What Is Specialty Coffee?

What is Specialty Coffee?

specialty coffee


Well, the “special” in specialty coffee is actually a measurable quality.

All coffee beans are graded on a one hundred (100) point scale and to be considered specialty coffee, it must score above an eighty (80). As you have learned from our previous blogs and from your own unpleasant experiences buying coffee, commodity coffee is cheaper. Yes, you guessed it, that’s because it is not specialty coffee.

All specialty coffee has a higher price point, but it is well worth it for the taste and experience alone. Additionally, you are helping ensure that the farmer stays in business by paying a premium price tag for the product. In our opinion, well worth it!

Think of specialty coffee as a strive for quality over quantity, and commodity coffee being focused on quantity over quality.

So you are probably wondering, how do they score the coffee? Well, there are many factors that go into grading the beans and it all comes down to dedication and care for the product.

Farmers have to plant the coffee plants in specific climates, soil conditions and altitudes. Then, the coffee needs to be milled and processed in a specific way to ensure that the bean does not lose quality.

Other factors that influence the grading of the bean are bean attributes (density, size, shape and color), the number of defects or imperfections found, the appearance of the roast and the quality of the cup

For some examples, feel free to check out this article on The Coffee Guide. Also, it is worth noting that our coffee meets the standard for the grade of specialty coffee.

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