How To Make Coffee Taste Better Life Hack

How To Make Coffee Taste Better Life Hack

Pour Over

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” - by Annie Dillard

Despite its simplicity, I find this quote truly inspiring and something that we should all consider. We often focus on the big things in life, and forget to take in all of the fine details that surround us. You have to take a moment, step back and make time for the small things, they matter.

My day starts with me patiently standing over the gooseneck kettle, smelling the delicious aromas of freshly ground coffee, slowly pouring water into my chemex and taking those first few wonderful sips. I like to think of this as the good morning kiss from my cup of coffee. It is the story of my morning, every day.

So, if your morning cup of coffee is such an import event, how do we ensure great quality? Below I have listed 3 tips to make your morning cup of coffee an amazing experience.

  • Coffee Quality

  • coffee beans

    Don’t cheap out on your coffee selection. The couple dollars you save on a cheaper bag of coffee is not worth it, trust me! Plus, many of you already pay a high premium for places like Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks, why not put that towards better tasting coffee you can prepare in the comfort of your own home?

    We recommend fair trade coffee, preferably from a small batch coffee roastery. It may be a trial and error to know which coffee brands and roasts you enjoy, so be experimental until you find the one. Also, buy whole bean if possible. It will help ensure that the coffee remains fresh for longer.

  • Burr Grinder

  • freshly ground coffee

    This catches many avid coffee drinkers by surprise and is one of the biggest reasons that your cup of coffee at home doesn't taste like the one prepared for you at a fancy cafe. Trust me when I tell you that a burr grinder should be at the top of your purchasing list.

    We already know that coffee stays fresh for longer when it is stored as whole bean, but the aromas that are released during the grinding process are actually where most of the flavor comes from. This is why you should always grind your coffee right before brewing.

    A burr grinder does an excellent job of grinding beans into evenly portioned coffee grounds which helps create a perfectly extracted cup of coffee. Consistency is key here! For the best experience, we recommend a premium quality hand grinder for around $200, check out this list for some recommendations, keep your eyes open for a deal!

  • Pour Over

  • pour over

    Not all of us prefer slow drip coffee, but this tip can apply to whatever method of coffee extraction that you prefer.

    For the final tip, I recommend that you buy a pour over station, something like a chemex. This allows for total control over the brewing process which most coffee machines are unable to achieve.

    However, simply buying this is not the solution. You will need to learn how to properly execute the pour over method because there is a delicate art to coffee extraction. The amount of time, the temperature of the water and the quality of the water all matter. Master the art of proper coffee extraction and you’ll never go back to your old habits of drinking motor oil.