, strong built quality, hassle-free cleaning and the perfect taste to your cold brew, the Shanik cold brew coffee maker might just be the right option for you.

This device ensures all the freshness and aroma remains intact when you have that first sip of your cold brew coffee. Furthermore, it also lets you make your favorite iced tea as well. No, we do not discriminate against tea drinkers, we just chuckle a little behind your backs. 

Stainless Steel Design

Using the best quality materials, this coffee maker has a stainless steel filter to ensure durability, quality brew and rust-free washing and cleaning.

Silicone Base for Added Safety

The glass-made coffee maker can be vulnerable to an accident if the base is too stiff or hard. The silicone base keeps the glass from breaking, eventually keeping you safe and extending the life of the product.

Silicone Lid Keeps Coffee Fresh

In addition to the base, this coffee maker also comes with a silicone lid that assists in an airtight seal in order to keep your tea or coffee as fresh as possible. If you take out one cup and decide to consume the rest later on, this lid will help maintain the same freshness and taste.

Easy Cleaning & Washing

Nobody wants to buy a coffee maker that requires too much work and effort in order to clean it up, right? Well, the Shanik cold brew coffee maker comes with extra-long cleaning brushes that cleans of all the coffee residue for easy and effective cleaning.


  • 48 oz. liquid capacity
  • Comes with a handle and spout for easy handling
  • Stainless steel compact design
  • High build quality
  • High brew quality
  • Easy and quick cleaning
  • Perfect gift choice for your loved one on a special occasion


  • The silicon base should have had better fitting than it actually does. At times, it might come off and that increases work
  • Not recommended if you are using too finely ground beans


2. Takeya Cold Brew & Iced Coffee Maker

Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

Need the traditional cold brewing process with all those delicious natural coffee flavor extraction to your cup? The Takeya cold brew & iced coffee maker could well serve your cravings.

This shatterproof and dishwasher-safe coffee maker is a product that is backed with 55 years of Japanese design heritage and some renowned skills and expertise by coffee experts.

Lightweight & Easy to Handle

The new deluxe cold brewer is made from high quality BPA-free Tritan and is a stain, cloud and odor proof product. The airtight lid also makes it a leak-proof coffee maker and is perfect for storing or shaking on the lid side.

Smooth Taste with Less Acidic Feels

One of the outstanding features of this coffee maker is its ability to give you cold-brew cups of coffee with all the natural flavors and very less acidity. The final taste is a smooth, well-balanced and a full-bodied concentrated drink that is perfect for both, cold brew and iced coffee.

Fine Mesh Filter Keeps Grounds Out of Your Cup

The filter of this coffee maker is perfectly designed to keep all the unwanted coffee grounds out of your cup. Efficient filters is not something that you will find in a lot of coffee makers within this price range.


  • Price affordability
  • Fine mesh coffee filter keeps grounds out
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free product
  • Less acidic and balanced taste


  • There is no fill line on the pitcher, so you need to watch out for the water level
  • Since it has a pretty low price, the built quality is not something that would last for a relatively longer time

3. Bean Envy Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Bean Envy Cold Brew Coffee Maker

The Bean Envy is another good choice for home cold brewing, in fact, our favorite. The 32 oz. capacity is adequate for a family or even for a small workplace setup. This beverage brewed from this coffee maker gives you 70% less acidic per brew as compared to a traditional iced coffee.

Make Your Cold Brewing Fun & Easy

This cold brewer is quite convenient, quick and easy to use. All you have to do is pour your favorite coffee, add water and let it brew between 12-24 hours. The FDA food grade filter makes sure there is no mess whatsoever.

Enhanced Build Quality & Design

The design and build quality is a lot better than what you might get from other products in this category and price bracket. The 304 stainless steel filter and lid, shock-resistant borosilicate carafe and a non-slip base design – all this makes it a durable product.

Less Acidity, Better Final Taste

With 70% lesser acidity per brew than the traditional iced cup of coffee, Bean Envy has mastered the art of manufacturing the perfect cold brewer that gives you high quality brewing and delicious cold brew beverages.


