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best wholesale coffee in maine

Whether you are a cafe that goes through hundreds of pounds of coffee a week, or a small business that purchases coffee in bulk to save money for the office, finding the right wholesale coffee company is important. Chances are, you probably are not drinking the best wholesale coffee in Maine. Let me explain!

Price Vs Quality

When it comes to quality and price, there is a delicate dance to be had between the two. You may end up paying an arm and a leg for coffee from coffee businesses, simply due to the name or status of the business, the certification that the coffee holds (shade grown, 100% organic,, fair trade), or the number associated with the cupping score (higher the better).

On the other spectrum, you may be saving money on your coffee from your wholesale coffee provider, but it comes at a direct loss in the quality of the beans being purchased. If you are finding coffee that is cheaper than what others are offering, chances are that the product is of poor/lesser quality. This may be due to the coffee being from past year crops (unsold), improperly roasted, contaminated/disease ridden, or simply containing undesirable characteristics.

So how do you balance the two to find an affordable coffee solution that you know is of great quality?

Coffee Distributors and Wholesalers

As we make our splash into the wholesale market, competing with businesses that have been around for years, we keep seeing the same results. Many businesses, not just in Maine, are buying bad quality coffee. Some are strictly financially related which we fully understand, but for others, it is a lack of education within the coffee industry.

Many of these businesses that are buying inferior coffee were approached by deceptive coffee wholesalers at some point in time. Often, these wholesale coffee businesses would strike a deal by offering a cheap solution. Additionally, many of these contracts were struck with the use of misguided buzz words that mean absolutely nothing to an experienced coffee roaster, such as "100% Arabica Coffee Beans".

Best Maine Coffee

At Black Ink Coffee Company, we strive to fix this deceptive and misguided approach to buying coffee. Whether you are a massive corporation or cafe that goes through thousands of pounds of coffee a year, or a small business that doesn't exceed 50 lbs a year, our goal is simple. Big or small, we want to train you so that you can make the best coffee decision possible. If your goal is to source the best wholesale coffee in Maine, we got you!

Why You Should Drink Black Ink Coffee

There are many reasons why we are known for the best wholesale coffee in Maine. Some say its our ethos, others say its our roasting style. However, I say its our beans and the farmers that grow them!


Let me be the first to say that certifications are not the only way to go, but we certainly do respect them and attempt to source from farmers that offer coffee with these certificates whenever possible. What we value more than certifications are socially responsible practices that are good for the planet. From farm to cup, we make sure that we are buying from the best people possible in the supply chain.


Organic coffee means that there are positive products and principles behind the beans we are sourcing. Being organic means that the coffee is grown in a safe environment where farmers hold the best intentions for their crops and ultimately our customers. We take pride in offering a healthy cup of coffee to our customers.

Fair Trade

Black Ink Coffee Company only uses coffee that is certified good and fair for both the coffee drinkers and for our farmers that we source from. Fair Trade uses profits from coffee to empower farmers and to help them invest in their community's future. When you buy our coffee, you are supporting us, the farmer and ultimately the bean!


Not all coffee is treated equal which is why we try to source coffee from trusted farmers and importers in a traceable way. It is important to us and our customers that we offer a transparent approach to coffee. With this comes information on where exactly the coffee comes from, how old the coffee beans are and what the price was when we purchased the coffee beans.

Veteran Owned

As a veteran owned and operated coffee roasting company, we make it our mission to serve you!

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