best nitro cold brew coffee maker

Best Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Best Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Nitro Cold Brew has quickly captured the coffee world by storm. More and more cafes, restaurants and markets are now carrying Nitro Cold Brew. Like most of us, we like to save money here and there by learning how to do things on our own. Naturally, we get asked if anyone can make Nitro Cold Brew at home. Well, you are in luck! Not only can you prepare nitro cold brew in your own home, we prepared a list of the top rated nitro cold brew machines. So, sit back and figure out which of these is the best nitro cold brew coffee maker for you!

1. AT HOME Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

2. My Morning Brew Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

3. GrowlerWerks uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

4. Royal Brew Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker Home Keg Kit System

5. Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

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1. AT HOME Nitro Cold Brew Maker

AT HOME Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

The first nitro cold brew maker on our list is the AT HOME Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker from HB Brewing. These mini kegs are what we often recommend to our customers that want to recreate and experience a delicious Nitro Cold Brew at home. This kit comes with two options, one is insulated and the other is not insulated. Since you'll be keeping this in your fridge more often than not, you may not need the insulated version in our opinion.

Each kit comes with the matte black 64 ounce mini keg, a stainless steel top with a proprietary pressure relief valve to ensure a rich and creamy taste, a stainless steel faucet and handle set, two hoses to fit the keg, O-rings that ensure a tight leak-proof seal, cleaning utensils and the Nitrogen holder for when you buy the Nitrous Oxide. This nitro cold brew machine is arguably the best nitro cold brew maker on the market.


  • Leak-proof design.
  • Tight o-ring seals to help preserve freshness.
  • Quality engineering made in the US.

2. My Morning Brew Nitro Maker

Best Budget Nitro Cold Brew Maker


My Morning Brew Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker


The next Nitro Cold Brew Machine on our list is our best budget choice, the My Morning Brew Nitro Cold Brew Maker, manufactured by My Morning Brew. This machine also comes in two variations, matte black or stainless steel. Both options are priced equally and perform just as well as any of the others on our list. If a frothy, super rich and bold cold brew is what you are after, this machine will not disappoint. The cascading and foamy top layer looks as if you had a professional cafe prepare it. Heck, you may even think it was a Guinness.

This Nitro kit comes with a 64 ounce keg, a stainless steel top assembly with a well engineered pressure relief system, a stainless steel handle and faucet, the Nitrous Oxide Holder and cleaning utensils. Although you'll need to purchase the N2O separately, it's well worth the effort. You'll be happy to know that this machine is sold with confidence as the manufacturer has promised to fully reimburse anyone that is not satisfied with its performance. Lastly, this beautiful piece of equipment can easily fit conveniently in your fridge. If you are looking for the best nitro cold brew maker that is affordable, this is your best option.


  • Priced lower than other competitors with similar performance.
  • 100% money back guarantee.
  • Matte black or stainless steel options for those looking for different colors.

3. GrowlerWerks uKeg Nitro Maker

Best Rated Nitro Cold Brew Maker


GrowlerWerks uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker


Coming in at number three is the GrowlerWerks uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker manufactured by GrowlerWerks. This nitro cold brew maker is slightly more expensive than the others on the list, but for good reason. The GrowlerWerks features a beautiful polished stainless steel keg with stainless steel accessories. All of the kegs are double wall insulated so that you can take this out of the fridge for a party, and it'll stay cold for quite some time. This machine comes with a 50 oz. keg, coffee filter bag, coffee funnel, a proprietary uKeg tool, stainless steel faucet and attachments, the Nitrous Oxide holder as well as a unique pressure valve to maintain freshness for longer.

The GrowlerWerks allows for you to save money at home, while also ensuring the same delicious taste you'd expect at a cafe. From the cascading, to the preserved freshness, it's quite incredible that these machines are available for such an affordable price. If you are someone that likes to buy Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew or Dunkin' Donuts Nitro Cold Brew, you'll rest assured that you'll be saving a lot of money taking things into your own hand as you make nitro cold brew at home. Not only is this innovative device possibly the best nitro cold brew maker, it is the highest rated!


  • Double wall insulated.
  • Pressure valve included to prevent oxidation and pressure freshness.
  • Double filtration which prevents potential clogging from occurring.

4. Royal Brew Nitro Cold Brew Maker

Best Nitro Cold Brew Systems


Royal Brew Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker Home Keg Kit System


No list would be complete without the Royal Brew Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker Keg Kit from Royal Brew. The thing that potentially makes Royal Brew better than the others on our list is that there are many styles and variations to choose from. For example, even though we have made our choices already, this nitro cold brew kit also comes with a best budget nitro maker, varying size kegs and different colors. The standard keg is 64 ounces like the previous two we have covered, but the Royal Brew also offers a 128 ounce keg that is twice as large, but that can still conveniently fit inside of our fridge.

The Royal Brew options also come in the two standard colors that you see, matte black and stainless steel. Each kit comes with a complete system that includes the keg, hosing, nitro holders and fittings, a stainless steel faucet and handles, a carry bag, cleaning supplies and any needed tools. The only thing you'll need to purchase is the Nitro itself, which is what you'll find with any of these machines. Lastly, what really separates this from the rest is the support. Not only is this manufacturer in the US, but there is also a lifetime warranty on these.


  • Multiple colors and sizes to pick from.
  • Lifetime Warranty with excellent support.
  • Engineered to ensure fresh, frothy and creamy nitro cold brew.

5. NutriChef Nitro Cold Brew Keg


NutriChef Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker


The last nitro cold brew maker for home is the Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker from the NutriChef store. This machine seems to share quite a bit of resemblance with the last item we reviewed as it features the same gripped stainless steel handle, stainless steel spear and faucet, a well engineered pressure valve to maintain freshness, compatible tooling equipment and a 64 ounce keg to deliver fresh cold cascaded nitro cold brew. Once you buy some N20, you'll be able to enjoy this in the comfort of your own home. Many people feel as though food and drinks are never as good at home, but this nitro cold brew maker proves that theory incorrect.


  • Gripped handle for a finished look.
  • Pressure valve to ensure freshness.
  • Conveniently store the stainless steel keg in your fridge to deliver a nice cold beverage to your guests.


If you love nitro cold brew, or are interested in trying it, we highly recommend buying the equipment for your home so that you can experience it using your own coffee preferences and ratios. All of the items on our list are excellent machines, guaranteed to deliver a wonderful experience to your taste buds. For those of you that have not had the luxury of experiencing a foamy, creamy and rich cup of deliciousness, we highly recommend you try it!

If money is a factor, just know that the average cup of nitro cold brew prepared at home will cost around $0.49, whereas the average price from a cafe or restaurant is steadily climbing upwards in the $4.99 range. After 30 cups or so, you will already break even on this purchase, which is well worth it, especially for those of you that plan on sharing some with friends and family. If you decide to purchase one of these, let us know which one you went with and be sure to let us know your thoughts on it once you had a chance to test it. Thanks for reading!

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