Coffee Bean Menu

Coffee Bean Menu

Coffee Bean Menu

Every coffee roaster has a favorite coffee that they carry. Whether it is a Single Origin, or a creative blend that we have developed, it is in our nature to have a favorite. Sorry kids, every parent has a favorite despite what they tell you. We will reveal our favorite from our coffee bean menu down below.

For some coffee roasters, their favorite option from their own coffee bean menu remains the same, for others, it changes from day to day. This is our coffee bean menu, and although it is safe to say that we love every option on there, our favorite is the Maineiac Blend.

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Single Origins 

1.) Sumatra - Strongest Coffee Bean

A staple of coffee shops around the world, Sumatra has a rich, earthy flavor and is considered to be among the finest beans available. Hailing from the Indonesian island of Sumatra, Sumatran beans are very low in acidity and produce an aroma that ranges from maple syrup to chocolate to toasted almonds. A cup of this brew is smooth and full-bodied with a robust, dry finish with a distinct note of baker’s chocolate.

A lot of roasters offer this as a dark/very dark roast but we like to preserve the subtle nuances in this cup which is why we roast it medium dark. It is undoubtedly our heaviest bodied coffee that we offer which is why you may find your milk or cream disappearing. We highly recommend this one as a pour-over for a rich, smooth cup of coffee.

2.) Brazilian - Most Flavorful Single Origin

Our Brazilian coffee beans are naturally processed and hand picked by our Brazilian coffee producer. With a classic chocolaty and nutty taste profile, these coffee beans provide a look into the growing specialty coffee culture in Brazil. Personally, this addition to our coffee bean menu was many of our customers first experiences at drinking naturally processed coffee.

If you have never tried a naturally processed coffee bean, this is a wonderful place to start. It has a very powerful flavor, some have even asked if we add flavoring to it (which we don't). Since these beans are dried in the coffee cherry juices that they grow from, they take on all sorts of amazing flavors which help during the carmalization process of the roast.

3.) Ethiopian - Lightest Coffee Beans

According to legend, an Ethiopian goat herder discovered the wonders of coffee when his flock grew restless and wouldn’t go to sleep at night. Curious, he discovered that his flock had been eating the cherries of coffee trees. This artisan coffee offers a smooth yet surprisingly deep body with crisp acidity. It is probably our most unique coffee choice on the coffee bean menu.

It is not only our lightest coffee choice, it has a unique tea-like quality to it due to it being slightly lower in body than most of our other offerings. African coffee is typically a sought after commodity, sometimes ranging in hundreds of dollars per pound, so it is no surprise that this coffee is our most expensive and prized possession. We actually like to add it to blends to give it that WOW factor.

4.) Colombian - Safest Coffee Choice

This well-balanced specialty coffee bean exemplifies why Colombian coffee is toted as being the best in the world. Our Colombian coffee beans come from small specialty micro-lot coffee farms, each chosen for their amazing coffee. We typically roast these coffee beans to a Full Medium Roast to mimic the coffee that you have grown to love and enjoy in most restaurants.

When you drink Colombian coffee, you are consuming the most popular coffee origin in the world as they lead the world in pounds produced. This is why most restaurants serve it because it is consistent and there is plenty of it! It is also safe to say that the Colombian coffee bean isn't only on our menu, but it is on just about every coffee bean menu out there.

5.) Guatemalan - Sweetest Coffee Beans

Tucked in the highest mountain range in Central America, our Guatemalan coffee producer provides some of the best Fair Trade and organic coffee beans in the world! You may be surprised to find these listed as our sweetest coffee beans, but if you've had the luxury of tasting fresh picked Guatemalan, you'll understand why.

Guatemalan coffee beans are very diverse, which is what I tell all of my customers that say they don't enjoy Guatemalan coffee. One farm may produce heavy bodied chocolaty beans, whereas a coffee farm in a different region of Guatemala may produce a sweet and fruity cup. So don't be afraid to try different kinds and find your favorite coffee regions.

Coffee Blends - Best Coffee Bean Menu

1.) Maineiac Blend - Most Popular Coffee

This is our favorite blend at Black Ink Coffee Company, yeah, I said it. While it is a delicious staple in our menu, it is our favorite for another reason. Our Maineiac blend is what we send to our deployed US Troops. Additionally, it consists of a well-balanced blend, giving it a rich tasting flavor that you never get sick of.

We call this a Medium Roast, but it contains coffee beans ranging from light to medium dark. If you want to start learning how to drink coffee black, this may be a great option for you since it is light to medium body but contains lots of sweet flavor with no hint of bitterness.

2.) Inkwell Blend - Boldest Coffee Beans

Inkwell is our darkest and boldest blend, with flavor notes of dark chocolate and caramel. This delicious blend consists of the best Organic and Fair Trade specialty coffee beans we could find. The name embodies our ethos of inking your own story in life, the perfect way to start fuel your ambitions. I may have said that the Maineiac blend is our favorite, but the Inkwell Blend is the best tasting coffee experience you could have. Is that cheating?

We purposely roast this blend in a way to give it smokier qualities of a dark roast, but actually drop it much sooner than most "dark roasts". We prevent any bitterness by carefully controlling the roast to avoid charred and burnt beans, many have told us that it is the perfect balance between light and dark. No, we don't use The Force, we use a Diedrich Roaster.

Best Decaf Coffee Beans

At Black Ink, we pride ourselves on offering our customers a healthier option and a better cup of coffee. Typically, decaf coffee beans are made using an unhealthy chemical that removes the caffeine. However, we only purchase decaf coffee beans that have been Swiss Water Processed.

To give you the short answer as to how they achieve this process, caffeine and flavor molecules are extracted from the coffee beans, separated, and then only the flavor molecule are reintroduced to the bean. You can learn more about the decaffeination process here.

We currently only offer one decaf coffee and it is a Single Origin from Colombia. These beans are roasted medium dark and come from small family-owned farms in the Colombian “coffee triangle”.  If you love coffee, but can't always drink caffeine, give our decaf coffee beans a try!


So you're probably thinking, wasn't this suppose to be a coffee bean menu with the best coffee choices? It was, we love them all and it's why we offer them! To be honest, coffee beans are best the fresher the crop is. That is why my favorite coffee bean in the Fall might be a Guatemalan or Guatemalan Blend, but in the Spring it may be a fresh Ethiopian since the coffee was just harvested!

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