The 15 Different Types of Coffee Drinkers

The 15 Different Types of Coffee Drinkers

Types Of Coffee Drinkers

The Impatient Business Executive at Starbucks

Despite how busy the coffee shop may be, or how quickly you prepared their order, these people expected it a minute ago!


The After Hours Drinker

Getting close to midnight? No worries, caffeine has no impact on him. Besides, there are tons of Netflix shows to catch up on.


The Guy Who Just Has A Crush On The Barista

This guy doesn’t even like coffee, but it doesn’t stop him from showing up every morning, asking the Barista what she recommends.


People Who Insist That Nothing Beats Dunkin' Donuts

You can’t blame these people, they grew up in New England and don’t know any better.


The Old McDonald's Guys

These guys usually meet up at 5 AM and share stories all morning while they get their free refills until they drain all of the coffee pots. 


The Lady Who Pronounces Espresso With an X

Not only do they annoy the Bean Aficionado standing behind them, they think an espresso has more caffeine than a cup of coffee.


The “Man” Who Only Takes His Coffee Black

You can rest assured that these men will tell you that “there's only one way to drink coffee” as they look down upon you and your Non-Fat Frappuccino With Extra Whipped Cream And Chocolate Sauce


The Decaffeinated Drinker

Despite being made fun of, this person enjoys the taste of coffee and doesn’t need the caffeine… unlike the next kind of coffee drinker.


The Caffeine Addict

This person has built up such a tolerance to caffeine that his coffee usually needs a morning coffee. I caution you to proceed with caution when approaching one of these people before they have had their morning fix.


The Guy Who Went Cold Turkey

Not only did they stop drinking coffee, they have no problem telling you all about it and how bad it is for your health.


The K-Cupper

The word “eco-friendly” doesn’t exist in this person's vocabulary. They are willing to pay a high price for the convenience of making an average tasting cup of coffee.


The Pumpkin Spice Fanatics

These women come out of the woodwork for their Instagram photos of them holding a pumpkin spice beverages.


The Clueless Folger/Maxwell House Drip Coffee

It may be the nostalgia of drinking the same awful tasting coffee that they watched their parents force down, or it is because these people have never known anything other than this motor oil.


The Exhausted Mother Who Takes Five Hours To Finish a Single Cup of Coffee

Irregardless of their desire to finish the cup, the chaotic mornings that these mothers face, force them to reheat the same cup of coffee all morning.


The Eco-Friendly, Bean Aficionado “Snob”

These people only purchase organically certified, Fair Trade, single origin, specialty coffee that has been grown at a specific altitude, ensuring that they leave the smallest carbon footprint. They can tell just by smelling the cup.

What Type of Coffee Drinker are you?

If you enjoyed reading our list of the top 15 different coffee drinkers, let us know if we missed any. What type of coffee drinker are you?

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