  • 32 oz. quantity perfect for homemade cold and iced coffee
  • Comes with a non-slip silicone base design
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to clean
  • Decently priced


  • Some users have reported that the rubber gasket keeps slipping off
  • The filter has holes on the sides instead at the bottom, makes it a little harder to clean as compared to rival products

4. Willow & Everett Cold Brew Coffee Maker


This cold brewer gives you a good, decent quantity of cold brew coffee while maintaining delicious and delightful taste. The stainless steel spout and custom designed filter adds more to the convenience and better brew quality.

Once you get this product, you won’t be buying those expensive drinks at the coffee shops anymore.

Keep Your Coffee Fresh for 2 Weeks

The perfectly-designed lid ensures freshness for up to 2 weeks since it has been brewed. This is a big sigh of relief, especially when you are too occupied throughout the week and only have the weekend to brew your cold coffee.

Quantity Enough for 16 Cups

The capacity of this brewer is good enough to brew 16 cups of coffee at once. At the same time, it is designed in a way to perfectly fit in your refrigerator.

Adjustable Steel Spout & Custom Designed Filter

The adjustable stainless steel spout makes it an easy-to-use brewer. You can control the flow of the liquid from a slow drip to a powerful stream.

The custom designed filter is made using fine mesh that makes sure there are no coffee grounds or reside that can pass on to your cup.


  • 1 gallon capacity, perfect for 16 cups
  • Sealing lid keeps the coffee fresh for up to 2 weeks
  • Comes with adjustable steel spout and custom designed filter
  • No mess
  • Easy cleaning


  • Some consumers of this product have reported below average customer service by the manufacturer

5. Kitchentoolz Premium Coffee Maker

2 Gallon Premium Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Need a home cold brewer than can serve your cold brew coffee needs for both small and large scale brewing? Well, in that case, this coffee maker is the product for you.

Easy Pour Spigot

This coffee brewer comes with an adjustable pour spigot that makes it easy to maintain the flow of the cold brew coffee.

Easy Cleaning

The dishwasher-safe glass takes all the hassle away as far as cleaning is concerned. The custom easy-rinse filter adds more to the washing convenience.

Keeps Coffee Fresh & Delicious

The airtight screw-on lid ensures coffee freshness and also avoids any spills, eventually avoiding any mess in your fridge or on the table.

Perfect for Family Occasions and Events

With a 2 gallon capacity, this coffee brewer works well especially during family gatherings and dinners, where you need large scale brewing at once. This brewer can make around 32 servings at once.


  • 2 gallon capacity
  • Comes with an airtight metal filter to maintain freshness
  • Brews around 32 cups at once
  • Better after sales support than rival products
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Some users have reported issues with filter and glass design, they are weak as compared to competitor products within the same range
  • At times it might drip if the liquid is at full capacity

Why Cold Brew Coffee?

Now that we have reviewed the best home cold brewers, let us have a look at why you should go for the cold brew in the first place.

Low Acidity

One of the major reasons is the fact that it has 67% lesser acidity as compared to the regular hot coffee. It makes it a go-to beverage especially for those with sensitive stomachs or frequent heartburn.  

Easy to Brew

The brewing process for the cold or iced coffee is relatively simpler and easy. You just need to add some coarse ground coffee, add water and put it in the fridge for a few hours and that is it.

Longer Shelf Life

It is a good option for those who have a habit of brewing their coffee once a week due to busy work schedules. Cold brew coffee can be refrigerated between 7-10 days.

Beats the Heat

Cold brew or iced coffee is a perfect beverage for during summers, especially if you are living in a hot region. It gives a refreshing and energetic feeling, which makes you function well for the rest of the day.

Better than Iced Coffee

We have gone over this in some of our past articles, but iced coffee is not a favorite of ours. The way you make iced coffee is from brewing coffee and letting it cool down. Then, you simply add ice cubes. This method causes oxidization within the coffee, something that cold brew doesn't necessarily experience, especially nitro cold brew.

Wrapping Up Our Cold Brewer Guide

If you are looking to cut down on your hard-earned money on all those coffee shop visits for your favorite cold brew coffee drinks, it is about time that you start brewing it at home.

We have given you are opinion of the best cold brew coffee maker that you can choose from – each having its own unique characteristic and performance that will make your home cold brewing a whole lot easier.

And particularly during these challenging times the world is witnessing right now, we would strongly recommend you to avoid going out to coffee shops and instead have your beverages brewed at home.

Stay safe. Stay caffeinated!

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