Best Grind For Cold Brew

Best Grind For Cold Brew

Best Grind For Cold Brew

Depending on the type of grinder you are using, the best grind for cold brew is anything that can grind the coffee beans coarsely. Can you use normal coffee grounds that come in a standard ground coffee bag? Sure, but we recommend grinding it a little more coarse for a few reasons.

It is best to grind coffee beans as coarse as possible because it allows for an easier cleanup and a better filtered cold brew. When you prepare cold brew with cheese cloth or metallic filters, it is common for coffee sludge, or even coffee grounds, to make it into your final cup. Using coarse grounds will usually prevent this, giving you a cleaner cup of cold brew!

Whole Bean Cold Brew

Weird, right? Actually it's quite common. Not only is the cold brew easier to clean up, and better filtered, it can be achieved without any tools or equipment. Even the cavemen were able to prepare coffee this way because no grinding was needed. Okay, I'm exaggerating there, but it does make for an easy solution if you find yourself without the proper coffee gear.

The whole bean method may make for an easy cup of cold brew, but it is not the most time sensitive method for extracting cold brew. In fact, the finer the coffee grounds, the more quickly the cold brew will be finished. Since cold brew uses the steeping method for extraction, finer coffee grounds will be exposed to water more quickly, allowing for osmosis to be achieved quicker. 

How Long Does Cold Brew Take

Like we mentioned, the finer the ground, the quicker complete osmosis will be achieved. Generally, for a coarse ground coffee to be done steeping, it is recommended to wait 24-36 hours. If you use regular coffee grounds (medium ground), it may be finished as quickly as 12-24 hours. 

On the opposite spectrum, if you are using whole beans, it may take a week or longer to be finished extracting. So, how long does cold brew take? Well, it depends on how patient you are and how coarse the coffee grounds are. We recommend tasting it for yourself after a day or two to test what the optimal time period is for making the best cold brew for your palette.

How Long is Cold Brew Good For?

The question of "how long is cold brew good for" seems to keep popping up. It turns out that properly stored cold brew can be consumed up to two weeks after it was prepared, if kept in a refrigerator, in an air tight container. Some places offer canned cold brew which may be good for much longer. Keeping the two week storage time in mind, we recommend trusting your taste buds if the coffee doesn't taste right before the two weeks has passed.

Quicker Extraction Time

Cold brew has become quite a popular method for making coffee. With benefits such as lower acidity, bigger batches of coffee, bolder flavors and less of a need for high quality beans, it is obvious why people have switched. With that said, there remains the bottleneck of time. For a quick cup of coffee, cold brew is not possible. You need to adequately plan for cold brew and remember to keep the cold brew machine filled!

One solution that I have seen for quicker Cold brew is a bloom with hot water in the beginning of the extraction process. A bloom is just the process of adding just enough hot water to coffee grounds to saturate them enough for carbon dioxide to be released. This process helps increase the overall taste of the cup and allows for better extraction which is why most pour over techniques include the bloom in the beginning. 

Following the bloom, you then would add cold water like normal, allowing for the cold brew to be achieved in as little as 6-12 hours. This method will release a little bit more acidity into the cup, but if you are using a thick filter, or do not suffer from acid reflux, I think you'll enjoy this cold brew even more.

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