Write For Us - Become a Guest Blogger

Write For Us - Become a Guest Blogger

Although we are a coffee business, we value the concept of educating our whether it be to help with a purchasing decision or to answer a coffee related question. From debunking myths to explaining the science behind making coffee, we do it all. With so many topics to cover, we just can't get to everything!

Become a contributor

We are always looking for guest contributors. Whether you are just getting started in writing,  want to support Black Ink or are just a coffee lover wanting to help educate the masses, this contact form is for you. Go ahead and send us your proposed blog along with anything else we should know about you, preferably a fun fact!

How to submit a guest post proposal

Simply contact us through the contact form below, be sure to include your article and/or ask any questions that you may have. If you need helping choosing a topic, we have plenty of them to give you!


1.) Backlink to Competing Site

If you are trying to plug your backlink within your content, and it is to a site that competes with our affiliate site (coffee related), we will not publish the link within the article.

2.) Backlink to Other Affiliate Site

If you are trying to plug your backlink within your content, and it is to a site that does not compete with ours, we will not publish the link without a fee. This fee will depend upon the site and quality of the content.

3.) Plagarized, Spun or Poorly Written

We do not accept spun, plagarized, or poorly written content. If it's something you paid for using Fiverr or something similar, don't bother submitting it, we will be able to tell.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you custom roast to our needs?

Yes, we are in the business of serving YOU. Let us know what you are trying to achieve and we will happily provide the best roast profile possible that will meet your expectations!

Do you guarantee freshness?

All of our wholesale and retail coffee is roasted to order, meaning that you will always receive fresh coffee from us!

Do you offer free shipping or delivery?

Yes, all of our wholesale coffee includes free delivery and/or shipping based on location.

Do you offer equipment or training?

Although we do not offer equipment or training contracts, we are wholesalers and experts in the field so we can certainly help get you the best affordable products and training needed.